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Is Life Without Meaning?

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 26 May 2024, 01:25

I quite liked reading works by Albert Camus. He writes a great deal about the human condition and the absurdity of life in a way that is both honest and interesting.

However, I think differently, I am not an existentialist,  I do believe life has meaning, that there is a creator God and that there is hope.
I have lived through some dark times in my life (lost family members - even lost hope in people) but when you lose everything-  thats when hope in God keeps you  going. God has proven himself to help me. thats why I still believe.
I trust only in him and try to keep the 10 commandments and follow the good teachings of Jesus. 🧔The most important thing is having faith and hope even when you can't see it.
Proverbs 3: 5-6

(The Bible- New International Version)
5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

We love Him (God) because He first loved us.1 John4:19 

God sent Jesus because he loved the world. 🌍
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life"John 3 verse 16
(The Bible- English Standard Version)

He is our hope and salvation. His teachings are true and he lights our path in the darkest days.        🕯

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Exile and the Kingdom by Albert Camus

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 26 May 2024, 01:38

My current book that I am reading is 'Exile and the Kingdom' by Albert Camus.

Albert Camus (1913- 1960) He was a French philosopher, writer and Journalist. His works include His works include-  The Stranger, The  Plague, The Myth of Sisyphus,  The Fall  and  The Rebel.
This book I am reading is a collection of short stories. It leaves you feeling deeply about life, about loneliness, finding meaning in life or no meaning in life,  about what matters and what doesn't. These are just like little parables,  that you can reflect on and find the meaning yourself within them.

Four of these short stories are set in Algiers on the fringes of the desert. The descriptions are vivid and interesting. You feel  yourself immediately transported to those exotic places. All the stories are very good so far and I am about halfway througb the book. So far so good.

I will read the rest of the book then finish my summary of the book in my next blog.

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A Carer's work is never done!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 26 May 2024, 01:26

Today I accompanied my husband to the clinic to have his hernia operation. I am his carer for the time being and I have to look after him at home as well as my son. My son ( who has heart condition and special needs)  he stayed at a relatives while we were away today.

The whole operation took about 1 and a half hours altogether.
I sat in the waiting area and read my current library book,  a collection of short novels. I also sent up a  prayer  for my husband, for him to get through the operation and for the proffessional skills of the surgeon to be successful.
This is the first of two operations he is booked in to have this year.

I prayed,  then I tried to keep my mind occupied so as not to worry too much. I had my library book with me to read.
I managed to read two short stories from my book a collection of short novels, so throughout  the whole proccess I was fully absorbed by this activity and found the time went quite quickly.

Although I was nearby, I heard no sound at all coming from the theatre,  apart from some muffled voices.
Then at last a cheery little nurse came busstling out of the door.
" He is doing ok." she told me.  "The surgeon is just stitching him up at the moment.  I will put you in the recovery room to wait,  then he will soon be wheeled in to join you shortly."

I followed the nurse into a room with a window, a chair, with some blue curtains around but no bed yet. I waited there on the chair for a while longer,  feeling slightly nervous.

After a while I heard the trolley bed,  being wheeled clattering along the coridoor. I quickly changed my worried expression,  into a smile ready to cheer and welcome my husband back into the land of the living again!

He was sitting up, alert and smiling. "J J  are you ok?" I immediately asked  him with loving concern. " I am so glad to see you! did everything go well?" I asked him, smiling while taking his hand in mine,  his bed was soon  placed next to my chair. He smiled at me , weakly,  tired yet reassuringly and nodded saying "it's ok love everything went ok." He told me quietly and calmly.

I helped my husband to slowly and  carefully to get dressed,  afterwards he rested on the bed a while to recover, as he was still under sedation so a bit woozy.  We then waited for our good friend's car to arrive, to come to take us back home again, because the clinic wouldn't allow him to take the bus back home. I am grateful to the surgeon, who did such a good job on him and the nursing staff who took care of him.

So one op has been done,  just one more op to go now!

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A Wonderful Woodland walk

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 13:28

Trees and woodland in the sunlight

A good spot for a picnic beneath the trees.

