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A bit calmer now

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Well 3 TMA's in and i am a little calmer about DD309.

I am between 2:1 and 2:2 grade boundary, i was 2:1 last year, so if i keep this up, with a covid special circumstances form submitted, i should be okay for a 2:1. That is fine, i really do not have enough spare time to get the hours in for a first.

I have finished the taught materials, i have one tma left to do this week, about environmental micro economics, and then onto my final research project.

That is likely to be secondary data project on micro economic game theory in relation to environmental economics, just not sure of the exact question yet...but that is what tma 05 is for on this course.

My biggest down fall there will be to submit a detailed plan for my research project and if i am being honest,  i have never planned an essay in my 6 years with the OU. I just sit down with a blank page, the text book and the guidance notes and just start to write. I have not had to do much of a rewrite on any essay, and quite a few times, my first draft is the version i submitted. So doing a full plan will be harder work for me than normal.

I have had enough of it by now, i am in the 'lets get it written and be done with this' stage of study.

I am a little frustrated that the OU have just tried to plow through this second national lockdown, expecting us to just carry on regardless, without any changes or support to our module study. That is frustrating to say the least. I think they will have to be very careful with the final classifications offered to my cohort year, without pragmatism and careful consideration it might blow up in their faces.

I have slowed right down with this blog, i really do not have the time to commit to regular blogging any more, i am 1 of 2 remaining students who study Politics, Philosophy and Economics in this cohort, the rest have all left or changed degree classification, so i feel quite isolated in that situation.

Anyway this blog is up to 267,000 views, which is amazing. Thank you to everyone who has visited it. I will try to write a couple of more blog posts before i complete my degree and graduate, perhaps i might peak with 300,000 blog views, which would be amazing, i am after all just a random student who has no interest in media or social influencing. I have always had my blog set to public, which inhibits many of my fellow students from commenting, and yet it still might get to hopefully 300,000 views.

I shall leave that here for now, the word counter in this post is close to 500, and that is more words than i was required to write in some of my YO32 access module TMA'S!!!! 

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