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Screens from an online course comprising short video demonstrations
Mobile e-learning, or e-learning or just 'learning' is now common place with short courses easy to follow on your phone. I liken these to buying a hardback book, thought at £8.95 it is a cheap as a paperback.
The course I am doing on 'dip pen drawing' compromises a series of short videos, and as exactly as initiated here with The OU there is some 'Social Learning' in that you submit stages of your work to a Forum for comment from the tutor and other students. The difference is students are dropping in from around the world at different times so unless there are a large number taking the course you'd get more response from Facebook.
It has me committed. I can go back and redo bits when I am in a better mood for taking in new skills or have the patience to execute what is asked for. 
The end result will be a 'project', for me an ancient tree and a bird, or horse, or person ... that I will then work into a linocut. So the process of creating a dip pen drawing in reverse, given that cutting lino removes the white part of the end result, meaning you can find yourself having to think inside out. Or just differently!
Have you done any of these sort of courses?
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