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Climbing Plants

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In my garden I’ve got quite a few climbing plants.

Cultivated: Roses, Runner Beans, Sweet Potato, Nicotiana

Wild: Bindweed, Ivy, White Bryony, Blackberry

I’ve always marvelled at climbers and there’s a famous Flanders and Swann song containing the lines

The fragrant honeysuckle spirals clockwise to the sun, 
And many other creepers do the same. 
But some climb anti-clockwise, the bindweed does, for one, 
Or Convolvulus, to give her proper name.

So today I was thinking about climbers and a bit of research came up with this wonderful summary. See what you think.


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Richard Walker

Sweet Potato

Visible to anyone in the world

This beautiful flower is a sweet potato. I did not realise that the plant is a vine, related to bindweed and morning glories. Like morning glories each flower lasts only a day.

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