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Each year i join the facebook group for the module and each year i rage quit them by Christmas...

This year i have joined the DD209 october start group.

Yesterday i nearly quit on the first day of the module start date.

Some smart arse posts, on the day the module planner opens, about some thing they don't understand in chapter 3...

FFS, no one is impressed by your passive aggressive gloating about chapter 3 on day 1 of the course... thats 48 hours of study, or 3 weeks, away... of course you didn't understand it, you have compressed 48 hours of study into an 8 hour period....just because you think it will impress your fellow cohort... it does not impress us... some of us work full time,study and have 3 kids...

Did not rage quit the group, despite the gloating first post...  

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