Delicate pale blue bluebells


Orange coloured pansies

Orange pansies

A yellow flower

A delicate yellow flower

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Nature is good for the mental health!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 14:14

This week is "Mental Health Awareness week" and I have been taking lots of photos of flowers and nature to pin on my bedroom wall, because these scenes can really cheer me up.

There is nothing better than going for a relaxing stroll through the park,  nature reserve or a small natural woodland. 

There is always something new and interesting to see, whether it is a snail with its delicate small shell, leafy green foliage  a beautiful bright butterfly or colourful cheerful flowers. There is always something in nature to see that can make you smile! 🙂

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A walk through the woodlands to the park

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 10 May 2024, 11:40

Leafy green trees

We sat on a wooden log beneath the trees in the sunlit park.


Some bright yellow flowers in the wood

Dandelion clocks in fairy wood

Dandelion clocks and yellow flowers in "Fairy woods".

Bluebells beneath tree in woodland

Bluebells under the trees in the park.

Red flowers in woods

Ruby red flowers growing in the woodlands.

Close up of blue bell flowers

A closer look at some beautiful bluebells.

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The Park

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 12:16

Today after studying in the morning, we had a lovely park walk, around the perimeter of the park field. We had chosen a quiet time of the day, when there was not too many people about.

I had soon spotted a lovely little grey squirrel and pointed it out to my son, he took out his binoculars to have a look  "Yes, it is a squirrel it has a very big bushy tail" said my son, but then that elusive little squirrel ran quickly away up the tree trunk, and disappeared  underneath the large canopy of leaves.

In this season of the year, it's the time of the blue bells and redish pink ragged robins, yellow king cups, as well as daisies and bright yellow dandelions. The woodland looked quite magical at that moment, with all the dandelion clocks, like fairies dancing in the sunlight beneath the trees 

There was not a cloud in the blue sky, it was a beautiful day. We walked along the little footpath, through the woodland that led on to the park and large playing field.

The other path led towards the pavilion with its bright wooden picnic benches outside. Beyond this is the childrens play area, with swings, slides and roundabouts which at this time of day were empty.

Walking briskly we take the path that led past the tennis court and along the path beneath the trees. We found our favourite spot with the little wooden log to sit on beneath the trees, and I had brought a hot flask of tea and sandwiches with us.

 Here we could sit and look out across the large park and eat our sandwiches in peace. Looking across the playing field, was a bit like like looking onto a large green stage.

It is quite a big park and on Satudays and Sundays they have proper organised football or cricket matches on the field. At that time the park is busy full of spectators, mums, dads and children all moving about across the field and around the pavilion. 

At other times you can see dog walkers diligently walking their dogs who are hopefully well behaved and on their leads. Then there are all the fairground rides and fetes throughout the summer.

However, today it is the birds that are the centre stage, as they swooped down to pick up the insects. There were Magpies, Crows and Wood pidgeons Doves, Starlings and Sea gulls all pecking about for small insects and worms that they find there, in the very lush green grass.

We sat and watched the comings and the goings of the birds, as they swooped down to swallow insects, some birds landing on the ground. We quickly tried to name as many as we could,  I had to be really quick as they were flying around a lot, so it wasn't easy!

Suddenly and without warning some of the birds flew up into the air, like a huge dark cloud with wings flapping,  while at the same time came the sound  of the lawn mower, that could be heard chugging and spluttering into action!

I had not noticed the man on the other side - (the park keeper) standing  next to the shed, who had mounted up onto the sit -on -mowing machine. He began his long journey on the far side of the field, making nice straight lines up and down the field.  The birds scattered and flew away as soon as he approached.

After finishing off our tea and sandwiches, we moved back on to the footpath once more and made our way back through the park gate.

 It was time to leave the park behind us, but we had both enjoyed this walk,  on a  lovely sunny afternoon.  Then as soon as we heard the cheerful chimes of the ice -cream van, my son asked me if we can have an ice - cream "Oh why not ! " I replied.laughing.


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A Good Neighbour!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 12:21

My neighbours are very kind and friendly people, unlike the other neighbours who we had previously, who often seemed hard and cold, stand offish, even rude and downright offensive. Playing loud music and throwing rubbish into our garden!

I said my neighbours, but in fact it is now only one neighbour, the lady of the house,  as her husband very suddenly died not so long ago.
She is still in mourning but she has been incredibly brave. We have been round to see her and offered to help if we can. 

