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National Poetry Day

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Edited by Lisa Hartwell, Thursday, 7 Oct 2021, 12:49

This is a poem I wrote incorporating characters from my favourite authors stories. 

Dear Stephen

Hope this letter finds you well

It’s been so long, I have lots to tell

This morning Georgie passed by the house in his yellow coat

He was playing in the rain with his paper boat

Am I right in thinking you made it for him?

Seems he has gone missing, the searchers found a limb

Yesterday, Carrie White caused mayhem at the school prom

A fire raged and the school went up like a bomb

Arnie Cunningham has a new car. A Plymouth Fury

I heard it took itself for a drive and drove over a bully

Oh, By the way Annie Wilkes has a new fella

She keeps him hidden away down in her cellar

Anway Stephen, give my love to your mommy

I’ve got to go as Here comes Johnny!

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