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I was in the midst of studying, dressed in joggers and hoodie with my hair tied back when I had a frantic phone call from my son  saying that my grandson Hunter had been rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties. I felt my heart stop briefly and blood drained from my head but in that split second I had grabbed my car keys and my bag and was out the door before we had even finished the call. Arriving at the hospital in record speed, and hopefully without a speeding ticket, I rushed to A&E to be with my family. Hunter is only 7 weeks old, he is my third grandchild, and to see his tiny little body on the bed surrounded by machines and with a tube coming out of his nose was heart breaking. He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and kept on oxygen for two days before being discharged on day three. My son's partner was marvellous and was calm and serene throughout his stay in hospital. I felt totally useless, apart from bringing them food and clean clothes there was not much I could do. As a mum all you want to do is make things better, this time I had to relinquish my mum duties to the nurses and doctors. They did a wonderful job and looked after Hunter and his mum and dad marvellously, I take my hat of to them. Needless to say I didn't get any studying done during this time. I realise that I have to be a bit more flexible with my study timetable and be ahead of myself so that if any other emergencies happen I have a bit of breathing space.  I'm now back on track with my study and Hunter is back at home with his family making all the demands of a new baby. I wouldn't wish it any other way. big grin

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