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Nature returns, due to lockdown

Visible to anyone in the world

Lots of pictures around of sheep and deer entering towns and villages because people are not out and about.

Yesterday i saw a buzzard sunning itself on the side of the M3 at 6.30 in the morning, my ambulance was the only thing on the road, it just looked at me, then spread it's 4 foot wing span and took off.

The streams where i live are all now crystal clear, watercress is growing.

I saw a picture of the hot walls in Portsmouth harbour on facebook. The water was bluey green and completely clear. I thought it was faked, but i went to that very spot for my break yesterday, and the water was just as in the photo, you would have thought it was water from the Caribbean...

So one month of lockdown has had a visible and improving effect on nature.

Makes me wonder how much of a change to our lifestyle would be good after the lockdown  to try and keep the improvement going.  

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