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A Tipping Point

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Saturday, 30 Jul 2011, 08:46

Out of habit I picked up the 5.00pm BBC News.

Having been online since 5.00am then in the garden from 12.00 I expected something fresh, instead, five hours later I got less than what I was following at 5.00am and having picked up conversations elsewhere I found the stance and the responses being offered as immediately redundant, old news, already discussed.

This is a personal tipping point of view, courtesy of various platforms such as Zite and StumbleUpon I am ahead of their curve, worse, I feel as if I am reading the same news points as the BBC, so no longer need them as a filter of what 'they' think I should be told or informed about.

I have enjoyed the comfort of the 5.00pm BBC news for decades, but know now it/they from my point of view are, if I am on holiday and able to follow my own track, redundant.

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On being nowhere and everywhere

Visible to anyone in the world

This journey is a three decades old; I was using technology-enhanced kit as a 17 year old when I sat myself in front of a Sony reel to reel set up used for interviewing technique, looked at the result then made a video on how to produce a slide show.

It staggers me than 30 years on a slide show online is considered to be innovative or even an advance on what was available in the 1970s.

In 1985 Abbey National were sending carousels of slides around branches to inform staff of what was going on; I was part of the company that turned this into video.

Come the late 1990s what happens?

We’re back to slide shows online, better known as the basic website. Far from seeing an advance in communications standards a good deal of the last twenty years has been the equivalent of treading water, efforts to put online what we did person to person, face to face.

The revelation is that with Web 3.0 technology, social networking, online all the time, available to communicate and so learn, to share, whether vicariously, as participant or providing, linking to or creating content all we are achieving is what is done in the real world x10000 … because you don’t have to be there.

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