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UK Inflation and the next generation.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 19 May 2022, 16:42

Having listened to the governments'  concerns  surrounding  the impact of inflation on  future generations , l have to wonder, what impact do they  think it is having at present ,on the next generation?

 Obviously they are reviewing the situation through their eyes and not the children of the present, who just happen to be  the next generation.

 This begs the question, how do the government view the next generation ?

Is it through their own childhood experiences or is it a combination of their own and others?  

 It appears the governments view is one of ,' it is not essential  for children to have a warm home and a stability'.

Have we actually progressed to being able to provide the basics for the family or have we regressed ?

Sadly some MP's do not have any idea how versatile the public are compared to themselves.   Comments made by MP's to degrade others less fortunate than themselves in society show their lack of awareness. Could it be  they themselves have come from a privileged  background or have they  been able to have the 'breaks' to allow them to be in their position and,  believe everyone's circumstances are the same as theirs? Thus no concept of diversity ! Why become an MP if you only wish to condemn and not assist others ? What impact do those comments have on the next generation? 

We have had and still have a global downturn , however if the family unit is unable to cover its own costs how will it be able to spend and put money into  the economic system of the country ?

 The people can see through the governments justification and excuses at spending money on contracts such as Rwanda ,what actual return and  benefit will filter through to the tax payer  when there is such an economic downturn in this country ?

The government appears to see fit to change the criteria for those wishing to study at university and hike up the loan repayments, how can that be 'leveling up'  and creating a diverse workforce ? What does that say to our next generation, that is is better to seek those that have been trained and qualified in other countries , such as nurses etc than to invest in the next generation within this country?

Where is the  'big'  investment into this country, by this government that will benefit all and not just a few ?

 What do you really think children feel right now when their parents are full of anxiety and are  stuck at every turn ? How does that affect the whole families mental health ? Is that good for our country ?

 Do the government have no faith in this country or future generations ?

Do they think that future generations will be incompetent ?

Is this, what past generations thought of us?

If if so they were right to be worried because it appears its this generation that is unable to cope. 

Its a complex world , but why do we have to make it harder for ourselves ? 

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Scholarship Time. Open Futures Sanctuary Scholarship

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Tuesday, 17 May 2022, 07:25

This is the time of year where we are all preping for exams. It can be an exciting and daunting time for all.

We are lucky and privileged  to be able to have this opportunity, however, for some who have dreams and aspirations of  moving on to higher education it  can be hindered  because of being  displaced . Forced to move  from  countries due to circumstances that are not within your own control, can be an anxious and frightening time.  All the dreams that one can have can be gone in a blink. We all are not keen on change but what if you had those aspirations of going to university to assist with making your country a better place through collaboration with others, to be able to study enabling you to  help and assist others, and it had all been taken away. 

What would your new prospects look like how would you feel ?  


Taking this into consideration the Open University have, have decided to give  twelve scholarship places within the Open Futures Sanctuary  Scholarship.  There are also fifty OU Access module fee waivers which covers the cost of one access module starting in 2022. It is open to all those that are ''UK residents and have been displaced from their country or homeland due to political, economic, environmental, and human rights issues.'' This is the opportunity to pick up the baton again and  regain your dreams.

If you wish to find out more information for yourself or for someone you know who would be interested then follow the link and pick up that baton.

Sanctuary Scholarship | Open University

Good luck to every student, where ever you maybe with your up and coming exams.

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UK public being taken for fools.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Sunday, 8 May 2022, 13:35

Having read once again about the fiasco surrounding the Ukrainian refugee crisis, l am again left wondering, how the government appears to be getting away with patronizing the British people with words of, 'how welcoming and generous they are', without actually taking over the responsibility of doing the job they are paid by the public to do.

 Please read the following link :

'I stepped up, but now I feel stitched up': Britons forking out 'thousands' to help Ukrainian refugees get to the UK (msn.com)

When will the realisation that  privatising all of the governments responsibilities will not  necessarily be the way forward?

 Again l ask why are tax payers paying their salary, when they appear to out source all their responsibilities, and  introduce new laws that marginalise society, such as the Education bill, Borders and Immigration bill and the eradication of the  Electoral Commission. Who benefits from the changes ? Not the majority but the minority that wish to appease for their own gains.

 The government have ridden on the backs of the British public, to appear to be  sympathetic  with the global crisis, however it appears to be if they give arms to Ukraine, it will appease and redeem their mess of the resettlement scheme.

The reality  appears to be, government have outsourced and have put every kind of obstacle in the way  not  to support  the public or assist the  Ukrainian refugees.

The Great appears to have got up and gone out of Britain.

How much will it take before the public say enough ! 

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Freedom of Speech - Higher education Bill Caveat.

