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Cats Owners Brainier, Scientists Say

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Well they didn't say that exactly, but in a study it was found that homes in which someone had a degree were more likely to have a cat.

Has this any connection with the suggestion some time back that Apple = cat lovers vs. Microsoft = dog lovers?

Here are some lynx



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Richard Walker

Are cats better than dogs?

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Edited by Richard Walker, Saturday, 12 Dec 2009, 01:40

New Scientist surveyed the latest research.

Dogs vs cats: The great pet showdown

Cats win on

Brains, Popularity, Vocalisation, Supersenses, Eco-Friendliness

Dogs win on

Shared history, Bonding, Understanding, Problem solving, Tractability, Utility

So you see that's Cats 5, Dogs 6. But was it a fur contest?



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