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Fit note information regarding issuing a note before the present one expires..

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I have come across some  information that may be useful  to some if requesting a fit note before the expiry of the present one.  

Getting the most out of the fit note: guidance for GPs - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Can I issue a new fit note before the old one expires?

Yes – in certain situations it is possible that you might be asked for a fit note whilst the old one is still valid. Following your latest assessment of their fitness for work you may issue a new (overlapping) fit note if appropriate.

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Can we really be a global society ?

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If we wish to actually have a  global society is it time for  every country, North, South ,East and West to get together and discuss what is definitely not working in the global society with action to change or do we just continue to nod and smile at each other and continue to go away and do our own thing?
Why do we have the UN Charter of Human Rights ? Why is it each country has their own definition of implementation  ? Why are  there no set definitions ?
Why is that we have a lack of cultural understanding when to comes to vaccinations in certain countries ?
Migration - Have we given real thought as to how to help migrants ?
Do we really understand the torment of the conflict they have gone through and their cultural beliefs  and how we can we help in making their lives better? Would it be settlement in another country how do we manage the process ?   Or is the answer to send  peace keeping forces to their own countries ?
Financially what would benefit the global society ?
Is this all a pipe dream?
Should we now accept that we are all human with different interpretations and thoughts and different countries wish to protect themselves rather than participate fully with the global society and as such  there will inevitably be issues that can never be resolved.


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The unsung hero's . RNLI .

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The RNLI are impartial and are out there in all weathers facing this crisis and others  head on. 

 Would  Priti Patel and Boris  be able to physically do that  alongside there day job ?

Would they be able to look all  in the eye on a dark stormy night  ?  

They are volunteers and it is through their goodwill that many lives are saved. 

The RNLI assist with saving human lives ,they can be  called away from work , family occasions , in the middle of  night all  to save lives in  ALL weathers. 

They are true hero's. 


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Just another day ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 25 Nov 2021, 16:48

The morning starts well, birds singing weather hot and on the television news of the conflict growing closer but  of course  this does not worry you as you feel protected and of course it will not reach this far. Children off to school and hubby out the door to work and you off to the job you love. By mid morning your life is changed and out of your control. The complacency you had about the conflict has changed as you are confronted with it head on. The feeling of security has been stripped from you and all that you are left with is fear. You frantically ring to find your husband and collect the children from school. The bank has  been destroyed like wise your home.  What do you do ? Where do you go ?  Stumbling block all your papers and passports have been left at home, and so the journey begins. You become easy pickings for the traffickers with the promise of safe passage for the right price. If you do not have the money up front many will tell you that they can assure you work when you arrive and then you can start to repay your debt. What they do not say  is what kind of work you will be doing and how much you will have to actually repay. But you are desperate so you take the chance.

 This  could be you. How would you feel knowing everything you knew that made you feel  safe and protected  had gone and the only option was to get out of the country? What could be  worse for us is that many of us do not speak a second language ! Would that heighten your anxiety ?  The news that is broadcast mainly focuses on  the men that are fleeing but what the majority of us do not understand is the culture and background as to  why this happens. Do we really care or want to understand?  Many people now are fleeing from conflict, but through the generations there have always been people that have been fleeing famine and persecution. We take it for granted that it will never happen to us and  the closest many here ever get  to conflict are the video games they play.     

As well as the traffickers, other companies and people are making profits out of , the cheap labour that is offered to companies through networks of gangs within this country. The government uses private security companies that  also benefit from the profits and other people misery and fear. The system needs  a radical overhaul. Where is the  collaboration with the rest of Europe regarding this  issue? Have there been talks as to how to resolve the conflict issues ? Would it be beneficial to keep  Peace Keeping  troops in the conflict zones so that people would feel safe again? Would making the system easier to navigate for those seeking refuge and educating  refugees with a  true picture what life is actually like in the countries they seek to be in  assist in making the traffickers redundant ?  Many of the refugees only wish to stay until the conflict ends. How many people from the UK move to where the  glorious sun shines and the climate is hot such as  Spain and other warm countries ? How many actually speak the language of that country ? When asked if they  wish to go back to the UK the majority answer   'no' .So why would you automatically think others would want to stay here and not in their own country  if they had the choice ? 

Maybe we need to rethink our strategy of how we receive refugees and asylum seekers. The framework needs to be changed.   We should be assisting by listening , using resources such as  education to equip them with the knowledge and know how to rebuild  after the conflict. We may also learn and discover more in return. Why do we see  all asylum seekers and refugees as  the enemy? Why are we unable to to see the positives ?