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Having looked at the higher education bill, l was concerned to see that there is a caveat surrounding free speech.

What is meant by ‘academic freedom’?

Academic freedom was established in law in 1988. Section 202 of the Education Reform Act 1988 gave academic staff the right “to question and test received wisdom, and to put forward new ideas and controversial or unpopular opinions, without placing themselves in jeopardy of losing their jobs or the privileges they may have at their institutions.”

Academic freedom is one of the public interest governance principles which all higher education providers registered with the Office for Students (the higher education regulator in England) must comply with.

The Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill would add the caveat that academic freedom exists only within an academic’s “field of expertise”.

Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill: Progress of the Bill -  House of Commons Library (parliament.uk)
I find the third paragraph very disturbing ,  How will this promote wider discussion  and debate for problem resolving if you are if you are limiting peoples freedom to just their field of expertise?.  Again we are seeing an elitist approach to stifling other social orders from being able to express their opinions within the academic setting  . Academic freedoms are being taken away and popped into neat boxes, however just as in the real word the academic world is flexible and fluid not staid. All education is cross curriculum and everyone is able to bring their expertise that is how a nation grows and this should definitely not be limited to one certain area.
How can you limit  the freedom of speech to just the 'field expertise ?'

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UK DVLA and Passport Office.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 28 Apr 2022, 16:58

I cant help but think by the way this government appears to shirk all their public services  responsibilities, (DWP, Migration, NHS, Transport and so on), that the DVLA and passport office  have been primed to fail so that it can be used as an excuse to privatise them. 

Passports- could the issue be the production of the passports which are made in Poland and not in the UK be, part of the problem as they have to go through Brexit checks? UK post-Brexit blue passports made in Polish factory | News | The Times. Why are they made by a Franco/Dutch company and not a British company ? 

I find it very hypercritical of the government to ask for investment for this country  when they do not even invest in a British company to produce British passports here in the UK.

What the government say and do as we have seen with Afghan and Ukraine resettlement schemes and the privatisation of public services are two entirely different things. Words that they think will placate the people  and   the reality of recruiting   privatised companies to navigate their own system and the governments while making a profit for themselves and little investment for public services.

False economy, weak words, and profits for....? 

 Surely the misters and head of  government departments should be able to have foresight to look ahead and plan for eventualities ?

If they do not, then why are they in post  and what hope is there  for public services that includes all of society ? where does the privatisation stop ? Again we appear to be not closing the gap for society but making it larger. 

This again looks like a ploy to demonize civil servants for the governments  own mishaps and  mismanagement  with tax payers money.

 It appears that they are deflecting from their own incompetence by causing public divisions .   

You have to give them credit for being blatant with their plans ! 

British passports, made in the UK ? No don't be silly they are made in Poland  by a Franco/Dutch company.

It appears they got Brexit done and then gave the British passport production to an EU country . So much for investing  and believing in British Business, what a farce ! 


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How many of us know what, 'defensive medicine' is and how it can impact your health.

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How many have heard this term before ? 

How many of us know what it means ? 

Defensive medicine is relevant to us all. Yesterday l read the article which  explained the difficulties that one person had, to be listened to by   health professionals and dentists. Sadly due to the practice of defensive medicine, treatment became delayed which has had a profound affect on their health .

Dentists would not treat my toothache – now my health has been wrecked for ever | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian

How many  can associate with the trial of  not being listened to and to be taken seriously ?

How many times have you come away from your consultation and given up due to the response of the health practitioner  after having many tests  giving a  negative result but yet symptoms persist ?

Do you know your own body ? Can a Dr know your body from just seeing you for less then  minutes?, Are we seen as  all being  cloned and not individuals? Time consuming perhaps ?

Having read the article and others  sadly it appears the attitude and response to their plight is not uncommon but appears to be the, 'norm'. ,The blame game'.

How did we get to this situation ? 

Can it be that the health profession are so fearful of the public or is it the ego and fear of being wrong ?

Are we the public at fault for relying on the health service and worshipping it as an all encompassing hero and when not  lived up to the expectation we want MONEY ! Will that bring back the quality of life ? Is it the purpose of litigation to  humiliate or to prove a point that the patient was right and knew their own body? 

Defensive medicine: It is time to finally slow down an epidemic - PMC (nih.gov)

Who creates such fear and why?

How many conditions could be prevented and the quality of lives returned, if patients were listened to

and, health professionals  could set aside their fear of litigation?

Surely defensive medicine is costly and a false economy , it is just blighting the health of the nation and the health service because, the fear of 'what if ' is to great.


