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Book arrived last week.  Just one book so I'm assuming most of the learning will be online.  Only one course book to buy, too.  Really looking forward to getting started but the module site doesn't open for a couple of days yet. 

I had a couple of night's out last week.  Went to a play at the local theatre, a couple of friends from the Letterkenny drama group were in it.  It was very funny but they don't have any more dates for this year as they were late booking.  It'll be hitting the rest of the theatre's in the north west next year, it's called The Coarse Acting Show.  It's a comedy about the worst drama group ever, and it is hilarious, it's the most I've laughed since the last party political broadcast I watched!  If you're in the area next year, keep an eye out for it, definitely worth a look.

Then, I had a work's night out on Friday, in Omagh; danced a bit, drank a bit and generally had a lot of fun.  I'm trying to get most of my outings in now before study begins.  Last year for honours, so everything else is being side-lined. 

Off to the cinema tomorrow night to see It.  Early reviews are on the favourable side so looking forward to that.  Other outings ahead: PMJ are back again in March, coming to the Ulster Hall next year.  In case, you don't know who PMJ are, they are Scott Bradlee's, Post Modern Jukebox, they do jazz versions of modern pop songs, check them out on YouTube, you won't be disappointed.  My favourite's are Stacey's Mom & Creep.  I saw them last year in the Waterfront and the year before in Mandela Hall.  So, this will make it 3 in a row.  I even got dressed up for it last year and bought myself a 'wiggle dress', there were quite a few of us in the audience dressed for the occasion.  They're touring all over so if you get a chance, go! It's a great, night out!

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