RIP to all those that lost their lives in the channel seeking refugee. 

Footnote; if people wish to seek asylum  on the continent they are able  to be processed at the first country they enter and then move onto the country they wish to go to. For those coming to the UK this process is unavailable and therefore they can only be processed when they arrive in the UK.

UNHCR - Asylum in the UK    What is immigration detention? | AVID (aviddetention.org.uk)

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My J.R Hartley moment.

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My mother when l was young would tell us brief snippets of her life but would not go into detail due to the horrendous sights she had seen and suffered. Some years later my father wrote a book about her life. At that time life got in the way, l was busy running a household as well as working and l never got time to ask for a copy. As time moved on and circumstances changed l asked to see if there was a copy left so that l would be able to understand my mothers life before l was born. Unfortunately there was not a copy and so the search was on to see if l could find one.  After a lot of searching I finally found a copy.😃 I am pleased to say that l am now able to read more about my mothers family history and l will be able to pass this down the line. I have learned  that any family history should not be  disregarded just because your life is busy it is so important  as we all need to know who we are and what helps to shape parts of  our identity.

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DWP discrimination against landline telephones .

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021, 10:54
Why is it that the DWP are so insistent on their automated lines at just being able to take mobile numbers?
What has the landline number ever done to them ?
Is it because the DWP can save money by discriminating  against certain groups in society that prefer or only have access to a landline due to lack of mobile signal  in their area ?
As this is meant to be a public service surely  it should be the publics' right to choose mobile or landline.
Again l feel that our  choices are being slowly eroded away when it comes to public services  to suit certain groups  who have no foresight or understanding of the term 'inclusive'   with regard to society as a whole.

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After Boris weekend visit has the penny dropped how profitable Art and Creativity is ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021, 10:24

After Boris's wonderful speech regarding Peppa Pig, l wonder if the realisation has crept in regarding how important creativity and the arts actually are to the  nation. After all if it was not for the creativeness of  Neville Astley and Mark Baker , and so  many others with talents within this realm , where would the those who studied technology be ?

If we do not motivate  and enhance children's ability  to be able to explore the arts and to develop their creative minds at all ages, (due to the  favour of a STEM curriculum) surely we will be  stifling the next generation of Neville Astley's, Mark Bakers' and Nick Parks. 



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What do we mean by definition ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Monday, 22 Nov 2021, 12:21
The meaning of  definition for me, has been  the meaning of a  word.   This is what l had been taught at school and that  is what l had passed on to my children when assisting with homework. However looking behind the word l wondered how we define this word in society.
What does it actually mean when it comes to the world of work and and when it comes to laws legislation what does the word mean to us ? Do we look at how definitions are used ?
 The definitions of words are used to suit the requirements  of one group or another so how does this effect our expectations when it comes to defining words within the global world ?
When it comes to the world stage there will always be a conflict due the various definitions used to suit each party.  One example is the agreements made by  U.N.Human Rights. How can we  define  words and  put them  into context in agreements  so all countries can agree and comply globally without changing the definitions and wording the minute they return to their own countries ? Is it  an issue with translating words and definitions ?
What is the point of these well intentioned agreements?
I can only assume  and believe it  is Hope.


Brit. Hear pronunciation/ˌdɛfᵻˈnɪʃn/U.S. Hear pronunciation/ˌdɛfəˈnɪʃən/

Forms:  α. Middle English–1500s diffinicioun, etc. (with usual interchange of i and y), Middle English–1500s diffinition, etc., 1500s Scottish diffinitioun; β. Middle English–1500s defi-, 1500s defynicion(e, 1500s– definition.

Frequency (in current use): 

Etymology: < Old French de-def-diffinicion (also definison ), < Latin dēfīnītiōn-em (also in manuscripts diff- ), noun of action < dēfīnīre : see define v. Compare Provençal diff-deffinicio, Spanish definicion, Italian difinizio

 1. The setting of bounds or limits; limitation, restriction. ObsoleteRare

 2. The action of determining a controversy or question at issue; determination, decision; spec. a formal decision or pronouncement of an ecclesiastical authority. Obsolete except in specific use.

 3. Logic, etc. The action of defining, or stating exactly what a thing is, or what a word means.

4. A precise statement of the essential nature of a thing; a statement or form of words by which anything is defined.

a.        A declaration or formal explanation of the signification of a word or phrase. [Not recognized by Johnson.]

b.       definition in use: a definition which does not provide an equivalent for the expression to be defined, but instead replaces the whole context in which that expression occurs by an equivalent not containing that expression; a contextual definition (cf. contextual adj. b).