We try to help her out and ask if she needs any shopping doing. She hugged me and we cried together as my husband and I were also fond of him. We shall miss his cheery humming in the back garden and his friendly banter.

He was a  jolly man, a good guy and always willing to help, like the time when he came round to trim our trees, when they became too tall and unruly. He came round the house himself and his son, who brought along his chainsaw with him." We will trim your trees while we have the chain saw out" he said.

I wanted to pay him for his work, but he said no could he just have some wood for his log fire, so we said "yes take as much as you want"  

He also cleaned the guttering out on our roof whilst he was  cleaning his own guttering out, a week later. This saved us the bother of having to call someone to come out.

Ed was ever so nice to talk to and as well as that he often came and gave us vegetables from his allotment. " No I don't want any payment"  he said "except another jar of that Chutney you gave us a few weeks back." 

Well I had almost forgotten about my home made chutney I gave to his wife !
It was Just a friendly gesture for what they had done by tidying up the garden for us.

I think good people are often remembered long after they die. They are by far the nicest neighbours we have ever had living next door.

Colourful chrysanths flowers

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Respect for Neighbours

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 4 May 2024, 14:57

'Love thy neighbour. '
 Respect your neighbour. "Do no harm to your neighbour who dwells peacefully beside you."

The Christian Church works for the community by doing charity work and providing people with food and medical aid both at home and abroad.

"Love is the fulfillment of the law" Romans 13:8-10 (NT Bible)

The 10 commandmentsExodus 20:2–17, The Bible

          ❤ ✝️📖🕯

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Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 28 Apr 2024, 13:40

We must seize this opportunity in this generation, to do all that we can to combat global warming and climate change. These days we are living in are ever changing, more action is needed while we still have this window of time. 

Are we recycling as much as possible all our old unwanted items?
Don't forget Charity shops can take discarded items, furniture, electricals, books, CDs, DVDs and clothes. Remember- Your old cast off clothes and bric - a -brac items could be someone elses treasure!

Some libraries take unwanted books that are still in very good condition, (or less than 5 years old) so just enquire first if they have this service available.

Supermarkets take unused food items that are still within their sell-by- date for food bank collections.

There are often some battery recycling schemes for your unwanted batteries.
Also there are mobile phone recycling at some shops.

Churches or schools will also take any  disgarded childrens clothes,  as well as school uniforms for their clothes bank. For those struggling to clothe their children.(how children grow out of clothes so fast! It's hard to keep up with them!)

Think before you bin it! Can it still be used again. Could it be repaired, cleaned, washed or recycled?

We can all do our little bit towards helping the environment as well as caring for the communities in which we live.

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My walk across the waterlogged fields

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 25 Apr 2024, 08:52

Foot bridge over a stream

Foot bridge over the stream

Footpath through the field

Foot path around fields

Footpath with tree

This is my usual route I start my walk,  along the designated foot paths across the fields. This weekend it was particularly wet with large rain puddles. The dark areas on the field was where most of the water was standing. Good job I was wearing my wellington boots!

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Climate Change in My Area!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024, 03:16

There has been a tremendous amount of rainfall where I am living lately.
The rainfall usually occurs during the night or early mornings.

I had been hoping to go walking along the footpaths and over the fields with my friend but recently it has been so waterlogged. We had  just climbed over a stile and  put our feet onto the grass in the meadow, when we were  shocked to see our feet sinking down and being covered over by water!

Never have I seen it so bad before!  We could not even continue walking over the fields, we had to abandon the idea altogether and just settle on walking the pavements around the village instead.

Did some research on the subject, I found out that the fens nearby where we live on the east coast,  the land from Lincolnshire, Nofolk and as far as Suffolk had been drained, first by the Romans, then  later by the Dutch.  


By yhe year 2050 the land may well flood again and be reclaimed by the sea, especially with the climate change, and global warming speeding things up. I probably will not be around by then, but possibly my offspring will.

Global warming is still with us and the clock is still ticking. Will we be able to save the planet by each doing our best, our little bit to help stop the climate getting hotter, to stop the sea levels rising? What can the government do? Will we be able to make a difference by our own practical actions?
Only time will tell!

