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Arrivals At The Cheesemonger's Ball

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Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome

From the Netherlands: Mr and Mrs Am, and their lovely son Ed.

From Switzerland: Mr and Mrs Entahl, and their gorgeous daughter Em.

From the UK: Mr and Mrs Ster, and their left-leaning son "Red" Les.

From Italy: Mr and Mrs Otta, and their versatile son Ric.

From Cyprus: Mr and Mrs Oumi, and their lovable son Hal.

From France: Mr and Mrs  Bear, and their beloved daughter Carmen.

From Scandinavia: Mr and Mrs Ishblue, and their tasty son Dan.

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Richard Walker

"At the Mineralogist's Ball"

Visible to anyone in the world
Edited by Richard Walker, Monday, 14 Dec 2015, 16:44
The Hammonds with their daughter Di.
Mr and Mrs Stone and their Gaelic sons Liam and Sandy.
The Hite clan, accompanied by their grandmother, daughters Flora and Pearl, and Graf Hite, a cousin belonging to the German nobility.
Mr and Mrs Bester and their posh daughter Ali.
The Herald family and their daughter Em.
The Fists and their daughter Amy.
The Bedenham family with their daughter Molly.
Mr and Mrs Carr, their son Mike and daughter Cilla.
The Coise family and son Dirk.
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