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A form of Haiku

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 8 Jun 2021, 17:06

Les fleurs

J' aime les fleurs dans les champs
Elles dansent avec le vent
Le parfum est intoxicant
Ses vêtements sont extravagants

Le petit oiseau

Le petit oiseau il chante
J'ai regardé son mouvement
Il saute sur une branche
Il chante avec exubèrance.

Gill Burrell

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Notre Père

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 8 Jun 2021, 17:14

Notre Père

Notre Père qui est aux cieux!
Que ton nom soit sanctifié
Que ton règne vienne
Que ta volonté soit faite
Sur la terre comme au ciel
Donne-nous aujourd'hui
Notre pain quotidien
Pardonne-nous nos offenses
Comme nous aussi
Nous pardonnons à ceux
Qui nous ont offenses
Ne nous induis pas en tentation
Mais delivre nous du malin
Car c'est à toi qu'appartiennent
Dans tout les siècles
Le règne, la puissance
Et la gloire. 


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The rain

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 6 Jun 2021, 02:15

La Pluie  🌧☂️🌫

Mouille, mouille, Paradis!
Tout est à l'abri;
N'y a que mon petit frère
Qui est sous la gouttière
A ramasser des p'tits poissons
Pour sa collation.
La gouttière a défoncé
Mon p'tit frère s'en est allé
Tout mouillé

Chanson populaire citée par Kuhff

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French student L222

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 28 Jun 2021, 10:48

Hi everyone,

Today I was so delighted to discover the language lab on the module via my previous studies from French L112 I didn't realise I could still access this site. I had forgotten some words and phrases but it all came back to me and I was able to practise the pronunciations to speak properly with the correct accent and intonation. What a wonderful resource!

This makes my life a lot easier and I found I was not pronuncing the words perfectly before , now I have discovered this valuable resource I am getting better.

C'est formidable!

Merci beaucoup!

Amicalement Gill

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Study requires peace and quiet

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 7 Jan 2023, 14:17

Hi everyone,

Becoming increasingly interested in my studies for course French L222 induction week. There is a lot to read so I downloaded some of it, this will enable me to read it off line. At the moment it's  all about reading the materials and trying to absorb all the information.

You need a lot of peace and quiet to do that. I try to do a bit of reading in the morning,  before anyone is up and about. I have to do the washing and cleaning the house,  then shopping. I hope the phone doesn't ring! in fact I will put it on mute!

I hope I may find a quiet time again this evening  to do some more reading and studying.

I Hope you are all getting on alright with your various courses and are finding it all interesting as I am.

Good reading and good studying!

Bye for now Gill

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 12 Sep 2020, 18:26

My soul there is a country

Far beyond the stars,

Where stands a winged century

All skilful in the wars.

There, above noise and danger,

Sweet peace sits crown’d with smiles,

And one born in a manger

Commands the beauteous files.

He is thy gracious friend

And O my soul awake!

Did in pure love descend

To die here for thy sake.

If thou can get but thither,

There grows the flower of peace,

The rose that cannot wither

Thy fortress and  thy ease.

Leave then thy foolish ranges

For none can thee secure

But one who never changes,

Thy God, thy life, thy cure.

Henry Vaughan

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Induction day

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 1 Jul 2021, 12:18

Yay Induction day!
Today was induction day for L222 module. At last ! The module website appeared, just like magic! well not all of it but the first 2 units. I was able to get some idea of what lay ahead. Explored all the different sites to visit and places to go back to, which I thought could be useful. Got a bit tired ,(all the excitement!)  so had to stop at one point but hopefully it will all still be there tomorrow! 

There's still a lot to discover but couldn't do everything all in one session. Found the TMAs on assessment page had a look at TMA no 1 already.  Feel that it is going to be a very interesting course and there will be a lot for me to learn. 

I must just take it a step at a time like a tortoise!  (as Jan said)  Armed with my note book which is ever beside me, I keep jotting down new words, as I learn them. I feel like my young son used to feel when he got a new game like he wants to explore what it was and how it works!  But so far so good! Game on!

This is looking achievable !

Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to their various courses.

Bye for now Gill

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The cottage Garden 🌺

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 6 Jun 2021, 02:32

My garden has lots of flowers 
Roses, dalias, to name a few
The bees like to visit there
And the butterflies do too

I have a pond with waterlilies
Where dragon flies like to skim
Where little tadpoles all hatch out
Where Frogs sit around or swim

Birds fly down to take the seed
The finches like a bath
And a lovely pair of collared doves
Have landed on the path.