Is Climate change happening in your area?
⏳     🌊

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Un Excellent Repas!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024, 18:28

Poulet aux Poireaux dans une sauce à la crème !

Nous avions récemment été invités à un repas de fête avec des amis. Le menu était excellent et j'avais hâte d'essayer de recréer ce repas. 

Poulet et poireaux dans une sauce à la crème Avec quelques légumes méditerranéens rôtis. J'ai beaucoup aimé ce plat, c'est une nouvelle découverte pour moi, car il est fait avec de la crème fraîche, donc il n'est pas aussi gras que la crème entière. 

J'ai aussi aimé les légumes méditerranéens rôtis. Poivrons, tomates, cougettes, oignons rouges, courge musquée. 

Depuis, j'ai fait une version végétarienne de ce plat en utilisant du « quorn » qui est également délicieux!


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Registered for October

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 20 Apr 2024, 18:20

That's it then I have taken the leap!

I have registered on my next module. L185 English for accademic purposes on line. I am hoping to gain more practise in using online technology, without feeling too nervous about it! (Ha!Ha!)

At the same time I will be building up my English skills. This will give me extra confidence in speaking and in writing.

I wish my fellow students all the best with their studies whichever courses they are taking!

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Looking forward to Registering for next module.

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 20 Apr 2024, 11:22

I am looking forward to registering and taking on another module with the OU in October.  This will be an English module to consolidate my English skills. 

I like writing very much and expressing my opinions, which is funny really because in real life I am very shy and reserved, as anyone who knows me will tell you! lol!

I hope I can succeed this module and that my life  runs smoothly (that will be the day!) hopefully, in order for me to get this module finished.

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An Exercise Day In the City!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 9 May 2024, 02:29

I am so happy that the bus fares have come down here  where I live! This is so helpful, as I often feel cut off and isolated, stuck out here in the sticks and I sometimes need a day out, so very good for the mental health!

Thinking about exercising again this week, so I decided to board the bus, and to travel into the city. 

I definitely needed more exercise,  so I travelled 1 hr and 1/2  to the city by bus,  mostly for a change of scenery, but also  to get out and about for exercise,  to get myself motivated and moving again. 

First of all, I went to look in the Oxfam bookshop,  to see if I could find any interesting  french language books. I did find a couple of french books in there that might be useful,  as well as some Italian and English books. 

My eyesight is not so good now since covid, as I often get blurred vision. I probably soon need new reading spectacles,  so I went to book into Specsavers.

I managed to get a lot of exercise walking from one shop to another, especially as there was quite long distances between each place. This was very beneficial, and as well as that,  there was a very steep hill to climb up!

Then I visited the library, it was quite a large place to explore, it had a very wide variety of books, DVDs, audio books etc.

At the DVD shop I looked out for french language movies on DVD. I found a couple that caught my eye. But then  I thought I must stop at this point, before I spend too much!

I wandered about a bit in the town centre listening  to the singing, and playing buskers, sat watching the crowds passing by.

After buying a few essentials from Boots the chemists, so back to the town centre,  I walked along a bit more just window shopping, before heading off to the WC s, these were up three flights of stairs! 

 In the bus station there was a lift but I didn't bother as I needed the exercise! 

 Afterwards I walked down all the stairs and waited in the queue for my bus to arrive. The bus came in on time.

I really felt like I had had a most wonderful work out, as good as a  real gym!  

Particularly after climbing up the steep hill, going from place to place, up the high street and walking up and down all those stairs!  

If bus fares stay low priced, this could well be a new weekly exercise routine for me!


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How To Eat Like The French!

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Friday, 12 Apr 2024, 10:19

I can't help admiring our french cousins. They are on average a lot slimmer than the US or UK  citizens and eat smaller much healthier portions!

This is probably due to their eating habits of a more Mediterranean diet. We in the UK on the other hand are much stockier and plump, living on an island that sees much colder, wetter, wilder, weather in general, so we have to eat a diet with lots of carbs particularly to survive the harsher, colder weather conditions.

However, the french love food and especially fine cuisine!
"Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup" meaning "eat well, laugh often, love much" is a common saying in France that sums up the nation's enthusiasm for food.

