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As i mentioned before, i volunteer for a local micro news site as a satirist. They are publishing an anthology of the work all the volunteers have submitted through out the year in October.

Which is very exciting for me, as i will become a published satirist, in print, because being published online does not really count.

The hard bit is that between myself and the editors, Tom and Sarah, we have to decide which one of my satirist infographics go into the book, so far i am leaning towards this one...

i think this one is most on the money

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Getting published

Visible to anyone in the world

There used to be a joke in our house... there are 5 of us in here.

Only published authors were allowed certain Privileges... the wife ( published social work articles) and our youngest- Ella-13 ( published poems in anthologies) held the privileges..

Until the local micro news site i volunteer for decided to publish an anthology of work. I am in the anthology and so  now have access to the same privileges Ros and Ella do..

That made me happy... i now have access to the same secret stash of choccy diggies that the girls do... don't tell James and William.. unless they can get published too.

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