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Where has all the money gone ? Refugees ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Monday, 18 Apr 2022, 16:06

I have been listening to various talk shows over the weekend regarding the sending of refugees to Rwanda, and l really respect those that have rung in to verse their own comments as to why they feel that  the government  is right, because, 'our services are at breaking point  and they would be a burden'.

Although this narrative  seems to be a way of justifying this act, l would like to remind us all how the government have outsourced everything bar the kitchen sink.  Public services in this country have been slowly outsourced to various  private companies for many years, such as Atos, Serco Capita and many more. Private means exactly that. There are multiple companies that are all engaged in just one section such as claims and visa's . Hence fragmentation.   NHS, DWP, Transport , Housing to name but a few  all run by multiple companies. So how many companies does it take to change a government light bulb ? All these companies are  having to  cover their external costs and  have to make a profits for their shareholders. The government  pays  multiple companies to do the same  contracts. What is the tax payer getting in return ? 

How many times have you had an issue or you have become frustrated because of bad service, lack of care or cuts to your services. Whose fault is that ?

The refugee or the governments mishandling  ? Where does the actual burden lie?


Find out about the regulations that govern UK public procurement

Review services

If you have any concerns about procurement practices, including late payment, you can contact a review service



Find high value contracts in the public sector - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

What is the Find a Tender service?

The UK-wide noticing service for public procurement

Public procurement regulations

Find out about the regulations that govern UK public procurement

Review services

If you have any concerns about procurement practices, including late payment, you can contact a review service

(Links accessed 04/ 2022).





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Easter - Food for thought.

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How do we feel about Easter ?

After the events of this week regarding the UK parliament, my attentions turned to how many will be attending religious services and celebrations celebrating Easter,  along with many others.

  Is this a hypercritical  process , To absolve  all the decisions  and the  justifications  that  have  been made to favour one group over another ? 

 How do people justify this to their faith under what guise do they use?

Will it assist in giving them absolution  to carry on ? 

Do they 'cherry pick' the bits that help them  to justify their cause ?

Humanity ?

The true and unsightly part of  being human maybe ? 

Maybe we should more inquisitive when it comes to humanity so that we are able to understand  why.

 I hope that all have a peaceful  Easter. 


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Information Understanding History of UK Migration and UN. Does this government want to participate in a foreword thinking the Global world ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 14 Apr 2022, 11:31

Briefing Papers | Migration Watch UK

MW437 : The History of Immigration to the UK | Migration Watch UK

Migration | United Nations

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Human Rights Reform. UK . How will this affect you ?

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Just in case this may of got passed you all.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights has warned that Government proposals to reform the Human Rights Act risk weakening existing human rights protections (13/04/22)

Human Rights Act reforms would weaken human rights protections in the UK - Committees - UK Parliament

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Penal Colony .What is the UK government getting in return. Rwanda ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 14 Apr 2022, 11:27
When l mentioned in a previous blog, that  we seem to have regressed back to colonial times it appears that we have !
Boris does not speak for me !
 I welcome his  honesty in a roundabout way that his government failed to combat traffic smugglers. Do we get a refund from the private companies that have been unable to fore fill the brief given to them by the government ? What justification do the government have for spending this money and its failure ?
I have to ask,  what is it the  UK government will  be getting in return for   paying the Rwandan government to deal with our own issues,  due to the governments  incompetence in paying private security companies to do their job  ? Is it Rwanda's  resources and trade  that they are after?

Questions that spring to mind
.Who are you demonising ? The asylum seeker under the guise of the trafficker? An  immigrant  is not an illegal and does not exist. A trafficker is an illegal   
The Immigration Game? - Living Abroad
Migration | United Nations

 Culture; How ignorant are we? Do we know why men come to seek asylum first ? Family culture differs to ours and what makes us so superior ? Maybe we need to be educated about other cultures and educated properly regarding religious cultures  if we are to participate in the global world.
Security Model; 
 Tendered out to private companies, tax payers money. Government now wishes to use tax payers money to  create a new age penal colony.  Human Rights means nothing what an embarrassment ! 

Fear; Discriminate against people and parts of the global world  because ignorance is bliss and it suits certain parties narratives to achieve their goal.

Climate change ! What climate change ? Not according to the UK governments immigration department 

 And finally, what other cuts to  essential services such as library's, health and social care, NHS,  benefits  and cost of living rises are we having to forfeit   for this archaic scheme ? 

 Please follow the link to have an understanding of the forging relationship between Rwanda and the government. 
 Exports to Africa - Hansard - UK Parliament
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Discrimination and the Government Service. ( DVLA Online Service.

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I think the government may need  a reminder on the definition of Democracy and start applying it to there departments. 

