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Where technology is used as a direct substitute for what you might do already, with no functional change.

Slides, now Peardeck or Prezzi. Same thing.


Where technology is a direct substitute, but there is functional improvement over what you did without the technology.

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Where technology allows you to significantly redesign the task.

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Where technology allows you to do what was previously not possible.


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I can work with this from Open Learn's 'Taking Your Teaching Online'. Here if thought it through in terms of students I will be working with to enhance their slide presentations. 

Eight Principles of Effective Online Teaching

A Decade-Long Lessons Learned in Project Management Education By John Cable and Clara Cheung

  1. Encourage student-faculty contact
  2. Encourage collaborative learning
  3. Encourage active learning 
  4. Give prompt feedback
  5. Emphasise time on task
  6. Set and communicate high expectations
  7. Respect diverse talents and ways of learning
  8. Make use of technology 

REF: Love, C. (2015) SAMR: A model without evidence [Online]. Available at https://charlielove.org/?p=10025 (Accessed 9 November 2017).

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