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Yet another brainteaser

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I just remembered this one.

A tennis club with 200 members organises a tournament.  If a player loses a match they are out of the tournament, and there are no draws.  How many matches are needed to decide the tournament winner?

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Another brainteaser

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Edited by Richard Walker, Saturday, 27 Feb 2010, 01:17

In a cross-country run, Sven placed exactly in the middle among all participants.

Dan placed lower (i.e. did worse than Sven), in tenth place, and Lars placed sixteenth.

How many runners took part in the race?

(This is another mini-classic, I'll try to recollect where it was first published.)

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A man is twice as old as his wife was when he was the same age as she is now.  She is 30, how old is he?

(Both OU students of course!)


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