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Telemedicine 1925

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This picture is from the cover of the February 1925 edition of Science and Invention. The author of the article on page 978 was Hugo Guensback.

Guensback's prescient article foreshadows by nearly 100 years developments that are only just starting to become common. 

The 'teledactyl' sounds like a prehistoric winged reptile but is in fact a remote finger that mirrors the movement of the doctor's finger. Here is Guensberg's diagram of how the system might work.

This is all quite well thought out and even in 1925 it might have been possible to build a limited proof of concept prototype in the laboratory but of course cost and technical issues would have made mass production impractical, and without a modern communications infrastructure such as the internet it would be very hard to make it work in practice.

Here is a link to the whole article, courtesey ofl worldradiohistory.com


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