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So myTma2 is in, just waiting for my mark.

Only 4 weeks between tma2 and tma3, so a bit of a quick turn around.

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Block 2

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Block 2 seems more interesting than block 1.

I have always found the 'state' and what makes  them legitimate interesting.

The Tma question for block 2 is tricky...

Are Liberal Democracies good?

So lets not fall into the trap of a value judgement.

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Tma 2

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I am supposed to be discussing humes ( philo's) objections to the arguement from design, as presented by cleanthes.

Is hume (philo's) objection compelling.

Philo leaves his objections aside until subconclusion 1 of cleanthes arguement.

I think philo could have raised objections earlier on, objections to premise one and two, but philo does not.

Now can i include in the tma analysis of philo's objections the fact that he did not step in earlier to object, based on philosophical reasoning...

Or can i only write about the quality of philo's actual stated arguements?

By not stepping in earlier, philo allows cleantges to develope another premise, sub conclusion and conclusion that are based on unchallenged premise one and two.

I am very mindful now if Simon Reeds advice in comments on another of my posts.

' we are not here in a222 to do any of our own philosophy, just to show we can construct a philosophical arguement correctly, and stick to the module materials'

Without wise words from Simon, i might have wasted 800 words of tma2 and got a poor mark.

I will mention my thoughts about philo letting premise one and two too easily, very briefly, as a further example of what might have made philo's objections truely compelling. However 1000 words need to be invested on what philo does say...

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block 2 almost done

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That's all the reading for block 2 'the philosophy of religion done' 

now I have to turn the 500 words already written for tma 2 into 2000 words by 7th of December and that block is behind me, and 33% of a222 will be behind me and I will be closer to getting what I have come to know a ' bloody A222' done.

oh and the three hour exam, don't forget the exam....

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I had another check through the guidance notes for tma2.

It is very clear. The tma is utterly about chapter 2. Nothing from the other chapters need to be in there.

So a very closed tma question.

Perhaps it is to make us reallt drill down onto how we write a philosophicaly logical essays.

We will see, i sure i will be on this blog bemoaning tma2 some more.

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So this block 2 is slightly odd, there are 4 weeks of study around the philosophy of religion. However the TMA question is very specific, it is concretely locked into weeks 2's study. So I have finished week 3 and have week 4 to do, however I have done the week that is very specifically linked to the TMA, nothing from week 3 or 4 will get into it. 

so I made a start on writing the TMA today, I have done the introduction and the unpack. so I have written the first 400 words of the 2000 word TMA with 2 weeks to spare.

That is a bit of an odd structure, previously TMA's had a focus on a particular week, however following weeks would influence what you wrote in the TMA.

With block 2 TMA that is not the case, Chapter two is king and it would harm the TMA to mention anything from week 3 or 4. Very odd. I have never had that situation before.

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from design and Hume

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I had a stab at a flashcard which is a reminder of Hume's problems with concept of 'from design'

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a222 block 2

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so now it is time to move onto A222 block 2.

The philosophy of religion.

This is going to be a complex one.

I am not a man of faith, lets see how much this block challenges my position.

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Block 2 revision infographics.

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those of you who follow my blog will know I am a big fan of infographics.

I decided to produce some for my revision study of DD211.

so I have posted them here, if any one is interested, I would be very proud if any one else used them in their own revision program.

Just producing them was a very good revision activity.

Lets start with Block 2: Political concepts.




I found it very useful to produce these, a act of revision in itself.

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