The pine trees are tall and proud
Within them  birdsong sweet
At nightime the owls will hoot
And the sheep nearby will bleat.

Gill Burrell
🌲🌳 🌻 🌺  🦋🕊🦇🦉🐑🌳🌲

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The kitten

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 6 Jun 2021, 02:21

I like my little kitten      🐈
and she likes me
She likes to drink some milk
And sit upon my knee

She meows when she is
She purrs when she is glad
She's the cutest little kitten
That I have ever had

Gill Burrell

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A poem about sheep

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 6 Dec 2021, 16:34

The Lord knows his sheep    🐑🐑
He calls them all by name
He leads them in green pastures
Through the sun and rain

The people who are there
Are sheeplike kind and True
There will be none that's bad
But will be like me and you

God will live there too          🌌
His love will comfort all       
He will care for them            
Be they great or small

I hope you will be there
And we can meet again
So let us do what's right
And believe on Jesus name


Gill Burrell

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A Poem about Covid19

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 18 Nov 2021, 00:20

The Covid plague had struck our lands
We all wore masks
And washed our hands
We stayed indoors for weeks on end
We couldn't even meet our friends

We Had 2 stay 2 metres appart
From family,and friends depart
We all Stayed home
We watched TV
Played video games and dvds

Our hair grew long our beards too
Locked up indoors
like in the zoo
For exercise we were just let out
Only 30 minutes to walk about

At supermarkets we had to queue
The guards were there to count us through
Some things were limited to " just buy two"
As panic buying grew and grew

The news report spoke everyday
Of those who fell ill
And passed away
But we clapped each week for the NHS
Brave men and women
Who did their best

The government has said It's now ok
And that we can all come out to play
But I ponder every day
Has Covid 19 really gone away?

Take care !

     😷   👐    🚧 2
By Gill Burrell

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OU Study books arrived 📚

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 24 Jun 2021, 19:02

At last my OU study books are here
I clapped my hands     📚
And gave a cheer

I tore the package and looked inside
A brand new shiny book I-spied

I must now be patient and bide my time
My course will soon be here on line

My induction will take place this week
I am so excited
I can hardly speak!

I have my note book, labels and pens
So bring on the studies
Let battle commence !

Game on!

By Gill Burrell

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A poem by Béranger

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 1 Sep 2020, 00:35

"Une plainte touchante
De ma bouche sortit.
Le bon Dieu me dit: Chante,Chante, pauvre petit:

"Chanter, ou je m'abuse,
Est ma tâche ici-bas.
Tous ceux qu'ainsi J'amuse
Ne m'aimeront-ils pas?"

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Vegetable growers and sellers

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 5 Sep 2020, 20:22

I wonder why they are not many more vegetable growers and independant sellers?
Organic vegetables taste superb. I have never before tasted vegetables that have tasted so good, so sweet and so fresh.

The vegetables in the supermarkets do not taste as fresh and delicious as these that I usually buy. This is mainly because they keep them for five days before actually delivering them to the shops or supermarkets, then they keep them in refridgeration before placing them onto the shelves. Then there is the sell by date for a few more days, so they sit there even longer, losing their freshness and their flavour.

I stumbled upon this little vegetable seller by chance, when I was outside walking one day, after I had turned onto a little lane where I had never been before. Next to a little house in the drive I saw the sign 'Fresh Vegetables for sale'. I looked at the beautiful display of vegetables under the canopy. They appeared to look just like jewels of greens, reds, yellows and purples. All organically grown and collected from the field earlier on the very same day!

Ripe red tomatoes of different shapes, not all perfectly round shaped (like in the supermarket) but slightly mishapen.
Purple sprouting broccoli, big plump potatoes, baby potatoes also in various shapes, bright orange carrots and Emerald green Calabreese, Kale dark green and some leeks, courgettes and some green beans.
The price was reasonable too, at 50% cheaper than the supermarket! 

The only drawback is that it is mostly available in rural locations. However there are some allotments or small holdings on the edges of town that grow vegetables. There you can find a few places that sell vegetables near the town so it is always worth looking out for when driving.
After tasting how good they were, I have been going back there again and again ever since!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 5 Sep 2020, 20:11

Kindness glides about my house
Dame kindness, she is so nice!
The blue and red jewels of her rings smoke
In the windows, the mirrors
Are filling with smiles

What is so real as the cry of a child?
A rabbits cry may be wilder
But it has no soul.
Sugar can cure everything, so kindness
Sugar is a necessary fluid,

It's crystals a little poultice
O kindness, kindness
Sweetly picking up pieces!
My Japanese silks, desperate butterflies,
May be pinned any minute, anaesthetized.