 Democracy definition by Oxford English Dictionary (last accessed 12/04/22) 



(dɪˈmɒkrəsɪ) Forms: 6–7 democracie, 6–7 (9) -cratie, 7 (9) -craty, 7– -cracy. [a. F. démocratie (siː), (Oresme 14th c.), a. med.L. dēmocratia (in 13th c. L. transl. of Aristotle, attrib. to William of Moerbeke), a. Gr. δηµοκρατία popular government, f. δῆµος the commons, the people + -κρατια in comb. = κράτος rule, sway, authority. The latinized form is frequent in early writers, and democratie-craty, in 16– 17th c.]

1. Government by the people; that form of government in which the sovereign power resides in the people as a whole, and is exercised either directly by them (as in the small republics of antiquity) or by officers elected by them. In mod. use often more vaguely denoting a social state in which all have equal rights, without hereditary or arbitrary differences of rank or privilege.

And so to one example of where privilege and discrimination  towards groups in society is very prevalent. 

The time had come to renew the driving licence that used to be valid until you where 70 years old. (I my feel like it at times but not quite there yet !)

Online we go to fill in the form and bingo ! They ask for a national insurance number, driver number. house ,number and everything bar the kitchen sink but when you do not have a passport it declines your submission.

 You are informed   if you have no passport  you  have to go to a designated post office and either renew it there or fill in the  form and pay more for the privilege and post it. Not a problem l hear you cry.

I then began to think of how discriminatory this is for people that  have disability issues, (mobility) , people that live in a rural areas, and those on benefits and how much more they have to pay because they have chosen or cannot afford the passport.

Again we see the class divide. Unable to provide a passport then you can't afford the privileges of being able to access even the basics. Who has dreamed this idea up ?  It appears that there is someone who is hell bent on stopping certain groups from travelling unless they can pay higher charges because they do not have a passport.

This is not about security, this appears to be a way of keeping control and partitioning society .

According to the definition sovereign power  lies with the people not just the few. (hmm!)

Time to come clean to society and the rest of the world.  

Autocratic rule  v Democracy ? You decide.

AUTOCRATIC | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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UK government - Who are you kidding ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Wednesday, 30 Mar 2022, 19:35

Covid restrictions have come to the end of the road. No more clapping or respect for those on the front line anymore. Time to throw away the facts and figures because the ecconomy, (the donors and business backers need to make a profit) need you !

 The reward for all you lovely NHS staff ,is  the privilege of paying to park your car to do a 12 hour shift in an already highly  pressured environment. ( got to keep the private companies happy!)

Can it be that the government need to claw back the money wasted through rash decisions?

 Or could it be  retribution, due to the uproar people had for, 'party gate'?

Covid tests no longer free for society. Is that due to the fact that big business and donors are banging on the door needing to make a profit to keep this government in the way they are accustomed to working  and living?

It will be interesting to see how willing  the government will be to  support business that may struggle due to the lack of  free testing . Will they be willing to assist businesses  as the  workforce struggle with the guilt of  either being off  or infecting others to pay the bills , (so much for the concern of mental wellbeing !).  How will that assist the economy ? Boom and bust ?

 The government are hell bent on informing us that we chose freedom.

What freedom ?

If you are on a certain level it is possible to acquire such freedom such as the  privileges to a passport, the key to unlocking your biometric which will save the world  and you from identity fraud.

If you wish to apply for higher education ,  driving licences, employment , financial services and issuing of certain civil certificates a passport is now required. So where does that leave those who chose not to have one because they do not go abroad or those that cannot afford one ? What happened to the other forms of identification such as electoral roll, utility bills to assist with  identification ?

Is the  freedom being eroded for the sake of convenience under the guise of security or is it a way to keep  control of people and what they are able to access?

 How can the excuse of identity  be used for certain groups of society but it seems not  to other groups. How is it that people, are able to register any name   at Company House'? ' No identity checks needed. What has happened to the excuse of needing the passport to apply for  security reasons ? Why is  this deemed  acceptable, and yet those that chose not have a passport are hindered with accessing certain services and employment ? Where is the excuse of  protecting identity and security ?

 This appears to be a way of control just as the government wishing to change boundaries and amend the voting rights. 

 I find it Interesting to see the how this  government likes to portrays itself to the global world  and here, who are they kidding ? 

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Personal Appearance - Is it a barrier ?

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Listening to LBC this morning l  was sparked to write as someone had criticised the personal appearance of  Boris Johnson on the 'world stage'. 

How much have we been influenced by past generations as to' appearance is everything', is it really ?

A person that wears a suit and  has a 'good'  haircut and a smile - professional?  what are the  first perceptions ? Educated, good  status, trustworthy, medical professional, cleaning operative, lower class, or  hidden disability ?

