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So if it is a time for new beginnings...

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Well since it is all change in September, new modules, son starting university etc...etc.

I have decided to stop the smoking... 51 years old, been smoking again for 10 years after having stopped for 11. Started when i was 14.

So 14-29.....smoker

       29-40... non smoker

       41-51.... smoker.

I bought one of those vape machines at christmas, and it has sat on my shelf for 9 months gathering dust... whilst i tried to gather will power.

Today the vape machine is out of the box, getting charged, oil soaking the wick and will be ready to go at 5pm.

Here goes again at knocking the fags on the head... before they knock me on the head...

At £ 8.50 a packet of fags... i smoke cheap fags, if you smoke a big brand name they are £ 10.00, so saving the money would be handy too...

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