And here you come, with a cup of tea
Wreathed in steam.
The blood jet is poetry,
There is no stopping it.
You hand me two children, two roses.

By Sylvia Plath

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Showing Compassion

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 18 Nov 2021, 00:08

Many dictionaries define compassion as; sympathy, pity or concern - all emotional responses. Compassion should also transcend emotion and translate into action.

1) It recognises the needs of others; Taking an interest in the concerns of others. Are they are poor? Elderly? disabled? Lacking? Excluded?

2) Relates to the needs of others; When you have been there you yourself you can understand and relate.
Pressure, illness, pain, poverty, grief, slander, discrimination, rejection

3) A response is needed; 

Taking an action. By listening and being a sympathetic ear,  or giving encouragement, a friendly word or deed, helping out, giving wise advice, giving a meal, making a donation. All these are actions we can take to show compassion.

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For wise learners

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 5 May 2022, 13:21

For those of us who may be labelled senior,  it is never too late to take root and bear fruit.
There is a psalm ( psalm 92)  it talks about bearing fruit in old age.
' They (the wise) will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green'

That's good news!

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Emily Wilding Davison Suffragette 1872-1913

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 5 May 2022, 13:23

Emily Davison was a suffragette. A suffragette was someone who fought for women to have the right to vote. Until 1918 no woman had the right to vote in an election at all, only men could vote. One woman Emmeline Pankhurst (and soon joined by other women)  founded a movement for Women's 'suffrage' it had originally been known as the Women's Social and Political Movement ( WSPU) but they liked the new title of 'Suffrage' which they felt described them well. Thats how they became known as the Suffragettes.

The methods they used to raise awareness to their cause and to fulfil their purpose, which was to win the right for women to vote in elections, the way they did this was by direct action, marching, heckling, civil disobedience, throwing stones and hunger strikes.

Another active member was Emily Wilding Davison who had come from a middle-class family, studied at St Hughs College Oxford she then became a teacher and governess.
Before long she was known in the organisation, for her daring militant actions including breaking windows, throwing stones, setting fire to post boxes and hiding in the cupboard at the Westminster Palace. She was becoming increasingly bolder and was taking more risks.

Sentenced to a month in prison for throwing rocks at the carriage of chancellor David Lloyd George, she  then attempted to starve herself and resisted being force-fed. Her treatment was harsh and cruel. She was flooded out of her cell after she angered the guards. Eventually she was released and went on to sue Strangeways prison for the sum of 40 shillings.

Unfortunately the action she was most remembered for led to her death. The fateful day of the Derby Horse races she had not told anyone of her intentions, but the women who were there knew they would be protesting and that the king would be present. 

However, they did not know Emily would step straight out onto the racetrack and be immediately run over by the king on his horse. She was severely injured and died soon after. 

Whatever her motives that day, she will always be remembered as a fearless Suffragette devoted to the cause. Women finally got the vote first in1918 for women with property then in 1928 for all women aged over 21.

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Indian princess Noor Inayat Khan awarded for World War 11 service

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 8 Sep 2020, 11:13

It was good to see on the news Noor Inayat Khan receiving recognition for her special contribution to SOE(SpecialOperations Executive) during world War11. Noor was a radio operator and passed on secret messages. The work she did was extremely dangerous. She was captured, imprisoned and tortured by the gestapo but gave away no secrets. She was awarded the George Cross and was only one of three women from the SOE who did.

A Blue plaque of recognition will be placed on her family home in Bloomsbury, London.

She fought bravely against the evil regime, in Nazi occupied Europe at the risk of her own life and stands proudly alongside those other heroines of the SOE in World War11 the women who fought against facism.
The Blue plaque is given to famous people who have done outstanding work in their lives. Noor Inayat Khan certainly deserves this honour for her service to this country.

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SOE Heroine Odette Sansom

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 2 Sep 2020, 19:56

Odette Sansom. born and raised in France in Amiens, had the advantage of being Billingual in French and English. She moved to England with her husband.
There she was recruited for SOE (Special Operations Executive) after she had responded to a request to send photographs of the French coast.

The photographs and notes she had sent alerted the department to her potential as a spy.
SOE was a clandestine operations unit in England that was active during the second world war in France.Its aim was to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaisance in occupied Europe fighting against the Nazis.

