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What is the magic formula.

6 months ago, after 3 years of blog posting, I had amassed 33,000 views.

Across the next six months it has doubled to 67,000 views.

I find it interesting, what is the critical mass required to suddenly kick start the increase in attention.

If I am being honest, I made less blog posts in the last 6 months than the 6 months before it, but the number of views has doubled despite fewer posts. That is very counter intuitive.

Do any of my fellow blog posters have a theory on when you reach the moment of critical mass with followers and views?

On another topic....

Well done to the OU for achieving it's 50th anniversary. We can only hope that despite falling student numbers, controversy over fee's, Brexit (everything gets blamed on Brexit), emergency vice chancellors and the Daily Mail's constant criticism, that the O.U survives to it's 75th Anniversary.

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