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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Sunday, 1 Jul 2018, 11:11

I have my doubts about LinkedIn,

i get so many requests to 'connect' and so many people trying to sell and instigate transactions through LinkedIn.

I must admit i do not advertise my phone number through the app... i keep my number private, i tend to lean towards the idea that if i wish to do business with someone, i will phone them and politely discuss the possibility by qualifying them, very gently of course, then politely suggesting there could be opportunities to do business.

I rarely do any business directly online without any form of verbal conservation with any potential clients.

however so many people on LinkedIn seem to think that just spamming on my page or through email will generate my custom. This is not my preferred way to do business and to be frank it pisses me off....

however not as much as the posturing on the comments section, people posting meme's and articles which perfectly sum up their own perceived shared brilliance in motivating people or being ethically driven to succeed and achieve success. It is all so false and contrived, and yet people think it will be well received and even believed.

It did used to frustrate me, until a chap i know posted this meme, which i believe sums up the whole ethos of self promoting bullshit that gets posted on LinkedIn...

This is quite brilliant,

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