Note the "eat well" rather than "live well" - eating is to be savoured as a central part of life itself.

French movie star Leslie Caron knows a thing or two about French food, having run a restaurant near Paris for nearly 20 years.

"I eat sensibly – every day at lunch I have a steak with a big salad and I eat fruit, vegetables, yogurt and muesli," she says. "I seldom eat pastry – maybe once a year. I never eat desserts and I don't drink. That makes a big difference."

On the other hand, numerous studies have indicated that red wine, and French red wine in particular, contains high level of antioxidants. So French women can rest assured that one or two glasses a day are not only pleasurable but beneficial to their health as well. Santé!

Unlike the UK or the US
Food portions are much much smaller in France. It is quite common for french women to leave half her plate or save it for later!

Food is celebrated in France and enjoyed with  family and friends.  The french eat 3 times a day but they never eat between meals!

Food should always look pleasing to the eye and beautiful on the plate. Nouvelle cuisine is the popular choice of meal and remember less is always more.

  1. Exclude All Processed Foods. ...
  2. Emphasize On Whole Foods. ...
  3. Shop At Local Food Markets. ...
  4. Think Quality, Not Quantity. ...
  5. Cook Every Single Meal. ...
  6. Eat A Wide Variety of Foods. ...
  7. Eat Everything In Moderation. ...
  8. Stay Thin simply by living your life. (Everyday excercise.)
  9. French women walk everywhere!

So I think we can learn a lot from our french cousins. Bon appétit!

* Sources - Stylist.co.uk

*leoncechenal.com/french-diet- how -to - like- a - french-woman

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Study, Caring and Health

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Tuesday, 9 Apr 2024, 19:25

I am still struggling to get my health back to normal again after the Covid.  I am finding long walks just too exhausting, so I think I will try shorter quicker bursts of exercise instead, this will include walking the circuit of my village. 

Starting from the park including the park, taking the longer route and ending up on the market place. This usually takes about 3/4 of an hour. I must set aside a time during the day between caring duties and study to take a walk.

My diet will have to change too, I just feel so heavy when I walk. I have decided to reduce and maybe even cut out completely, Carbs from my diet. 
I am going to include instead low fat yogurts in my diet too.
Apart from that I will still eat vegetables, protein and fruit as usual. But no bread pasta, potatoes or desserts.

I have let myself go completely and piled on the weight. This is because I have been so busy doing my caring duties at home and going to appointments that I have neglected my own health. Now I intend to get back on track to a better health!

2024 this will be my year to get fit! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 8 Apr 2024, 11:57

A poster showing the earth in space with the words " Praying for Peace" on it.

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Springtime Flowers

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 30 Mar 2024, 23:07

A garden of daffodils

Garden containing different colorful Tulips

We passed by these beautiful gardens on our walk across the fields to the next village, it was really a glorious sight. The renewal of Springtime!

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An Easter Walk

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 13 Apr 2024, 20:05

A Church in the woods

Today was Easter Saturday, the sun was shining and the weather looked good. I asked J if he would like to walk with me across the field to the next village. He said he would and would be glad of a walk.

Set off walking across the fields, walking along the footpath. The first field was a small cabbage field, the smell of cabbage was quite pungent!  We laughed, but I happen to like cabbages so I didn't really mind. From here we came into a lovely wild meadow, where we spotted wild yellow primroses, crocus,  yellow gorse bushes. king cups, wood anemones, harebells and other wild flowers. 

There was also the pretty white Hawthorn flowers growing on the hawthorn bushes, by the side of the footpath and the field.

J soon spotted 2 rabbits at the edge of the field scurrying quickly away, we watched as their little white fluffy tails disappearing quickly down the rabbit hole on the bank at the side of the field. When we came to the little footbridge over the stream, I commented about how deep the water was, and how fast it was flowing after the recent rainfalls. J agreed the streams were fuller than usual.

We sat on the footbridge to rest for a little while. By now we were about halfway there, but I felt tired already,  so it was nice to sit and rest and drink a fruit juice. The sun felt very warm, but fortunately there was a slight breeze too.

Played at throwing sticks onto the water from the footbridge and waited until they appeared on the other side of the bridge. I think mine must have sunk as I couldn't see it anymore!  J cheered as he saw the stick appear again still intact on the other side.

