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Farewell Fascist Facebook

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Sunday, 27 Oct 2019, 15:22

Today, I liberated myself from Facebook although, it will be 30 days before my account actually deletes.  I had posted a comment on a site in relation to the Neo-Liberal Fascist love in over Greta Thunberg and I said . 'When the work of real scientists like Dr Peter Ridd, Dr Michael and Ronin Connolly, Dr David Bellamy, Dr Willie Soon and Piers Corbyn Msc is ignored or denied, remember Galileo'.  So, some twat came back about how in years to come we'll see who is right or something to that effect, and I said 'Yes, you can sell anything with a picture of a cute kid in plaits and a shedload of propaganda', and posted this image.  So, Facebook blocked it for a review and then refused to post it.  They completely ignored the context of the debate and also, did not even allow me the opportunity to argue my case. So, farewell Facebook, and beware of cults using teenage girls in plaits to sell their propaganda.

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