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Last week I visited Solva, a place in South-West Wales. It's a fishing village and harbour. Up on the cliff overlooking the sea there is an (Iron Age?) fort, it was once an significant commrercila port and centre for lime burning, and it probably has some Viking associations. The name might be derioved from Old Norse Sol = sun and Vo/Voe whichh means inlet in English and so may have had a similar meaning in Old Norse. But the orgin of the name does not seem to be attested - there is no early written evidence - so it's hard to know for sure.

Here is a picture of the estuary by Bill Boaden.

File:The estuary at Solva - geograph.org.uk - 4604599.jpg

Here is a photo taken by one of our party, showing what it looks like from the shore with the tide out.

From Solva there is a cliff path that takes you to St David's and the cathedral of the monastery founded by the saint. It was a fine day and I would have liked to have walked it, but I am simply not mobile enough.

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