Next, we took the narrow footpath that ran along the backs of the gardens, beside the cows field except no cows were in there today,  because they were in the lower meadow, beside the lake.🐂🐄

We both liked looking at the back gardens as we passed by on the footpath, there was a riot of colours! One garden was full of brightly coloured tulips while another garden was full of golden yellow daffodils of all varieties. 

 There were quite a lot of different  butterflies about,  we saw a peacock butterfly, a yellow one, common white, a red admiral or painted lady? and a little blue one. A few very large bumble bees buzzing around the flowers too.  Some ducks were quacking noisily beside the pond in another garden! 🦆🦆

Soon we arrived at our destination, which was the little chapel in the centre of the woods hidden beneath the trees. Here, we were able to rest inside the little warm chapel for a while, and I whispered a little prayer of thanksgiving,  that I even made it there, my first real long walk since covid!

I like this little chapel with its quiet altar, its flowers, the candles and behind the altar on the wall, the words of the Lords prayer on the left  side and the 10 commandments on the right hand side. Just to remind us what God expects of us.

On the way out of the church we saw the lady vicar just leaving the house of one of her parishoners nearby in the village, so I waved.. She knows me and she waved back. "Would you both like a lift back home?" She asked. "Yes please, that's very kind of you" I replied and gave a big smile and huge sigh of relief!  "Thank you." I think God just answered my prayers, as we were both feeling so tired after that walk!

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Easter Week

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 7 Apr 2024, 08:24

Christ of the cross Salvador Dali

Christ of Saint John of the Cross. By Salvador Dali.

Picture from Wikipedia

'For God so loved the world" John 3v16

Ref. The Bible

Listen on youtube

To God so loved the world  by "Hillsong" with lyrics


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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 6 Apr 2024, 08:25

Easter is a time of renewal, of new life. Emerging from the dark winter days, we look forward to a new life in Christ. Christ who has died, Christ who has risen and Christ who will come again. Jesus Christ died for our sins to bring us closer to God.

All our sins will be wiped out, when we believe in Jesus's sacrifice, that he died for us to take away once and for all every sin we have ever committed. Only then can God look upon us as his pure children.

Repent, believe, receive!

"Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be white like wool."


NIV version
Isaiah 1:18

Matthew 20:28

"The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” That was his purpose, his mission on earth to show us the way and to lead us to God.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life."

Ref. The Bible

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My Learning Experience

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Sunday, 7 Apr 2024, 08:16

I have enjoyed learning language studies with the open university. I think I have managed to achieve what I set out to do, which was to greatly increase my understanding and knowledge of the french language. 

I have learned to speak a reasonable amount of french, enough to get by with while on holiday in France or keeping in touch with french friends.

At the same time I have also improved on my english language too, especially on my writing skills. I am still deciding whether or not to continue next term in english, this would just be to consolidate my english skills.

It has been a long journey with difficulties as a carer to contend with along the way.
but It would have been impossible for me to have studied in a brick university or college, living so far away from the city and having to travel daily. There is no way that would have worked out. 

Distance learning, part-time on the internet, with the 'Open University' has been the best option available in my circumstances. So this was a fantastic opportunity!

I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has caring responsibilities at home, especially if you have a busy schedule and it is difficult to find time to travel by commuting from home to the city.

My family have also been very understanding and have been willing to help out when necessary.

Learning languages has greatly enriched my life and I am very glad to have achieved it at last!

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Astrid- french series on TV🔎

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Saturday, 20 Apr 2024, 19:46

I have been enjoying the latest episodes of "Astrid in Paris"  in the french language on TV, on more 4 Friday nights at 9pm.

This crime detective series, stars Sara Mortensen as Astrid Nielsen, who is on the autistic spectrum, having Aspergers. However, this not a hinderance to her work , as an  undercover archivist for the judicial police. On the contrary her photographic memory and sharp analysis, make her a force to be reckoned with.

Raphaëlle Coste is her partner in the crime investigatiion duo, with Astrid’s unique methods and Raphaëlle’s behavioural skills, the two make a tour de force for the Paris Police department.

As the latest instalments kick off, they are bound to have us here in Britain, on the edge of our seats!

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