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Thank God for audiobooks, ( or should that be Amazon?) !.

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This week has thrown up its little  challenges as it does for all of us, however l see these as just that challenges to see how we can adapt  and overcome and that it is ok if we can not complete those challenges because the time is obviously not right yet.  Start  of the week, 'flare', which hindered  my  compelling read!   As it  had not hindered my listening skills l searched the web to see if l could find an audio  copy  of the book l was engrossed in and 'Bingo' 

  'Parting Words, 9  Lessons for a Remarkable Life' by Benjamin Ferencz.

 This book was given to me by my Aunt. Benjamin Ferencz was the chief prosecutor for the United States at Nuremberg. It gives the  account of his life with subtle  humour and plain  language. It is thought provoking and to me, his outlook on life totally makes sense. From the beginnings of his early life being born in  Transylvania  Romania in the same house, to the same Jewish  parents but having a different nationality to his sister, (sister being Hungarian and himself being Romanian ) this book charts his remarkable life through to the present.

Having read  some and listened to this wonderful book and with the lessons resounding in my mind, l scrolled  down the audio book and came across, 'Intellectuals and society'  ( book version, revised and enlarged ed) by Thomas Sowell. 

This book also did not disappoint with  again written with humour, plain language  and engaging case studies, Thomas Sowell, explores the, ' Occupational Intellectual' . In my opinion l found this book to be very thought provoking and l found myself thinking why and  who we perceive to be  the 'occupational intellectual' .  What or who determines the ranks of  that position  is it experience gained in the relevant  profession , (ground floor up) in the present or is it past experience and knowledge ?  Or  could it be a combination of all ? This book is enlightening  and covers all of society.  Again thought provoking in the way it challenges all points of views regarding this subject.  

My final audio book this week has been ,'I'm Spiritual Dammit!' by Judith Weigel, A great listen to end my week written with humour regarding the spiritual side of life very profound and enjoyable.

 Instead of fighting the 'flare' l just went with it and instead of feeling guilty for what l couldn't there and then, l had the, upside,  I found my books on audio books and  l am now able to take up the baton and do some more reading and get my teeth into this years, module.  

 Wishing  you all  a great weekend. 😊

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Week.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Monday, 13 Sep 2021, 14:26

As a suffer of this condition and those of you who have it, we  know it can effect and restrict our everyday living as it is tailored literally to the individual and so makes it difficult for  us to be put into boxes. By raising money to fund research, it will assist health professionals and others understand this condition more.  For  us as suffers, the main thing  to raise awareness.

  Fibro Fundamentals with FMA UK - YouTube,  gives the information that will actually help sufferers  and others  to understand this condition, the presentation is clear and it includes research and scans of the brain which shows it is a real condition and  how fibromyalgia  affects us.  

 Research is constantly progressing, such as Fibromyalgia may be a condition of the immune system not the brain – study | Fibromyalgia | The Guardian.   
 The positive side of this is, we are incredible people that can adapt as every day for us, is different and therefore we learn not to be  fearful of change even though frustration and pain  can regularly bring us to tears .  We have to know and accept our limits .We have to be  determined and patient  due to the fact that we can be rejected by those who have little or no idea of what this condition is . It can have a huge  impact  on our mental wellbeing  as well as the physical, through our everyday lives. We have to stop being so  hard on ourselves !

THIS IS A REAL CONDITION and therefore with research and awareness we can assist people with  understanding the complexities of this condition.  

If you are interested in raising the profile of this condition or even finding out more or wish to volunteer click on the link. Information tab will take you to information that you can also download. 

We need to be able to talk about this  hidden disability and not hide away.   

FMA UK - FMA UK - UK's National charity for fibromyalgia

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Skill shortages - Business that recruit from abroad, too goo for to long?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Monday, 30 Aug 2021, 18:35

Having listened to the news regarding shortages of skilled labour, it led me to think  why have  business and governments  not promoted or invested in these skills within our labour market  in years ?

 We are told that the we are lazy and do not wish to work but is that another ruse by businesses so that they can  recruit labour from abroad because it is cheaper and therefore more profits for the shareholders ?

