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We went to the Andy Warhol exhibition at the De le Warr 30 odd minutes along the A27 from Lewes.

The last time I had the children in the car driving them somewhere without their Mum I was running them to into Primary School.

It makes a change to see something off the screen (or in my case the page), to meet any piece of art up close, from huge paints and posters to the sketches. A little bit of London by the sea?

It had all the ingredients: the busy galleries, the requests for a few quid, the cafe and bookshop. I would usually buy a book, on Warhol or the Pop Artists, or a poster, but today, nothing. I once wanted shelves of art books, now I think to myself, even said it to the children 'we can see it online'. You can call up the images these books show-off.

I would like a copy of a 1970s board game 'Masterpiece'. My Mum, with her Masters in Fine Art from Durham University, used the game as a form of education: it worked, I know my Goya to my Hockney.

(Before we went we had long discussions about how to pronounce the artist's name. Is is Andy Warhol (as in whole), or Andy Warhol (as in Hol or hols)? It reminded me of he exhange between David Bowie and Mick Ronson at the end of the song of the same name).


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