 5.  a. The action of making definite; the condition of being made, or of being definite, in visual form or outline; distinctness; spec. the defining power of a lens or optical instrument, i.e., its capacity to render an object or image distinct to the eye.

b. gen. Definiteness, precision, exactitude. Rare.

c.       The degree of distinctness of the details in a photograph, film, television picture, etc.; so high-definitionlow-definition, used to designate television systems using different numbers of scanning lines.

d.       6. In combinations.

 Home : Oxford English Dictionary (oed.com)


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Disability and the DWP

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 18 Nov 2021, 14:59

I wish to extend my support to those who are fighting the DWP with regard to the legacy payments. 

Claimants return to court for third battle with DWP in fight for universal credit justice – Disability News Service

I feel that the DWP has shown sheer contempt to those on benefits and especially people  with disabilities.  

 Due to the system being so complicated  by the powers that be, it is again those on the shop floor that get the backlash so that money can be saved. Time for the system to be changed so that everyone is able to follow the structure and understand  the  system instead of the few who benefit from making a fast buck  through the bonus system.

a1b2c3 | Human Rights Tracker

 ICESCR concluding observations 2016, paragraph 42 | Human Rights Tracker

 CRPD concluding observations 2017, paragraph 7 | Human Rights Tracker


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Remembrance Day. Do We Respect and Honour the Legacy ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 11 Nov 2021, 16:02

All went to war with different ideals and views but came together as a collective to support one another. Some went because of the excitement of an adventure, some because they believed in their country and democracy and some because it was better than the thought of being stigmatised and prison.

Each going through their own thoughts as to why they were there.

For all those that fought and lost their lives and for those that are still living what have we changed to make them feel that they were and are still valued and honoured by society?

What have we done to honour these heroic people and keep their legacy alive?

How do we respect our forces?

·         Housing: How many veterans are on the council list still trying to find housing?

·          Benefits: Why are they not fast tracked to be able to get the assistance that they need?

·         Healthcare: Why is there no fast-track access to the needs they require?

·         Why is it the government believe that charities are the best people to deal with these situations when they know they need to find funding and are  blocked by the time-consuming bureaucracy of these services?

They appear to only be  respected with words and nothing else. 

How do we value their sacrifice for the so-called freedom of democracy?

We say we value diversity, equality, and inclusion but do we really?  These words can be a positive, but they are mainly used in a divisive and emotive context to suit the needs of groups, companies, organisations, and individuals.   How do we in ‘civvy street’ assist with those that have left the services to adjust to learning a different way of life? Do we accept that the language they use would be different from ‘civvy street’? That they maybe more direct in their language due to combat or do we ignore this and expect them to be, ‘just like us’? Do we value or respect the differences or even try to understand?

How do we appreciate and carry on their legacy of free speech?

 Cambridge Union blacklisted an historian for the Hitler salute what was the context of the salute?  If we cannot discuss and debate sensitive and emotive issues but blacklist, destroy and hide artefacts that do not suit certain groups how are we ever going to understand the mistakes and atrocities of the past and move forward to teach future generations? Hitler burnt books and destroyed artefacts and prevented those from speaking who did not agree with his opinions and his ideology, are we not doing the same? Are we inciting aggravation and aggression due to lack of debating skills?

 How do we honour and  respect those that have and still are  serving to protect our freedoms ,and what respect do we  really have for the legacy they left us to cherish?

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Inside the Care Crisis with ED Balls. Why is it on BBC2 and not BBC1 ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Wednesday, 10 Nov 2021, 17:12

  l would like to say a big thank you to Ed Balls who  like Rhod Gilbert, has embraced the challenge of actually working in care on the ground floor . This  is a very emotive and uncomfortable  subject for some but this programme has shown the true reality of what it is like to work within this sector.

Rhod Gilberts, 'Work experience' also highlighted the care sector and was shown on BBC1, so why not this programme ?

To change societies concept and 'stereo typing'  of an under valued and  skilled work force some have to face the  uncomfortable  realities of this sector. The stereo typing  and degrading of  ALL carers has to stop.

 If the BBC wishes to assist in making a change to society then programmes such as these should be on prime time so they can reach and educate a wider audience thus helping to break down the barriers of stereo typing carers as ' just wiping bottoms and drinking tea !'.

