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Richard Walker

One of me poems

Visible to anyone in the world
In days long lost
I scorned the frost
Because I felt so hardy.

But now I’m old
I feel the cold
And huddle in my cardie.
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Richard Walker

Old Man's Thought

Visible to anyone in the world
Shaking the snow from my head
Who noticed?
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Richard Walker

A feeling for snow

Visible to anyone in the world
Edited by Richard Walker, Tuesday, 5 Jan 2010, 00:05

Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow is a famous novel.  But Wilson Bentley also had a feeling for snow and was the pioneer of snowflake photography, see


A more recent photographer of snow crystals is Kenneth Libbrech, see



These images are all wonderful.

Looking at snowflakes many have asked how each of the six arms of the snowflake 'knows' how to keep itself in symmetry.



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