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Strikes over...

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The strike is over, got my tma3 mark back.

73%, so that's fine, i am on for a 2:1 overall.

That is fair, i work full time, so really i do not have the time to do the extra work to hit a first 

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Getting marked

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Just got the email to say that how my upcoming module is being marked, is being changed.

Apparently it will now be a weighted average of everything lumped together, including the exam 

So no more OCAS and OES just a lumped together average.

Will have to take a closer look at this later on to see if it is a positive change.

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Mark arrived

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My feedback for tma 4 came in this evening.

I scored 82% so not bad, i think this module is coming in at a pass grade 2. 

I would need to find 3 extra percent and scored 89% on my final tma plus 85% on my exam to get a distinction. Thanks a stretch, so a grade 2 pass is more likely for me.

I will have to make sure i really stick the exam to be sure.


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Waiting for the mark

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I may have mentioned this before,

I am not great at sitting back and waiting for the marks to come in.

This time it is TMA 4. The sooner i have the feedback, the quicker i can self reflect and act on it.

Hopefully it will be soon. I find myself getting frustrated the the student home only updates itself once a day- just after midnight. The mark could have been sitting there since 7pm, but it wont update until midnight, which means i will not see it until the next morning.

I really am no good at sitting back, being passive and waiting.

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