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Chilling with robotics

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Thursday, 30 Sept 2021, 21:47

Definitely getting chillier here, when I went to rub my eyes just now, was like two icy crinkle fingers.
  I had fun on the module today trying to program a two-wheeled robot simulation to draw five interlocking squares. Much harder than it sounds, and Simon the robot is a bit trickier to move than the python turtle in TM112 was. It was difficult to get the robot to keep drawing in a straight line. To work out angles of direction I ended up mapping degrees to 100ths of a second of time spent turning. It was very hard to get things exactly how I wanted them though because the robot can only understand whole discrete values. In the end I came up with roughly 4.1 secs of turning time was required to complete a 360 degree turn, it was a very crude way of measuring, but kind of worked... 
a screenshot of a simulated robot that has drawn five squares, one in the middle the others connected to each of its corners, a bit like a connected five side on a dice

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