Odettes code name was "Lise" and she was enrolled in first aid and nursing yeomanry on becoming an agent. She was allied to the French resistance groups, supplying them with weapons and equipment. She worked with another agent called Peter Churchill the head of 'Spindle' network of agents in France.
She was working as a courier passing messages back and forth. Later together with other agents they tried to set up a safe house in South of France then later moved to Annecy near the Italian border.border as their mission was now becoming more dangerous.

However there was a double agent working for the Nazi Germans who had informed them of the safe house. Unfortunately they were then captured by the Nazis but in order to stay alive a bit longer they used the fabricated story that she was the wife of peter Churchill, nephew of prime minister Winston Churchill and that he knew nothing of her activities. They thought this to be a good cover story and a bargaining tool with the Nazis who wanted the release of Rudolf Hess.
Finally she was imprisoned and tortured by the Gestapo but did not give away any information to her Nazi captors. At last she was released and she was awarded the George Cross, the first women ever , and was given a chevalier de la légion d'honneur. Her life story has since been made into a film.

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 5 May 2022, 13:27

In my last tma English u214 I studied about colonialism which was mostly concerned with British Colonialism.
Today I found notes on Belgium colonialism which I didn't include.
King Leopold 2nd of Belgium ( cousin of our Queen Vicoria) took control of an area of central Africa and created a colony known as the Belgium Congo in 1908.

In Europe colonization had already started with the desire for valuable resources that could be found in Africa such as rubber, minerals and ivory.
Leopold 2nd was eager to establish Belgium as an economic and military power in Europe. 

However,  he became better known for his cruel atrocities which he had carried out under the guise of civilizing the African natives to make them westernized giving them education, moral training, working programs and suffrage. Which was in fact a big lie because most people were excluded from paricipating in society, in other words it was just slavery!

His despicable practise of enforced labour systems, which led to the cutting off of hands for all those who refused to work.
The lack of rules and regulations led to widespread abuses of power, for keeping the people down, causing poor health, and poverty.King Leopold 2nd rule was responsible for the killing 10 million people in the Congo!

Today with Black lives matter protests, Belgium (along with other countries) is finally having to wake up to its bloody past and is now at last teaching this history in schools.

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 6 Jun 2021, 02:04

           🐅 🐈

Tyger, tyger burning bright,
Blazing headlamps in the night
Some immortal hand or brain
Has taught me to keep out of rain.

When the storm clouds shroud the                                                    stars,
I take shelter under cars,
When they go, the passing showers,
I come forth to smell the flowers.

With the tears from Heaven rent,
Blossoms synthesize their scent.
He who smiles this work to see
Also smiles since he made me.
Tyger, tyger burning bright
Shining orbs that pierce the night,
What immortal hand did make
Me and also William Blake?

By Paul Gallico from Honourable Cat.    🐈

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Music to calm the soul 🎹🎵🎶

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 5 May 2022, 13:28

Before the start of my course I always feel slightly anxious, but at the same time quite excited too.!

When things start to be a bit too much,  I will usually listen to some relaxing musiic, I find classical music helps me. I like Bach and Beethoven, this calms me down a lot,  while Mozart makes me joyful. 

Other cheerful music I like is Debussy, which is very happy and has a lot of feel good vibes. I particularly like the French composers such as Ravel, Berlioz, Satie.   

On the radio, Classic FM often has some good easy listening music playing at night. However, it doesn't have to be classical, anything that makes you feel good is fine.  Jazz,  pop, country, blues, punk, folk, R&B, Rap or Whatever floats your boat!


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The trouble with capitalism

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 6 Jul 2021, 23:19

The way capitalism works is by producing food and goods by the exploitation of land, people and animals. It uses cruelty, hierarchies and oppression to make it's
Ill gotten gains.
Intensive factory farming of animals where producing more with fewer inputs leads to greater profits.
The overproduction of goods which is the main objective and  to make a wage slave money system.
This leads to making some people very rich and organises a constant poverty for the majority!

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Global Warning! 🌍

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 3 Jul 2021, 20:01

Many people in our society deny the threat of Global warming. 

They are in fact in denial because they do not want to face the truth of the reality.

In a short time I am sure there will be many more disasters all over the world. The threat for survival is probably just as much dangerous as Covid 19.

The greed of the big corporations is limitless in using the resources of this  already exhausted earth ! 

In a little while God wil destroy those who are ruining the earth!

(Thats in the bible!)

The book of Revelation in the Bible talks about the waters turning bitter, the sun scorching people, does this sound familiar.?

God knows the righteous man and will save him but the evil doer shall perish. 

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