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Bone tired

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Saturday, 18 Apr 2020, 01:28

A comment i heard recently about the pandemic lock down.

'Some people have no work to go too, some have all the work and can't go home.

I am the latter.

68 hours this week so far for me, i get to home for about 7 hours a day, shower,eat and sleep a little, then back to work again... by the end of the pandemic i think i with have to be surgically removed from my Ambulance.

And thank you to the couple who were on the M3 junction 7 footbridge last at 8pm, your home made sign and clapping were appreciated by my crew, as we went underneath you.

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Views and jobs

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Well i have updated my C.V, so now to punt it out there and see what i can get interviews for.

Skipped past 38,000 views as well, that is really fantastic, thank you everyone.

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Half way through the working week...again

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Half way done with the working week again.

Need to punt my c.v out there to try and find a job where i spent less time counting the days away..

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Sitting here at lunch break from work.. and its only Tuesday... fed up already.

Might be time to chuck my c.v out there again and see if i can land a new job.

Contract management is very boring... and i am very bored doing it.

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Yay its friday

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That was a long week.

I got the heating fixed.

Had my hopes dashed with the university challenge team.

Missed by blog counter hitting 8888.

Did what felt like endless hours of GDPR compliance and work.

Did the remaining endless hours to cvs email databases.

And topped that off with 10 of A222 philosophy reading in the evenings....

A long week indeed.

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Having filled my day with GDPR at work today 

Tomorrow holds the joy of cvs data processing for mailshots...

Is it Friday yet?

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Is it friday yet?

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Roll out friday, i say as Wednesday just starts!

I am still ploughing through the GDPR protacols at work.

I have six hours of reading for A222 to do by Thursday.

Busy, busy bee.

And the heating has broken at home.

Cold, cold, busy, busy bee.

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A long week

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Looks like this is going to be a long week at work.

I have to conduct information audits with all my heads of departments. That is goong to be a boring process. However the law changes coming up with data protection under the new GDPR law means it has to be done.

The sooner we can get through the ICO 12 step to GDPR process, the better position our organisation will be to adhere to the new GDPR.

Still going to be a long week though.

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all change-again

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Sunday, 4 Jun 2017, 10:17

I do like to be organised, although sometimes life really does try to throw challenges into the best planned schedules.

however, I have managed to arrange another life change, which will not put any pressures on my open university study time table.

I have been the manager of a medium sized regional charity for 6 years now. The Solent MS Therapy Centre provides therapy and support to people with Multiple Sclerosis in Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. If you would like to see more information about their work, this is the website:


Before he passed away my father lived two streets away from the Centre, so that was very convenient for me. Since his passing, my mum has decided to sell the house and move out of Portsmouth to the suburbs. This meant that my reasons for coming into Portsmouth every day have been reduced. I only go into Portsmouth now to go to work.  So with these changes I decided to apply for some other jobs, out of town and nearer to where I live in Havant.

I have been very lucky to have been offered a job with a National Charity. I am now in my two month notice period with the therapy centre and on 1st August will start my new role as the national manager of the Hounds for Heroes.

The hounds for heroes is a large national charity that provides assistance dogs for injured veterans.

You can read more about their work here:


So I am sad to be leaving my current role, however life changes mean I needed to seek a new role and I am delighted to be appointed the national manager of a large national charity.

So life changes again, and thankfully it changes in the summer, during my study break from the Open University.

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life outside of work and the OU

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Tuesday, 24 Jan 2017, 20:17

Well i found some time yesterday to do something outside of Work and the OU !

I produced another cartoon, attached above, for the Star and Crescent micro news site.

Hopefully my editor, Sarah, will like it enough to publish it with my others.

I thought i would share it here, i am studying Politics after all.

I also did a written article, 1000 words, perhaps all this TMA writing is starting to blend into my life outside the OU and work.

I call them cartoons, actually i can not draw for toffee and so produce sarcastic infographics instead!

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