Many companies have recruited from abroad in their job centres due to the fact  people come  trained so less expense. The incentives used are golden handshakes in Euro's and accommodation which  is  provided or recommended by  the company  through private landlords therefore less training and less expense more profit . Businesses appear to have used the exchange rate to get more for their bucks and so pushed the workforce  here out of labour market by enthusing that people here just do not want to work.  

Up until now this has worked well for businesses,  however by the government stopping this, it has shown how businesses have exploited the workforce on both sides for their gain. The majority of those from abroad who have worked in these positions of so called ,'non skilled' labour have now returned to their countries and the majority are able to pick and choose where they wish to work or maybe just retire due to the monetary exchange.

However this has left a huge shortfall in our employment sector, due to the years of under investment of the manual labour sector because of the complacency of  companies to recruit from abroad and the negative spin, lack of education and funding in this field here . Many so called 'non-skilled' labour is the the most skilled however, through years of exploiting the workforce here, through working conditions and low pay,  (that do not cover the cost of living), companies have been able to use the   labour market abroad as  most of the people where trained and  transient, therefore the cost of living here was not so much of an issue to companies  as they returned home to their country on a regular basis and improved their own countries economy.  Here one of the issues is the  welfare system. It does not accommodate seasonal workers which is a contributing factor  in some sectors. This is one of the many  issues  needs to be resolved for both parties.  

 All the years of underfunding, low wages and not  appreciating and valuing the workforce here by  being able to  recruit in countries with a good exchange rate has come home to roost.  The tables have turned and now these companies will have to wake up to the fact that there is a workforce here but they will have to appreciate them instead of degrading them for the sake of cheap exchange rates and profits!

 Footnote :Who classifies what is 'skilled' and what is  'non skilled' ? Have any of  those that define the  classifications actually worked in the field  of so called, 'non skilled' labour ? Do they really know what they are talking about ? Right now they might want to rethink about the classification system !



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Modern colonisation and Afghanistan.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Sunday, 15 Aug 2021, 12:48

 Having listened to Radio 4, 'Broadcasting House'  today, regarding Afghanistan,  l wonder what we have learnt from the past ?

 Basically, it appears to me, we have gone into Afghanistan taught them the culture and the ways of the west and then when still required we leave them to fend for themselves.

Twenty years of modern colonising this country and then departure time !

Again it appears we  show them what  western society has to offer and then leave  because we have had enough. 

What  have we tried to learn about their  culture  to seek a way that could benefit  and assist them with defending their country ?

The government say they will give refuge to some who helped and worked for the forces etc, but what a decision to make for a culture in which family and  extended family is everything . 

How do we  think this will be viewed on the world stage  ?

Can you blame the Afghanistan people who are now left being vulnerable and non -believing in western society ? What have we really shown them ?

What  message is western society  showing all those students that  where due to arrive  here  to study, all their hopes and dreams smashed  because  the  foreign office paperwork has not been completed to issue visas?

The message the powers that  be put out,  smacks  superiority and that we have no respect for any other cultures or  societies that are different from the west. 

The cost will now outweigh more than the previous due to the humanitarian crisis due to our doing .

Blatant,  'Cause and effect '. Do we ever learn?

 My thoughts are with the Afghan people. l'm sorry.

 BBC Radio 4 - Broadcasting House

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Local Councils and 'reminder letters'?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Friday, 13 Aug 2021, 12:51

Having received a, 'so called' council tax reminder, on a recent weekend , it led me to question why is it that these reminders do not come on a  week day ? Is it that they are fearful of public response to these letters ? If so it is a cowardly action to take. Then l began to think about the wording and it's threatening format regarding payment. Having looked at this notice after the panic of being threatened and the thought of bailiffs and court, l looked back to find that the outstanding amount had been paid and that due to certain  circumstances in which they  had been informed  of,  (that  being,  when someone eventually answered the phone and we were not cut of when asking a question,) was reliable told that is was ok,   so why were we receiving this letter ?

 As a result of this, the following questions came to mind and l  would like to share them  with you.

Please feel free to leave comments as l would very much like to know opinions and thoughts of others regarding this issue.

