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Actually getting to 100,000

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Tuesday, 23 July 2019, 20:38

I actually got there. Well, i didn't get there, you got me there.

Into the 6 figure club... 100,000 views.

Thank you everyone, frequent visitors and new visitors.

I hope you all did the best you could in your exams, i did okay, but wasn't expecting to do better than okay.

I did not revise that much, so could not hope for a good result, so much of DD209 went over my head, instead of going into it.

However, a pass is a pass, so happy days.

After 5 years with the OU i have amassed;

1 CertHe

1 DipHe

1 hundred thousand blog views

1 student debt


1 desire to finish with the OU and move onto a Masters.

I am a lucky 1.

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