A person  scruffily dressed, tattoos, ear piercings, dyed hair, ? First perceptions ?Uncaring , disinterested, criminal, unintelligent , lower class,   medical professional, scholar,  artist, or  valuing their diversity?

Are we still more interested in 'the look' rather than the capability ? 

 Can this be a big deflection to our progress ?

We have come along way but there is still  is the perception of what you look like defines you. 

What does it achieve when we criticise personal appearance? Control? Were is the diversity? 

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Universal credit - Permitted Work. UK

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Wednesday, 23 Mar 2022, 14:46

I have been interested in the comments the chancellor  is making regarding those who are unemployed . Is he aware of how grating his comments can be in regard to his transition into work and the blanket comment regarding the 'Only way is to work'. People who are not  working are not shirker's. The chancellor must know that the DWP sends out permitted to work' forms . The government now dictate which jobs are suitable for you to do has that failed to cross his mind ?    

 What way is that giving people freedom to chose what they are able and to know their limits.?

What does that do for their self esteem ? 

The chancellor says  he supports, 'hard working people with children'. How degrading to other groups of society and how diverse is he ? 'Stereo Typing' ?

 It give us a clue of how the government really view the  people of the UK, by deciding  what work they can do and  the terminology used to degrade. Where is the respect?

'World beating' ! 

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P&O ? Why should we take notice of UK politics and government proposals.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Wednesday, 23 Mar 2022, 10:15

How many of us took notice of the amendment Chris Grayling made? How many of us cared ?

We have all said at one time or another, 'it doesn't matter they will do what they want' and that is the assumption they use to assist in making and amending such laws.

How many of our, 'freedoms' have been eroded due to that context and who is the UK prime minister actually referring to when he mentions, 'people and freedom'? Are some hankering for a past ideal  and do not have the confidence to understand that we live within a global world and society?

 It appears, to get unpopular legislation amended and passed through parliament the , 'distraction technique' can be used. This way the air time it receives is minimal. Instead of headlining it is placed strategically within the news with emotive subjects either side to deflect scrutiny. 

For certain laws it is based on the presumption that they are protecting you that is vital and part of their job, but also this can be seen to be taken to the extreme where is the median ?

 I have found Petitioning  to be a good way of being able to voice your opinion. If the petition raises enough signatures it then has to be reviewed and, as with one recently,  the bill again is reassessed and put forward  to the House of Lords, if the House of Lords reject the bill it cannot be passed until an agreement is met with the House of Commons.

Don't' give up in putting your voice across because as we have seen with P&O sooner or later those laws will effect each person in one way or another.

 Change in law signed off by Chris Grayling meant P&O could sack staff without telling govt, maritime lawyer says (msn.com)

Change in law signed off by Grayling allowed P&O to legally sack 800 staff (thelondoneconomic.com)

UK Parliament

'World Beating' is  the P.M referring to the past ? I think the script drastically needs a reality check !

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Proposed UK Deprivation of Citizenship Bill, Human Rights and China's National Security Bill

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Monday, 14 Mar 2022, 10:52

This morning while listening to the ‘Today’ programme on radio 4, l was struck by  hearing  of the Chinese government and their treatment of businessman Mr Rodgers  who runs a Human Rights charity and  had been accused of endangering 'national security' by the Hong Kong police. Some  UK MP's interviewed ,condemned Chinas' actions but appear to have amnesia when it comes to the, bill here of. Nationality and Borders Bill: Deprivation of Citizenship factsheet - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk

Double standards ? 

 Mr Rodgers appears to have been informed by letter. (Reuters)

This has to be seen as civil compared to the UK governments, proposed  stance, to the DIY approach of calling them.

I have to wonder where do the government appear to get there ideas for  the New Brexit era from !

There appears to be a lot of  influences from 'think tanks'  such as the Bruge group and  other countries   regarding governments restructuring of polices are all these implementations fit for all or jus a few ?



Radio 4 - Listen Live - BBC Sounds (08:06)

Hong Kong: Briton accused of jeopardising China's security - BBC News

 U.K.-based rights group says Hong Kong police accused it of violating security law | Reuters


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UK Government and Concerns for those wishing to Host Families.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Sunday, 13 Mar 2022, 14:55

Ukraine war: UK households offered £350 a month for hosting refugees - BBC News

At last the government appear to be springing into action, however the new plan has arisen just a few questions for me.  How prepared are the government in real terms ?  what will  their actual  responsibility be ?

People are willing to help and host but should also be supported by the government. Coming from a conflict zone brings its own issues.  How prepared is this government to support the UK people's generous offer with the right support?

 Is this also where the government eludes  itself of all responsibility and commitment and passes it all to those who are hosting and relies on peoples’ good nature and those that may not have the experience of war and the  trauma and the effects it can have?  

