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No longer age 13 I don't keep a daily diary, though I did so into my ,,, early 40s. Give or take five or six years (or more) where a close relationship, marriage and children negated the desire to reflect ... 

In the past i saw reflection as a valuable tool to build towards career and project ideas - but you tip over a virtual watershead at some point where a dairy, daily or otherwise, is looking back. I try to keep a log of stuff I do AM/PM - best divided into three parts though: morning, afternoon and evening. I sleep 6 1/2 hours on average and get at least 1 hour, sometimes 2 hours of real work done before 6.00am. It's how I work. I wake, I have something to do, I get it done and either my sad laptop's battery requires plugging in or I start to feel tired - joy! I love sleep, and love going to bed to do exactly that whether it is 10.39pm having watched a movie, 4:38am having been up in the middle of the night, or if I have felt around 1:39pm that 'Forty Winks' are required. 

Make what you will of this; I rather think everyone has their own pattern of sleep, not asleep, active and alert or not ... like a fingerprint. My sleep pattern defines me. 

If the magic course on woodland management or environment conservation exists as a postgraduate degree I might seek a way to finance it over a new car. Open Learn offers stuff like this for free. But 'Free' never got me on the starting line ... or got me over the finish.  

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Post every day?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Thursday, 3 Nov 2022, 06:46

Post at all! There was a time, here included, where I posted something every day. I still had this hangup going back decades that a diary, like bedside prayers, is something you do every evening without fail. I must have done if for 20 years on paper and for a decade online until I realise it wasn't getting me anywhere; it didn't achieve anything.

Is reflection supposed to 'get you anywhere'?

The mistake in a way was to ever imagine anyone would read this except for me.

Anyway, from time to time towards the end of a month, or in the first few days of a new month - and especially at New Year, I think (like tens of thousands of others), 'should I keep a daily diary?'

Frankly I am too busy doing, too exhausted to care to. I'd have to give up the end of day ritual of an hour of TV/Streamed drama. I'd have to give up my Scrabble App. And writing down the day wakes you up rather than sends you to sleep - it will impose itself on you and expand like foam of a can.

On verra.

I did a lot yesterday. Up at 5.00am something to create and post social media for someone, a bit more sleep then out early to walk the dog and track down the source of a local stream (for a blog/social media), then to volunteer the morning and early afternoon to a class of primary school children visiting the River Ouse. After which I had two swim coaching sessions to write, then deliver ... which took me to 9:30pm when I got home. I'm enjoying 'The Empress' right now about the Hapsburg Royal Family in Austro-Hungary in the 19th century.

And while here I looked at Free Online Courses on the Environment, and looked at post graduate study too. My time spent with Friends of this, or that or the other, on planning and environment committees with the Town Council (I'm an elected Green Councillor here in Lewes) has me thinking if I can revisit my undergraduate degree (Geography) and build on that. 

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