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Online Training for SEND Tutors

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019, 12:52


Their UK base is a short walk from my college so meetings are easy to organise. The intention is to develop a project where we could work collaboratively. Say to do with Independent Travel Training. 

We met at The TES SEND Exhibition in London last month

An hour of sharing background and ideas regarding SEND tutor support and the potential for creating content for SEND students.


Shared ideas on:


  • Independent Travel Training

  • LRC induction

  • How to use a cash machine


Their tutor training products include:


  • Attachment and Trauma

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Dyslexia

  • Learning Strategies

  • Hearing Impairment

  • Hearing Impairment (FE)

  • Motor Coordination Difficulties

  • Multi-Sensory Impairment

  • Speech, Language and Communication Needs

  • Supporting Wellbeing and Mental Health in School

  • Understanding and Supporting Behaviour

  • Vision Impairment

  • Vision Impairment (Further Education)


Available here: https://www.oltinternational.net/our-courses 


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Design Museum

SEND Independent Travel Training

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 18 Nov 2019, 14:33

It's all joined up - from College, via three pelican crossing, a bus and a pedestrianised zone with mized traffic use to one of the student's favourite destinations - Greggs! 

This will have a collection of 360 images linked together with close ups of key parts of the journey, such as the Pelican Crossing request button and the Red and Green Man, the electronic guide to when a bus is due, then on the bus using a swipe card, taking your seat, and knowing when to press the Stop Button before getting off. Then navigating the street in the right direction towards the planned destination. This might be Greggs, but can also be McDonalds. 

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Design Museum

All Aboard !

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Courtesy of Stagecoach I got on a bus to take a series of 360 images that will then be stitched together into a clickable 'Tour' for Special Educational Needs students' Independent Travel Training.

This will shortly have sets of clickable tags, a video clip and hotspot and perhaps a simple quiz. 

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Design Museum

Independent Travel eLearning for Special Education Needs and Disability Students

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My instructional design journey begins as I prepare to interview a subject matter expert on independent travel for students with special educational needs (SEN). I am posing questions against a 'learning journey' frame so that as I ask questions I can build these into a story. 

It is this story, and the ability to successfully and effectively bring the story to life, which will decide whether or not this elearning experience achieves its goals.


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