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DUN DUN! Du du, DUN! DUN! Du..du, DUN!  DUN! Du..du DUN!...Your mission should you choose to take it, is to go see the latest Mission Impossible instalment and report back...  

Well, just back from watching the latest outing by Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible series and what a wild ride it was!!  I thought the MI series might been getting a bit played out by now but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised, I loved every minute of it!  Not everyone's cup of tea, I know, and I also know Tom Cruise has many detractors but I'm not one of them, I do love the Cruiser!  Well, he is one of the heart-throbs of my generation.  I'm not a fan of the Scientology, or any religion for that matter but you have to admit, it's working for him.  He's been at the top of his game for many, many years and still going strong.  

But...back to the movie!  If you like a good action film, and I'm not really a big action movie fan to be honest, I've never seen a Jean Claude or Steven Seagal film but I do like the Mission Impossibles.  Maybe its the music...like the Grand Prix...those opening bars send a little shiver of anticipation up the spine and deliver a nerve-tingling thrill a minute!  Believe me, thrills are thin on the ground around here...what's a girl to do?  Ya gotta takes 'em, where ya gets 'em! 

Anyway, I won't bore you with any details or give anything away but it's a good enough story with plenty of twists and turns so if you're into action movies or Tom Cruise or even Simon Pegg (who I first got to know in Spaced and who I am so jealous of, getting to work with, not just Tom Cruise but also getting parts in Star Trek AND Star Wars!)  then, go see, and enjoy!

As for me, this message will self-destruct in..Phut!

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