Trauma Support ?  Who will be providing this?, Who will be providing the support in understanding trauma  to the host families? Medical Care ?

How ready is the UK government to actually support us all ?

 With regard the payment of £350.00 how will that affect those on universal credit  and benefits  if they wish to host or will they be discriminated through the vetting process?

 What will be the legal implications for those hosting ?

    I may sound cynical but hosting families  from conflict zones is not to be taken lightly.

To make it work there has to be the  support and backup for all, from the  government and not token gestures.    

      Unique health challenges for refugees and asylum seekers - Refugee and asylum seeker patient health toolkit - BMA

·       Mental health statistics: refugees and asylum seekers | Mental Health Foundation

·      PTSD in refugees and asylum seekers – PTSD UK  



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Is the UK government 'world beating ?'.

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Obviously we are, 'world beating' will a  a box of crisps and Kitkats be included in within that context ? Humanity appears to be a dirty word in the vocabulary of this government . Not content with just treating all its citizens' with contempt, they have spread their humanitarian goodness to the continent. The attitude it sends is that they should be fortunate that they were given a box of crisps and a Kitkat. ( At least they got something!) This  government does not like giving out, what they perceive to be  freebies to mere mortals.

 Can this government humiliate this country anymore on the global stage?

I like anyone else believe in positivity in the right context but this government appear to use slogans such as 'World beating' and the 'first in the world' for what purpose ? What do they actually mean and in what context ? 'World beating' ' The first in the world' .Covid- We may of all been jabbed but where could we go ?  How does this fit in with collaboration with other countries to eradicate the virus? Time after time we have had the government and only the government singing their own praises to boost  their egos.  

 Someone needs to inform government, we are no longer an empire nor do we live in ,'Peppa Pigs World' .

I think we are all  tired of the spin and excuses this government has given, l feel that right now  this has to be some dreadful dream. This government  appears to have total disregard for anything that relates to humanity. It is all to easy for them to detach themselves of blame,  through privatisation, and others, they  delude themselves and themselves only, of being' world beating' and 'the first in the world'  of what exactly ? Opening up a tuck shop in Calais?







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Small d v big A.

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Is the UK government full of autocrats that have no intention of listening to its citizens, who's’ only power is to vote?

  Has it become a way of parties to placating us into thinking that we are important?

Again, l have to wonder how much this government hides behind red tape and the advice given by a certain few which can determine their party funding.

The ‘heads up’ on sanctions, the limitation on visas, (immigration and borders bill,) and the peerages given to those who ‘truly’ deserve it. (Loads of dosh!)

It appears that the few who deem to be democratic have a very small d and a much bigger A!





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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Wednesday, 2 Mar 2022, 09:47

Stay strong.

Governments  please don't sit by with just sanctions  and watch this unfold any further.

Without  humanity there is no power no wealth there is nothing.

For every seat of learning eradicated another will always take its place.

See the source imageImage result for heart free images

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Setting the historical records straight.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 3 Mar 2022, 12:12

There have been many advances made within the world of science as there had been for other generations. How many of us, (of a certain age!) remember watching a programme called, ’Tomorrows’ World’ and thinking would that really happen? The talk that one day a plastic card would replace actual money, the square box called a ‘microwave’ which could cook food quicker than the conventional oven a little round disc that would replace vinyl records.  How wrong was l ! How did they sneak past and make such an impact within our lives without us giving them so much as a thought other than it was the new, ‘must have’ of the time?

Science has played such a big part of discovering who we really are too.  As l study history, one of the main things that interest me is how identity and heritage is passed through the generations. We are so fortunate and lucky to be able to discover this through DNA which can assist us with our understanding of previous generations.

 I recently had my DNA tested and l found out that l was not half of Hungarian descent but of Polish, French and German.

This then begged the question, can it be that there were no links genetically that matched to the websites  databank ? Or could it be  due to the fact someone is born in a certain country we automatically assume, (as they might also), that their parents also came from that country? In the past was such a subject discussed or was it in some cultures taboo? Was history such an important part of life? How did people find out about their heritage? Why is it that some today can make older generations feel guilty or ashamed for what they assumed their culture and identity to be? Why is it that some people would feel aggrieved and feel that they have been misled?  When looking into the past we must learn to put things into the context of time and not the present and if we are able to do that, we will then be able to open the box to a more accurate historical world.   

 We are so fortunate to be able to have DNA testing, but we must also remember that the older generations did not, so the methods of recording ancestry and heritage would obviously be different.

History is evolving all the time and  so is the testing and recording of DNA. Tracing  ancestry  can give us an insight to fitting pieces of puzzles together so that we can have a more definitive picture of history but, to be able to do that, we have to learn to be more understanding in our nature to previous generations and how their heritage and ancestry would have been recorded. 






