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Another Circle Puzzle

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Another puzzle I found on John Baez's blog. It seems to have been discovered and published only as recently as 2011. Baez's post gives a reference.

Two touching semi-circles, aligned as shown, are inscribed in a circle.

You might think you need more information, such as the relative sizes of the semi-circles perhaps. But in fact it doesn't make any difference.

I will post my solution on 6 March.

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Mysteries of the Equilateral Triangle - Puzzle Solution

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Here is the solution I can up with.

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Another Geometric Puzzle

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Edited by Richard Walker, Thursday, 4 Mar 2021, 13:49

This is from the "Azimuth" website of John Carlos Baez, a mathematician and physics professor at the University of California. He found it at Brian McCartin, Mysteries of the equilateral triangle.

Here is a sketch of the problem. My solution to follow in the Comments on 4 March.

Incidentally John Baez is the cousin of Joan Baez, a progressive and a famous folksinger. Her father, John's uncle, was a con-inventor of the electron microscope.

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