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I should say thank you as well to everyone who visits my blog, it is much appreciated.

The view counter is bombing along now, just about to pass 59,000.

So by the end of the year, if not just before it should reach 60,000, which is fantastic, so thank you for everyone for that.

The number of views of my blog has taken on a whole new element for me,

If any of you have teenage daughters, then you might know how erm…….. 'challenging' they can be.

Teenage daughter is very proud of her Instagram account, because she has 5000 followers, any playful suggestion on my part that instagram is vapid or time wasting is met by distain from her. I am only able to maintain my authority over her at the moment by being able to put forward that my blog has 50,000 + views to her 5000.

This minor victory is maintaining my authority to berate her for being on Instagram when she should be doing homework.


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