  BBC iPlayer - Inside the Care Crisis with Ed Balls


Training .

Although Ed undertook the Manual handling training, the reality is that the training also consist of Safeguarding ,Duty of Candor , Mental Capacity Act, Dignity , equality and diversity, basic first aid , COSHH (control of substance hazardous to Health.) and infection control, nutrition and hydration , and dementia training. 

There is also specialist training , dependant on whether your are in a residential,  nursing or community setting.  

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Has Boris or his advisors been procured to by other political parties sink the conservative's ?

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Having thought about this weeks events, l do question whether or not Boris or his advisors have been hired by other political parties to enhance their prospects at the next election. It appears to be one disaster after another all negative and not one positive. I am struggling to see where this government has actively listened and taken notice of the voter. Is there anyone in the government that understands Psychology ? Human motivation ? By skipping the most basic of needs ,( which as been done in several social government departments ) you deprive and cause divisions. There needs to be less bluster on human motivation and more action to understand . Sadly the culture of the stereo typing certain groups such as those on benefits and the disabled has become more prevalent by the language used by the government and the lack of understanding . If voters on the ground feel valued then productivity goes up, if voters feel devalued due to their changes in circumstances production goes down ! Boris l cannot thank you and your advisors enough for showing us how the party is in no way progressive or has a handle on present day society.
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Radical Idea ! Universal credit reform and the third sector !

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Friday, 29 Oct 2021, 21:15

Points to raise.

Collaboration with the third sector. The government is prepared to invest in 'so called' new training schemes  and pay huge sums of money for consultants. 

The third sector provides training for all volunteers to equip them with self confidence and the ability for some to return to the work force and for those that cannot return to work they give a life line in assisting those to be able to be part of society by contributing in some way. The third sector thus provides education and training  which can be used to provide a foundation for all sectors.

Universal credit could be used to provide a living wage to all those that participate in some form with this volunteering structure.  As a result this would assist charities, benefit those who are unable to have full time employment and therefore reduce costs while building highly paid and highly skilled workforce for the nation and not just for a few.  Instead of penalizing those who are educating and working  the government should be encouraging them every step of the way and  actually showing the lower divisions that the word, 'levelling up' is not just a tag line used for material commodities but for flesh and blood people as well.

How do we implement this strategy ? By discussing with the third sector maybe a starting point. They have lots to offer and it would be beneficial to those charities. 

Costs; By investing in the charities to train  and universal credit to pay and a living wage surely that would benefit all and  prevent the wastage of money that we appear to do/not have, dependant on what independent company can give the government the best rate.

Human rights issue;  The International Labour organisation to which the government  has the signed the protocol included ;

The Definition of forced labour

 Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29) forced or compulsory labour is:
"all work or service which is exacted from any person under the threat of a penalty and for which the person has not offered himself or herself voluntarily."  ( last accessed 29/10/21.) Does this apply to the sanctions implemented by the DWP? If we want to  put this into some sort of context  surely enforcing people to take up  employment roles  that may not be suitable for them and sanctioning people for refusal to comply  could be classed as modern slavery could it not ?
Radical rethinking and quick action is required if the government really wants to prove that they  are  forward thinking  and fit for the 21st century ! 


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Universal credit, discriminatory to society . Reality check

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 28 Oct 2021, 16:19

 l struggle to see where they assist anyone into work or give that assistance that is required.  According to the universal credit if you earn roughly £400.00 a month £200.00 of of that is taken away your part time education grant is also taken away as well as your standard couples allowance, housing benefit and so the list goes on . 

The statement enticingly shows you what you could of had but as you decide to work and educate yourself into a better place, benefits are all taken away.  So instead of being entitled to approx. £1000.00 a month you are only entitled to approx. £100.00 .Is that discrimination ?  

How can you have highly a highly skilled workforce when the government insist on penalizing those that wish to help themselves ?   No amount of investment  in the workplace or education is going to assist if you can not get the basic fundamentals of society right.

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Discrimination or assumption?

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Today l had to telephone to book a courier, and unless l could provide a mobile telephone number the agent explained that the computer would not go to the next page as a mobile phone number was mandatory.

Why is it that all  companies, agencies, organisations including government led assume that mobile phones work anywhere? 

The assumption that  everyone is able to access mobile phone signals again is a telling sign .  We appear to have become a society where it is assumed that, we all have the same and thus it is mandatory for  computers to have mandatory fields and  if not filled in with the requested information it is  rejected. From mobile phone numbers, email addresses, names and addresses that are too long to postcodes that do not exist because they are on new developments time and again the forms can be rejected. 

