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Resting and writing - a little

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Following the suggestion of one of my fellow students, I decided to take a break from disciplined writing for my classwork and do some other writing. I am aiming to get two rejections a month, either in the form of submitting written work to a journal, magazine or blog, or alternatively, applying to a residency or writing retreat. Today, instead of working on my next TMA, I worked on my application to the Headlands Center for the Arts residency program. Like everything else, I feel like it's a long shot, but I have nothing to lose except a few hours filling out the application and writing about writing. And thinking about why I am writing the work I am. Thinking about what it means to be a Writer, formally. That this is what writers do. They don't just sit around banging out articles and hoping for the best. Nor can I.  

So, today I am reading A Girl's Story, by Annie Ernaux, translated from the French by Alison L. Strayer. I didn't go to CrossFit because I was too tired this morning after a night of disturbed sleep so I walked around instead. Tomorrow, I have yoga at 9:00 AM, then a birthday dinner with a friend, and Monday, I'll start fresh with my structured writing, having taken a short break to clear my head. 

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Resting and reading

Visible to anyone in the world

I try to workout five days a week, with two workout on Tuesday when I get a private session. Six hard WODs a week and on weekends sometimes I do yoga or go for a walk or go pick up trash for 3 hours. Today was my reading and rest day. I did not work out, but I read a complete book. Just faffed around all day, reading, making notes, looking at structure, letting my body unwind and my brain wind. I didn't write, just read and thought. 

Today, I feel rested in mind and in spirit and can go back to my TMA for one final review before I submit it. 

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