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Virtual open event at Portsmouth Uni

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I have just completed the virtual open day at Portsmouth Uni.

Had a zoom chat with the two module leaders for MSc Economic Crime.

What a fantastic opportunity.

I have already accepted my conditional offer from Portsmouth, and that is 100% my best choice now,

Sorry Winchester.

All i have to do now is make sure i secure my P.P.E 2:1 classification

Really hyped about my progression to Masters study.

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Conditional offer

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Well Portsmouth University got back to me first

So i have a conditional offer to study MSc economic crime at Portsmouth.

I can get the 2 references, just need to achieve a 2:1 degree.

Still waiting for Winchester to get back to me.

Anyway at  least i have one offer on the scoreboard.

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What comes after BA(hons) P.P.E

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As i have mentioned before i wanted to go to Winchester next, as a part time student and do a Master of arts in Liberal arts. I have done that UCAS application and submitted it.

However Portsmouth University now offer part time online masters degree's.

So with my 20 years experience as a casino manager, i did quite a fair amount of money laundering training and due diligence checks on customers, so i also applied to Portsmouth University to do a 2 year, part time, online MSc in Economic Crime. The course looks very interesting.

How employable a 56 year old with a MSc in Economic Crime would be, i am not sure. But i can but try and find out. Portsmouth do not accept UCAS applications for courses, so i have applied direct to them.

So now i am sitting and waiting to see if Winchester or Portsmouth will give me an conditional offer, i do hope so.

In other news, Son #1 is in for a first at Portsmouth with his Politics and International relations degree , and he already has his conditional offer to continue at Portsmouth to a masters in International Relations.  So that is good news.

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some more published satire

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Here is the link to the micro news site in my home town.

follow the link for some more of my published satire on the local politics of my home town, Portsmouth.


Thank you

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Specialist satire

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Here is my latest offering for the micro news site in Portsmouth.

I have squeezed Portsmouth city councils year into the news that monopoly has been updated.

I hope you enjoy it, even if you are not local to Portsmouth

I quite like this one, I might get accused of having idea's above my station (Fratton)

For any one who reads this and has ever been in the Navy, then you know what

'getting off at Fratton' means !

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another peice of satire, this time philosophical in nature

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having worked out how to add pictures to by blog without them just having on as attachments,

I felt compelled to share some more I have done.

This one is philosophical in nature, about my home town of Portsmouth...

I hope you like these satirical infographics (memes are so goochy now)

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