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And so level 3 of Uni begins....!!

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Edited by Justine Gouldthorpe, Friday, 15 Sept 2023, 23:04

Today, Friday 15th September, I realised that my level 3 journey is about to start.

I am super nervous about this one, 2 modules until I graduate.

I am a single mum to 3 children:

Arthur is 17 and is in year 13, he is currently considering which university to go to and studying hard for his A levels.

Dolly is 15 and in year 11, Dolly is applying for apprenticeships and looking at different garages to work in as a trainee mechanic.

Teddy is 7, he has just started year 3, he is full of life but a bit on the moody side lately.

I am also a full time worker, I am employed by a local secondary school, I have been their cover supervisor now for 4 years and a TA for a year before that, the headteacher has given me my own year 7 geography class for the last 2 years and now this year, I have 4 year 7 geography classes, we have a 5 form intake..!! I am set and ready to go!!

To anyone that reads this, I bid you good luck on your journey!! 

Until the next blog....xoxo

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