Why is it that it is assumed that we all have a certain amount of letters in our name and addresses ?

Why is it assumed that we all have mobile phones and are able to get a signal wherever we live ? 

Is it a case of ensuring that we are all conform to the standard that is imposed upon us and if we do not match up to the criteria, 'computer says no' ?

 Just in case; here is a link some might find useful regarding mobile phone coverage ! Mastdata

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'If l could turn back time'. This government has turned back time !!

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Sunday, 24 Oct 2021, 13:01

Andrew Marr revealed  that Rishi Sunak is a fan of the previous Thatcherite government and has a picture of Nigel Lawson  on his office wall. There  is of course nothing wrong with who you chose to idolise, however l thought that snippet of information was telling as to how the party appears to see itself. It appears to me that this government instead of being progressive has one aim which is to continue in the footsteps of the Thatcher government.

Having lived through the era of the  1980's government, not as a child but  as a  teenager my perspective of the government at  the time was one of a lack of societal understanding  . Deprivation came due to the sweeping generalisation that the whole of society's circumstances where the same. For those that do not have tinted glasses and from what social history can show us their is no forward thinking from this government but a resurrection of the old. 


 1980's  Huge emphasis put on academic subjects and not on manual  skills thus causing a big gap in the labour market due to the 'dumbing down', of the vital skills sectors such as the caring and  service industries. Privatising school meals  and selling off the playing fields.   


  1980's  Youth Opportunity programmes where there to assist  teenagers and young people it is  now called 'boot camp' . Again many had passed through this process to find no job at the end due to business not being able to take on staff due to rising costs. 

 1980's Housing ; selling off council homes  was  great for those that could afford it but  like so many of these schemes, investing in building more houses to accommodate those that could not, fell beside the wayside, thus a housing crisis that has never been resolved. 


  The alleviation  of any responsibility for public services by trading it of to the highest bidder in the private sector. Several private companies each with their own policies and structures delivering their own  service for the likes of; transport, immigration, health and social care. Too many cooks? Each  company and organisation vying to make a profit for their companies and organisations . What is the benefit of this to the general public. Are they efficient services ? Have these companies invested in any infrastructure that benefits all and not a few? 

For some of us that have been here before the the schemes and projects are old hat. The derogatory language that is used by the government when referring to people in the caring sector and service industry and those that are on universal credit highlights their  ignorance. There appears to be no understanding of the core issues of  society and  what it needs to thrive. Sanctioning and penalizing many  is not the way to stabilise and promote a healthy nation.

Around in a circle we go, obviously we have not learnt our lesson yet. 

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Free trade deal ,New Zealand lamb and Climate change .

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Having listened and watched the issues surrounding climate change, l have become a bit bewildered at the government stance regarding this issue. I wonder if l have missed a point when it comes to farming and our carbon foot print . How is  the carbon footprint going to be offset by importing New Zealand Lamb ? 

Surely when it comes to our food we should be backing our farmers. If we go back to eating seasonal meat and veg maybe we will have more appreciation for  our food .

It appears to me that the importing of New Zealand lamb is  a good example for how climate change will be difficult to actually implement . How far are we really prepared to go to save the planet ?

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Sir David Amess ,the media and social media.

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I was sadden to here the news regarding Sir David Amess.  One of the many that wish to fight for their  constituents, and assist in our understanding of democracy.
I feel that the media,  informing the public of the killers name has  given that person the notoriety they may have seeked.  I would have thought that it would have been more respectful to Sir David and his family  not to name the killer . I also found that the reporting of the killers background, where he lived and information of his   family extremely divisive. Have the media really not taken into consideration the impact that information would have surrounding social media ? Are they really that naïve ? 
Why is it that there is no policy in place surrounding this issue ? 
If we wish to change society then l feel that this should be seriously looked at. 
Good reporting can have such a positive effect such as the story surrounding 'Captain Tom' however more often than not the negative reporting and emotive language can lead to dire consequences to all involved such as the 'Joanna Yates' murder where landlord Christopher Jeffries was falsely accused of the murder.  
'I have heard so many times in news bulletins and from the  police, 'not to post on social media '. Why give a detailed report ? Why not just give the bare minimum facts, or none at all. Why not say , 'its an ongoing investigation'. 
Surely by giving such media coverage to emotive issues there can never be a non-prejudicial case ?
Due to such media coverage, some  people and groups  will misuse  social media for their own gain. 
So many people have been attacked, bullied verbally and physically due to miss information and incitement through  others, there are many cases of people being targeted by vigilantes who have been given misinformation and  extremist's who pray on the vulnerable . 
All communication in one way or another can be misused, however l feel that there needs to be tighter restrictions surrounding   platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and What's App  if we want to limit, misinformation and the hatred that can be spawned by using them.
People should be able to debate and discuss relevant issues without the fear of being attacked verbally or physically, maybe now is the time to review the language,  that is used within news reports and the how it is presented   to  society. We must take into consideration that that we all perceive issues differently and therefore this needs to  be taken into account, when reporting the news especially surrounding emotive subjects. 
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What is the motive behind the governments public relations dept ?