 Why do councils  not check their records ? Surely before demanding money you look into reasons of non payment .

Is it because  there is a shortage  of  employee's ? As a result ,the excuse given can  be, "due to the pressure of  the workload and lack of staff..". What is the difficulty of recruiting and training  more staff ? The expense ?  Human beings vs the new fantastic software so that the computer can take the blame?

What is the issue with actually delivering a decent  class service  where the public are  treated with respect and not contempt ?   

Who came up with the idea to send these letters out in time for the weekend? Do councils play on our psyche?  By using the tactics of sending demands at the weekend, do they hope it will catch us off guard enough to  panic us into paying  without asking questions?  If so, this can be seen as very cold and  calculating, knowing  there is no one to address these issues during the weekend.  How many people become fraught and despondent, frustrated and fearful due to this tactic ? What address is there to the vulnerable ?   

By alienating the population and keeping them at a fair distance it appears that the councils can have the right to do  as they please and inform the public when they decide and in a condescending manor to boot.

How many if us have dutifully paid without question due to the wording of the demand, why are we so trusting when it comes to the council ? Is it of our own making ?

Funnily enough when taking a letter over to my council during a week day although it stated on the website  that it was open the doors were firmly shut. Having to post the letter in their post box we decided to actually film it so that we have the evidence.

 I feel that it is a sad state of affairs when you have to do this to justify them even receiving a letter.

So, my advice when these letters  arrive on the weekend , is to check your records, collate as much evidence as you can and make sure that everything sent is evidenced and recorded for your own piece of mind, because it appears that if they can they will blame you  rather than holding themselves accountable. 



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GP practices, patient care - profit ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Saturday, 14 Aug 2021, 04:35

Back in the late 80's l had the privilege to work as receptionist in a single practice surgery. There was no fancy aesthetics just the waiting and  room  and the GP's room. Patient care was  forefront and the most crucial part of the surgery. The core value ,patients had a voice and were respected and listened to.  

Sadly these surgery's and  partnerships are  virtually are non- existent  being replaced by tendered  private sector  medical groups and organisations which have been awarded contracts from the  NHS . 

 Does the  NHS logo  provide us with a false sense of security?  Do we automatically presume the core value of patients welfare is uppermost  in the mind and that the NHS is  there as a public service for our benefit and not for  profit ?

It  appears to me that the big  private  cooperation's are swallowing up GP practices by giving  the illusion of state of the art equipment,( which mainly cannot be used due to lack of funding!) and  state of the art buildings,  that will benefit the patients and Dr's immensely ! Once they have sold you the dream of what they can do for you, the NHS  signs the contract then  becomes  beholden to their budgets and profit margins and patient well-being is insignificant due to the high pressure of accumulating returns for the companies .

Excuses that are used frequently ,'We have an elderly population and not enough Dr's'.  Why?  It appears to me that Dr's, due to the high  workload and  targets no longer wish to become GP's . The old ethos  and core values  to humanity  has been striped away  to the 'conveyer belt of one in one out and time is money attitude !'   within local surgeries.  

 How much are we really aware when it comes to our GP services ? 

How many of us have a choice of surgery within our area that is not owned by the same group or company or organisation ?

Do we really understand the impact of these contracts when it comes to rights, penalties and clauses ? How many contracts are awarded to private  medical groups and organisations when it comes to Dr's surgeries?  Is it exclusive to one  certain group or organisation in one region or area ?  If so the population can be held to ransom at the whim of a profit making organisation with exclusive rights to one area. Where is the choice for the public and where is the care ? With no other competition these groups  can become complacent and the therefore their is no need for patient core values but profit only.

As with all things these days it is down to money, however by employing private sector companies that have and rightly so,  need to make a profit for  their own shareholders are we neglecting the right of the public to be able to  access proper health care  and what l would call a, 'core fundamental'  the right to choose a surgery of our choice in our local area instead of having no choice. 

Patients vulnerability in my opinion, is being exploited  yet again by being let down by  governments   who  wish to alleviate the responsibility of a public service onto companies by outsourcing  services for the 'right'  price and state of the art tech and not the patients well-being. How many times do we now here of patients not being able to contact the surgery, being turned away and told that there is nothing wrong with them only to be told at a later date that their diagnosis  was wrong or is now  terminal ? 

