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Edited by Richard Walker, Thursday, 5 Nov 2015, 01:10

'Alla barnen = 'All the kids' is a children's humorous verse form, from Denmark and Sweden. Like Scandinavian detective writing it can be a bit dark. But still funny.

Below are some classics rendered into English. Google Translate did the heavy lifting but I applied some finishing touches, here and there, such as making the rhymes work.

All the kids loved the World Wildlife Fund, except Amanda.
She shot a panda.

All the kids were bored at the party, except Jack.
He'd brought his own crack.

All the kids enjoyed their burgers, except Tony.
It was his pony.

All the kids looked into the washer, except Doug.
He went glug.

And here is a distasteful one of my own.

All the kids worried about the smell, except Ed.
He was the one that was dead.

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