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I  question the motives of  the public relations department  and advisers who assist ministers with how they engage with the public.  To me the scripts appear to be on the line of 'Yes Minister' do they actually believe their own spin ? Do they realise how they come across to the public ? Although there maybe complacency now ,a lack of reality  and an  attitude  to  downgrade the public by use of sarcasm and ignorance, the public relations team are doing a great job of  opening societies eyes to the  little understanding  the government  have of day to day life and contempt that the they have for the British people, l thank you.  Maybe we will all be more careful in where the x goes.


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The government and the Political Buffet .

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 1. Having looked at the government website with regard to getting everyone into work (suitable or not )  I  have to question what will happen to the small charities that rely heavily on volunteers to make up their workforce ? The majority of volunteers do happen to have a disability of one sort or another and hence the reason they volunteer as  'regular' working environment may not be suitable for them. How will these charities be expected to survive without this  silent but valuable workforce ?

2. The government promotes studying and training to get people into work but why do  they feel it necessary to hinder anyone that wishes to do just that when it comes to obtaining a  degree ? (Solely on their terms only ), they  cut the universal credit  to students because they get a maintenance grant to assist with their studies. Is that to hinder certain groups and those of a certain age to remain only where the government decides they should be in society ? 

3. Department for Work and Pensions. Why does it not surprise me to find that they have no grasp of how people have to attain their fit notes ! They send reminders to say they you're fit note is running out, (appreciated) but then if not loaded by the date the previous note expires you leave yourself open to sanctions ! Hmm! Dr's can only issue the next  fit note on the date the other expires. Have they tried getting hold of a GP recently ?  Surely someone  can operate a computer and change the thread to allow a weeks grace.  The threat of sanctions over an already vulnerable group  must be detrimental  to assisting the government plan to get the population up and running in the job market, . The  DWP  appear to be contributing to the nations already fragile mental health and well- being  and as such must be out to under mind the governments plan to get 'everyone job ready !' 

It appears that when it comes to article 25  ( Universal Declaration of Human Rights )   the government have  right to alter the wording and context to suit  it's needs. Can that be right ? 

The government certain knows what  to pick at the buffet and what to leave !

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UK Government bureaucracy is it fit for purpose?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 18 Nov 2021, 14:58

At  this moment in time l would say no.

 My reasoning for this would be the lack of  ground floor staff in the government  departments to actually do an efficient job. The government appears to be just an HR company outsourcing everything and anything as to alleviate themselves from any blame or responsibility to society. 

As we can see no vital or essential services  to society are  actually run by the relevant departments it is left to out sourced companies to deal with the vital services such as the  health services and the welfare of the nation.  The DWP proudly announce their ;


We are responsible for:

  • understanding and dealing with the causes of poverty rather than its symptoms
  • encouraging people to work and making work pay
  • encouraging disabled people and those with ill health to work and be independent
  • providing a decent income for people of pension age and promoting saving for retirement
  • providing value for money and reducing levels of fraud and error
  • reducing work-related death and serious injury in workplaces through the Health and Safety Executive

Procurement at DWP - Department for Work and Pensions - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) .

Is it the  outsourced companies  fault for not recruiting enough staff or does the buck lie with the government ? Do the government  actually understand their own wording when it comes to the causes of poverty ?

Why should the top up of  Universal credit be taken away due to it being a temporary measure  ?

Who would have thought there would be an energy crisis at the time it was implemented, and food prices would go up? Where does the responsibility lie with regard to the DWP statement understanding the causes of poverty ?

 The onus  appears again  to blame companies and the public for these circumstances.

This government appears to have no interest, respect  or regard for the public, it appears that all they are able to do is patronize and blame and procure companies who need to make profits for stakeholders and hitting government targets for bonuses  instead of  providing a structured and efficient service to the public.  

