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Edited by Aideen Devine, Monday, 5 June 2017, 20:04

As the purge continues, a friend asked if I had cleared out my attic yet, which I hadn’t because I didn’t think there was much up there.  Then I thought, I better check it out, just in case.  So, up I went last night and lo and behold, I forgot, I had packed up all my videos and put them away;  3 boxes of them.

I packed them away when I started buying dvd’s, which of course, came out to replace the videos.   I had a quick look through them and pulled out a few that I really couldn’t part with, at least not yet; a special edition, 3 video, Star Wars collection, a collector’s edition of Close Encounters and Whitesnake Trilogy.  This has to be one of the most played video’s of all time and holds many happy memories for me of my cousin Marcy and his friends coming over to watch it, rewinding it and watching it, over and over again.  They were really in to the music and it had nothing to do with a half-naked and very sexy Tawny Kitaen, somersaulting and dancing around.  The video player was still there too but I think I’ll hold on to it for a while yet because it still works.

So, tomorrow the rest of them go to the dump.  They would have gone tonight only I left it too late and it was closed.  When I took them down last night, I remember how pissed off I was when dvd’s came out and video became consigned to history.  I had spent good money buying them and now I had to buy them again on dvd.  Then dvd’s turned to blu-ray, but I absolutely refused to buy in to that one. 

When my son was home last year before he headed off again on his travels, he kept on at me to get an online subscription for movies.  I point blank refused because I had paid for these movies now twice over, some 3 times if you count watching them in the cinema, and there was no way I was paying for them again.

The first cd I bought is now unplayable, and we were told when them came out that they would last forever and were virtually indestructible.  Now, I know several people who got rid of their albums, and as far as I recall, I think Virgin did offer some sort of discount on cd’s when you brought in your albums in exchange.  I got that first cd in 1992, so your cd’s if looked after, they probably have a shelf life of about 25 years. 

Funnily enough, I never got rid of my albums.  For a start, they had cost too much and there was no way I was throwing away something like Dark Side of the Moon.  I have about 50 in all, and they haven’t been played in years, basically because they stopped making turntables but now they’re back, just like the vinyl is coming back too!   So, now you can buy them all over again!

It’s a rat trap people and we have been conned!  And that is why I’m not spending money again on movies or anything else. 

It’s like the water charges they tried to bring in to Ireland and which, if the Tories get back in, they will try and bring in here.  I know water is already metered in Britain, but people this is a con.  Water falls free from the sky and the amount of water on earth is a constant and has remained the same for several million years.   The water goes down the drain, out into the rivers and seas, is evaporated upwards and turns into clouds which then drop it all back down as rain.  I know this is a simplified version of the process but that’s basically what happens.  So, as that water keeps being recycled back to us by nature and the water board, at what point are you paying for the same pint of water again and again.  Now, there is a case for putting a charge on for the maintenance of pipework and the managing of waste but there is no case for charging for the actual water itself.  It’s another con… 

(I've put a couple of links below as someone remarked recently about references, I didn't realise I was being assessed, I thought I was just having a bit of a rant, but there you go...so here they are, in case you don't believe me)



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