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Tom Swifties are a form of humorous wordplay. For example:

Go to the rear of the ship at once", said Tom sternly.

"Who left the toilet seat down?", asked Tom peevishly.

Here's a few I came up with:

"I marked your answer wrong", said Tom crossly.

"Life itself is a game of chance", explained Tom winsomely.

"One day all this will be yours", Tom stated willingly.

"Calculate the average for yourself!", snarled Tom meanly.

"They insist on keeping me in overnight", Tom snapped impatiently.

"I think I've sprained my ankle", muttered Tom disjointedly.

"I prefer to live in an apartment", answered Tom flatly.

"I'm counting how many pots of tea you lot make", Tom pointed out brutally.

"What's for afters?", asked Tom sweetly.

"Sorry, your answer was correct after all", Tom remarked.

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