It seems to me the government have no idea about society but  do have a handle on running an HR company . By stating that there are numerous jobs available they are putting the onus on the British people  without sorting out the bureaucracy which delays people from  from getting employment.   Who is responsible for not having the  foresight with regard to the impact  of Brexit ? Surly someone  should  have understood  the amount of paperwork involved   for vital services such as DBS checks, health assessment's  , driving tests etc 

It appears this government is devoid of taking any of the blame for this crisis.

Sadly the majority of people do not trust this government due to the way they  treat the public. The reason we may head for a recession will not be  because of the public but because of the cuts made by the government at this inappropriate time. 

No money to spend equals no economy . To be able  to kick start the economy you have to have trust on both sides by cutting Universal credit and avoiding all responsibility  the government  at this time appears to be burying its head in the sand.

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Declaration of Human Rights why is the UK a signatory ?

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I question why the UK is still  a signatory of the Declaration of Human Rights.

You only have to look at the present climate in the UK to see that they appear to be oblivious of Article 25.

To anyone with an ounce of common sense  by taking away the £20.00 of Universal Credit  you are  hindering people in finding work.  Having the thought of being sanctioned hanging over you  because you cannot put fuel in your car or pay for your broadband is again adding to the mental health crisis and thus adding to an already underfunded NHS. 

Why did the UK sign up to the declaration  when they have no intention of taking notice of it  when it actually comes to their  own  citizens ?

To be able to get the economy going you need to invest in the people not sanction them, by keeping the uplift you would be providing the stability they need to work and find work. With regard to getting people higher wages l suggest the government takes that up with businesses and actually discusses with them to find a way  to   make sure that is implemented instead of presuming and  making wild statements that can not be kept.

Maybe they need to stop patronising and using reverse psychology on everyone and start actively looking and   listening to those that do not live in a 'virtual' world but a real one.

 Here are some links that are food for thought.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs | Simply Psychology

  - OHCHR Dashboard

Protect Human Rights | United Nations

Human Rights | United Nations

Economic, social and cultural rights

The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights entered into force in 1976. The human rights that the Covenant seeks to promote and protect include:

  • the right to work in just and favourable conditions;
  • the right to social protection, to an adequate standard of living and to the highest attainable standards of physical and mental well-being;
  • the right to education and the enjoyment of benefits of cultural freedom and scientific progress.

Civil and political rights

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its First Optional Protocol entered into force in 1976. The Second Optional Protocol was adopted in 1989.

The Covenant deals with such rights as freedom of movement; equality before the law; the right to a fair trial and presumption of innocence; freedom of thought, conscience and religion; freedom of opinion and expression; peaceful assembly; freedom of association; participation in public affairs and elections; and protection of minority rights. It prohibits arbitrary deprivation of life; torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishment; slavery and forced labour; arbitrary arrest or detention; arbitrary interference with privacy; war propaganda; discrimination; and advocacy of racial or religious hatred.

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Fuel crisis and we have yet again fallen for It.

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We talk about reverse psychology, tell a child not to do something and they will do it .

Who thought it was  good idea to use  reverse psychology  on the public ?

 Surely they knew what the outcome  would be and once again we  appear to have fallen for it.

Pitting the public against each other in the battle for fuel.

What have they got to gain by using this method ?

Gives one food for thought !

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Care Staffing Crisis. What is it that the government do not understand ?

