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How best to use Social Media to market you university

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 13 July 2011, 21:45

I've been at Central House, UCL all day with fellow Social Media people from the following universities: Kings, UCL, Birkbeck, Leeds, Liverpool, LSE, Cranfield, Bath and Imperial College ...

With 'the student rooms' also present.

As someone remarked it was like a Business School workshop.

It impressed me that the approach was less about tools and more about planning, culture, content, results and convincing colleagues in Higher Education to buy in.

Having understood for some time the necessary tactic of listen, comment and create I have to wonder if the division of effort across these should be 5:3:1

i.e. Effort to be certain you are addressing the right people matters far more than churning out content.

Rolling Twitter content was lambasted as failing to engage.

We never really touched on the pedagogical value of content provided through Open Learn or developed and shared by Faculty, alumni, students and even prospective students.

Insead does a star turn, but I feel confident also that The OU Business School is inclined to be innovative.

Much more to follow. This was like reading several copies of the New Scientist and stumbling upon several gems.

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