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Valuing diversity in higher education. Really?

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Having listened to the Today Programme this morning and reading the news, l was disturbed to hear the report regarding government’s proposal for post 18s’ education. Today - 23/02/2022 - BBC Sounds (02.39 -03.30) 

No English and maths GCSE, no university student loan, plans say - BBC News 

 Again this  has all the connotations of the government declaring what they see fit for society to be educated in and it implies that only within the constraints of their ideals and their ideals only will the government support you with a student loan.  Have the department for education taken their eye of the ball and are again passing the buck and their responsibilities to others when it comes to support in schools and then taking control back when it comes to higher education ? Cherry picking?

What support and provisions have they given to schools regarding those pupils that have had difficulty in passing their GCSES'?

 Can this be seen as a ruse due to the shortfall in National insurance and tax ?

 Having raised the school age to 18, are they are now finding there is a complete short fall regarding National Insurance and tax,  and therefore the need is to plug the gap by capping universities and returning people to the workforce whose academic standard they believe is not good enough?

In what way are we now relinquishing power when it comes to higher education? Is this the same quiet undertone we can see with the independent electoral regulator?

Who decided that schools should no longer invest or focus on the manual skills in the curriculum and instead focus on technology, academia and university?  Due to this short-sightedness, we now have a shortfall in the skilled workforce and many that have not been academically minded and technically minded have already been chucked on the scrap heap and stigmatised due to way education was divided in the past.  Again, by changing the system there will be a division within society, the,' have and the have nots', those that can afford the private additional lessons and those that cannot.   Have we not  learnt, and we are heading again for the same pitfall and societal divisions? 

Can society ever been seen to value equality when it comes to  education and work ?

 Is the government again desperate to divide the society instead of ‘levelling up’?

In what direction is our country going?

When it comes to the issue of mental wellbeing, I feel that the government underestimate how this affects the self esteem and confidence of those on lower incomes. When lower income students  are accepted at university, it is NOT a ‘rite of passage’ as seen by the higher income bracket household, however the pressure and  expectation for all students and families  can be the same. In contrast, some 18-year-olds from higher income bracket households would like just to have the educational pressure taken off and work in various manual positions and lesser skilled positions.  Is it still the expectation of some  generational higher income households that university should be a privilege only afforded to a few and, sadly those who do not think the same can be overruled?


How can the government say they  value a ‘high skilled and highly paid workforce’?· Is this a myth?

Do the government only see the profit and return when it comes to investment of certain groups of people within society ?

Do the government  really value the diversity education can bring to make, ’Britain great?’

 Look around at all those countries that have invested in education for all ages and abilities and then ask why are we not consistent with our workforce? Is it because of the social divides we still impose?

The mature student.

 According to the Office for Students and the report Mature students in England there has been a decline within the mature student population.

 Why is there such minimal support given to such an eager and  untapped source of talent?   

 All have  experience of life and have contributed in many ways to society, but many were unable to have time to study  due to work pressures and families. Why should they not be supported so they can contribute  within different  work settings which demand a degree ? Why should their personal goals and aspirations be less supported ? 

Many wish to go into sectors in which there are shortfalls, (nursing, social care, and teaching) but due to the lack of  funding  and support are they are no longer able to  pursue their vocation.  How is that improving our society ?

 We  live longer, expected to work longer and yet we only have minimal support and limited access to education ? Where is the government support ?

 Student finance support is taken away long before the retirement age. Why ? (Another wasted and untapped source.) Why is it that those people wishing to change career or have no pension are penalized due to their age ? 

The assumption that everyone has a great pension no longer holds due to the fact that many have lost their pensions through companies mismanagement of pension funds and some  have no private pension at all, so why are they no longer able to be supported if they wish to re educate  to participate within society?  Is that not discrimination?


 Regarding the little provisions that the government have already imposed for those with disabilities, of school age, l do wonder about the continuous tag line of, ‘diversity, equality, and inclusion, within the education system. If they can not get the basic financial support  right for those of school age, what confidence should we have that they will be getting the right  financial support for those of eighteen plus’ ?

Do the government feel they will not get a good enough return on their money?

 Is it the way government, 'stereotype' all of society that  leads to our downfall and progression ?

Are we not worth investing in?

Why should any part of society be penalized from attending university if they wish to do so?

How much does this government believe in supporting freedom of education and the freedom of the universities to decide for themselves?

How can we be a, 'diverse and equality led' society?

 Maybe the government should  rethink again about all those various so-called degrees and courses that they may not think are suitable and,  instead of eradicating them maybe the government should be looking  at how to incorporate them into a bigger picture of society instead of viewing through a narrow tunnel of vision they have at present. 