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We are told that the care crisis is at it's worst,  how much is the government actually listening to the problem. The issue is not  about training, they  are PROFESSIONALS. I wonder how many have actually undertaken the training to be a carer in recent years and what is involved .
  Training is given through a combination of  private qualified medical registered trainers, social care TV. and the NHS dependant on registration of the home or company (community carers).   When new recruits realise what it involves being a carer they  tend to leave rather quickly due to the workload, training and the pay .
 Recruitment ; due to the way carers are 'stereotyped' by the government, general public and media it is hardly surprising no one wishes to do this valuable and worth while job.
For so long they have been undervalued and have had to put up with having to do long hours to cover the shortfalls all for the minimum wage.  They have not moaned but continued quietly to get on with the job.
Now with the mandatory vaccinations  and not being able to recruit from aboard the bubble has finally burst. 
Many carers have left due to health conditions as it is a physically and mentally demanding job.
Community carers  - rushing from one to another, time limitations due to overwhelming needs. Lone working issues, if one client has had an incident you cannot just leave them, however this has a knock on affect  not enough community carers to go around. In the past there has been issues regarding getting paid by the call hence daily pay could be severely  affected .
The stereo type that is portrayed in homes ,'you sit down and drink tea in the TV lounge all day doing nothing'. Little do many know that you are observing residents due to their health conditions and you have to be alert to notice a changes, all while doing some domestic chores such as tiding up the lounge and providing refreshments. 
Little do people know that there has to be a certain amount of staff on the floor at one time to care for the residents.
Some of the training  (dependant on  the home , residential, nursing or EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm, community includes all ) includes but is no means limited to ;
legislations Key social care legislation | SCIE
Basic training that is undertaken every year which includes Riddor, health and safety, resuscitation etc. 
Care plans including special dietary needs, health conditions etc.
 Report writing.
 Manual handling training. 
 Behaviour Training , due to  people being aggressive verbally and physically due to the frustrations of health conditions including  dementia , all  with a smile,  on a minimum wage with no security to assist.
The list is endless
  Many carers can not survive on the pay alone and hence  have to rely on top up benefits as well.
Those that stay, do not stay for the money but because they want to make a difference, they  actually care.
This is not a new issue it has been coming for a long time.
There needs to be a big reform regarding residential, nursing homes and community care.
Sadly those who feel that more training is what is needed have no idea, of what is happening in the sector.
 If  people wish to have a great service start appreciating carers ,actively  listen to carers on the ground floor who are actually doing the job, assist in making improvements let them see you have listened.
 Assist private homes, ask what incentives they offer staff  assist them with implementing them.
Dependant on home or company and  organisations  treatment of carers  fluctuates and this should be reviewed. 
Some   private homes, charge for uniforms  perhaps if they put  the logos on the uniforms carers can claim back tax allowance for cleaning them, some charge for meals on duty this could possibly be  reviewed .
   staff ratios for each shift , proper staff rooms so that staff know they are appreciated. Community carers  need companies to take into account issues that can arise when working in the community, travel time to reach the client, traffic hold ups etc. Issues that may arise when they arrive, be paid an decent hourly rate and not per client, rest breaks and decent  paid mileage .
 Across the board  staff on the ground floor NEED to be  actually valued. 
British people need to be appreciated they are not frightened of hard work however they  need to pay bills and feed the family. Many of the workers recruited from abroad where able to do this role because they have been transient and have been recruited in countries where their  exchange rate was  very low. Hence many worked here to be able to return or send money home to give their families a better way of life and again who can blame them wouldn't we all  take advantage of that?. It appears to me that we do not afford or  value people in vital industries enough here, that is the  reality of actually living in modern day Britain.
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M25, 'Insulate Britain' Protesters and Humanity.

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Having listened to  Radio 4 this morning and  the interview including one of the protesters of Insulate Britain,  I have to wonder have they given a thought to all those who use the M25.  If so , drivers that  are fed up  may use alternative routes.  What impact that will  have on others ? Do they understand why the M25 was built in the first place ?    Surely the protesters  must have  thought that if they drive people off the motorway, the other routes will be clogged ! Has  there been any thought for those that reside and work within the towns on alternative routes for which the M25 was built for ?

 The M25  is hazardous at the best of times and concentration levels of every driver is challenged. How many  of the  protesters actually use the M25 ?

 Have they thought about the newly passed drivers who have to use it , do they remember how they felt ? Have they thought of the pressures people maybe under  trying to get to appointments and delivery's on time ?  What effect is this  having on them ? Is it a good thing to heighten their anxiety with the thought that people are now jumping out on  them . Maybe they have to picture that fear or actually drive on the M25 to experience it.

Do the protesters eat and wish to  have other supplies and services ?   How do you think the suppliers  manage to deliver goods  including insulation ? Do they think of  their family while protesting ? What if they need to call for assistance from the emergency services  but they  are delayed or  unable to get through due to  protesting ?

Would  they complain when they have to wait ?  

Why target the roads when the protest is about insulating houses ?

What other methods have they used to get there point across ?

l feel they should seriously rethink their strategy !

Why not find a peaceful way to protest that does not involve injuring innocent bystanders and our emergency services that are  stretched  to capacity as it is.

 You do not have to endanger life to protest and evoke change   If you really  want to make a change  look  and research  the ingenious people, and how to actually make a difference. 

Why  disrupt others in such a dangerous manor  is that really caring for humanity ?.

 Radio 4 - Listen Live - BBC Sounds (07;35)


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