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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 6 Jan 2020, 14:59

City & Guilds Workpace Skills phtoograph of catering student

I have just become aware that City & Guilds produce digital content to support their C&G courses. This is what we need if departments can be persuaded to pay £390 per annum per course. What might this work out as? £10 a head? Akin to a text book? 


Topics covered taught at GB MET include:


Technical Support and recorded webinars:

e.g. KS4 technical Award resources 



Building Services


Early years


Health & Social care


Travel and Tourism: 

Tourism and Business Travel

Travel and Tourism Professional

Its the resources and support that interests me. How much are these the FE equivalent of FutureLearn or Coursera?


Online teaching and support services [From the C&G Website:]

City & Guilds SmartScreen is designed to save tutors’ time, offer ideas and guidance on how our qualifications can be delivered. They can be used as either a front of class teaching aid or set for learners to work independently. Visit our SmartScreen website to view a full list of qualifications that are available.

As well as expert support through our advisor and consultancy team; we also offer learning resources that not only help to create engaging lessons but embed learning. Visit our teaching and learning website for more information.

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