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Scotland says no

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What a let down!  My most sincere condolences to all in the 'Yes' camp, i really hoped you would win. It's really ironic, the 'no' vote was for the status quo but because of the vote, things are going to change anyway!!!  All you 'no's' should just have voted yes......

Things will change for Scotland and the rest of us but i think the real losers here are going to be the working class in England, the possibility of Tory rule forever in England is just too depressing to contemplate, you have my sincerest sympathy!  Say goodbye to the NHS if the Tories get in again!

Good luck to Alex Salmond, he did a great job, sorry he didn't get the result, but i bet there are many today who voted no and now regret it.  Imagine that, you voted AGAINST your own country, that is something you have to live with!


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Scottish Independence

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Well, the big day arrives tomorrow and if there are any floating voters out there who are reading this and still not sure what way to vote, my suggestion is, to just go for it.  Why not?  The chance to run your own affairs, free from the yoke of Westminster, don't listen to the scare-mongers, be like the song 'Scotland the Brave'!  I've listened to all the arguments and i have found the no camp so patronising, are the Scottish people so stupid that they would be incapable of running their own country?  I don't think so!  

I love Scotland, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it never fails to amaze me how many people travel across the world to other places for their beauty but have never been to the Highlands, unreal!!  If you have never been, go, you have no idea what you're missing, it is stunning.

There's another myth about Scotland, I've never understood, that the Scottish people are tight with money.  I used to go over to Scotland every year for Hogmanay, and far from miserable, i found them the most generous people i ever met.  You welcomed into homes and fed and watered to your hearts content, they couldn't do enough for you.

I was thinking today about the outcome and i thought about getting up on Saturday morning and hearing that the no camp won, and i had such a sinking feeling in my stomach, but when i imagined getting up and hearing that the yes vote had triumphed, then it felt great, exciting!!  So, if there is anyone out there and still not sure, try that, sit down quietly, take a deep breath and imagine the result and see what your gut tells you, don't let fear decide it for you, let your inner wisdom speak and good luck to the people of Scotland, i wish you well in your future, it's in your hands, GO FOR IT!!

Now on a count of 3, 1 2... Oh flower of Scotland, I long to see your face again.......

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