Can this be  what is holding us back as a country?

Education is a basic human right and we should all have the freedom to choose and to be supported. In order to address the balance of  living longer and working longer, there must be an understanding that  all in society will all need to have some choice and job satisfaction that suits them and  not not just the tick box and pigeon hole of what suits government.

Article 2 of the First Protocol: Right to education | Equality and Human Rights Commission (equalityhumanrights.com)

Mature students - Office for Students

Mature students in England - House of Commons Library (parliament.uk)



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The buzz word,'Leveling Up' - Historical idealism, 'The Levellers'?

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I can't help but wonder what the government actually means by, 'Leveling Up'.  

The government refer to making the UK a fairer society and having an understanding of challenges that  some in society  have and to 'Level Up' the inequalities. 

How will this be possible when at every turn certain groups in society are being penalized sanctioned.

 The idea that has been 'peddled' around has been,  'highly skilled and highly paid jobs.' but in what context is that going to be achievable? Why is that students maintenance  grants are deducted from  Universal Credit  claims how does that benefit a student that is studying ?  Why is that if you study part time you are classed as a full time student ?  A maintenance grant assists  for the time that  you study therefore, a part time course will    have a part time maintenance grant, yet unless you query this issue with the DWP, the part time grant is automatically divided into twelve months on the computer instead of the six months.  How can that, kind of structure and strategy  assist those in society who do not have the necessary means, and need support  to be able to be educated to a higher standard ?  Are you not limiting a great pool of talent ?  Is that not creating divisions to benefit only certain groups? Where is the 'Levelling Up'

Right people right jobs ? Or as it appears any job will do approach! 

In what way will the government be assisting business to 'Level Up' ? Funding and investment ?

How will that be spent ? Investing in people ?  How much investment  will the government pay out for businesses to retain staff in their current approach to society  and employment ?

The Elections.

Are you not penalizing those under the guise of fraud to limit the capacity of certain social groups on their right to vote ? How is taking away the power from the Independent Electoral Commission, 'Levelling Up'?

HS2 How many towns and villages have been affected due to the indecisions made, how many have had to lose part or all of their homes and livelihoods only for the government to change their minds ?

There will always be winners and losers but  who will be the people  that will ultimately benefit from the governments ideas of  'Leveling Up'?  

 New levelling up and community investments - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Follow the links  if you wish to view the historical context of the 'Levellers Movement'.

Levellers (diggers.org) 

The Levellers — Burford Church


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UK Governments Election Bill. Are the government throwing democracy under the buss?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Friday, 18 Feb 2022, 18:27

 The Election Bill is making it's way through parliament. How many of us have taken an interest in this?

Is this the end of democracy for all and we are sleepwalking right into it? Once it is passed how many will complain when being turned away from the polling station for not having the right identification ? Do we really care or do we accept it for what it is and just complain that it is not fair and carry on?

 Part of the proposed bill wishes for all that are eligible to vote to have mandatory photo ID .

That's no problem l hear you cry, but what if you do not or cannot afford a passport ?What if you do not drive? What if you do not possess any photo ID? Why should you be penalised from voting?

Fortunately you  will be able to apply for a 'free' photo ID card from the government. Problem solved ? With all the current bureaucracy would it reach you in time to vote or conveniently turn up after the election ? 

The reason given to this part of the bill (photo ID),is to cut down fraud at the polls.

The figures suggest that there are minimal fraudulent acts at the ballot box, and those acts are dealt  with according to the law already.

Cutting fraud is always a good call but, how much will this cost  the tax payer? 'Free' sounds great but when you think of the cost behind the word 'free' it soon mounts up !  Is this another money wasting exercise in such  sensitive times for many ?

With the new reforms, l question what faith do they have in the regulator?

Is it the case that the government do not trust the competency of the regulator?

Will people be willing to apply for a 'free photo ID card' or will they not bother? How will their right to vote be affected? 

Is it right that some groups will be more privileged than others ? What will the consequences be in regard to voting and the outcomes for society as a whole?

How is that valuing diversity and leveling up inequality to all those in society that have right to vote at the moment?

The bill will  also give the government authority over the Independent electoral regulator. (Can that be right ?)

Please follow the links to forge your own opinion.

Elections Bill 2021: Summary factsheet - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

The electoral register and the 'open register' - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

The Government must not disenfranchise low-income voters at the polls | JRF

The UK has low levels of proven electoral fraud. There remains no evidence of large-scale electoral fraud in 2019. 595 cases of alleged electoral fraud were investigated by the police. Of these, four led to a conviction and two individuals were given a police caution. Our views and research | Electoral Commission ( Accessed 18/02/22).

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