Have we sold out to the big medical groups and organisations which have  exclusive rights to regions and areas ?   Have we neglected to see  how this public  service is being monopolized by some at the expense of the public and the core concepts on which the NHS was founded ?   

Health in Wales | NHS Wales Shared Services 

PartnershipGP surgeries and the private sector - Early Day Motions - UK Parliament

NHS Tenders & Frameworks - A complete guide to Winning NHS Contracts (healthcare-tenders.co.uk 

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Huge congratulations to the up and coming generation.- exams !

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The pandemic has had it's upside for our younger generation in that they have been assessed by their teachers who  know them and are more qualified to asses them rather than a couple hours and a piece of paper that can determine their future. You will have difficulty this year shoving them into boxes ! It is so great to hear that for once a piece of paper cannot define your social division this can only enhance the confidence in a generation and not stifle it.
Why do we put so much emphasis at grading and defining young people at the most vulnerable  time of their lives ? It is one of the most impressionable times of your life and to fail that exam can be thought of as the make or break time of your life, it can effect mental well-being with the thought of disappointing your family and  judgments of friends and teachers . 
Now some will say ,'well it didn't do me any harm', but in retrospect we do turn round and say,' l failed or passed my exam and look where l am now ?', which then leads onto, 'if you work hard and complete 2/3 hours in a room filling in a piece of paper and succeed the world will be your oyster !' ,However if you do not get the answers correct on that paper your life is deemed ,'effectively over !'
Have we not learned from our own experiences that this is an outdated way to assess the younger generation ?
 Exams may  have their place but if we are able to assess people rather than sit an exam,  surely we will be catering for all  types of learners and not just the few and of course we would be lessening the social divisions too.
  How have school exams changed over the past 150 years? (cambridgeassessment.org.uk)
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Sussex University. Incentive and jabs.

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Having heard this morning that Sussex university is offering cash incentive draws  to  lucky students who have been doubled jabbed , l question the moral attitude of the university ?  Money, 'bling bling'  .Surely that can cause divisions between students. This is meant to be a place of education, what kind of signal are we giving out to students, ?  Surely the institution could  use a better means  if they wish to promote double jabbing  such as rent being paid for the student for the term or the year, tuition fees for a year, anything that would go to enhance education. 

If  students wish to be at university then  anything that would alleviate the costs would surely  be more  beneficial then just handing  out cash. Cash prize jackpot offered for double-jabbed students - BBC News

 Where is the money coming from to payout the students ?

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Bring back public information films?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 5 Aug 2021, 14:24

Now l am of an age where the government issued public  informational films regarding prevention and changes that would affect society.

 Why can't we bring them back  to inform the public of updates such as the highway code and any societal changes within the law that will effect the whole of society ?

I think it would be a great way for the government to reach out with information at source and not from 2nd and third parties. They have used it for the pandemic so what about using it to inform and update society on issues that  will effect our everyday lives?


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'Active travel'

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Friday, 30 Jul 2021, 16:50

The UK government appears to have a new tag line, 'active travel'. The definition  appears to be walking and cycling ! 

Sometimes l think this government is running the old  episodes of the 'New Statesman' for hints and tips of how to run a country!

It appears that there is to be changes made in the autumn regarding how we use the public highways and by ways by the giving priority to cyclists and walkers.  

If we are all to have a 'free for all' on the public highway then surely we should all be taxed, MOT and insured for the amount of incidents as to, 'who's right of way it is' and  pile ups due to emergency breaking because  someone has decided  to cross the road because they have priority. Compensation galore ! 

Family life may suffer if you live in rural area. If you wish to be an, 'active traveller'  you may have to leave the   house shortly after you have got home to be back at work on time ! 

What are the infrastructure plans for transport  for those in rural areas?

 Towns and cities - what efficient, affordable and reliable transport is there for people to use including that  of the disabled and elderly ?

I can see the insurance companies rubbing their hands with glee, while we all stand in a street somewhere deciding, 'who has the right of way !'



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Age Discrimination 60 and above .(Student finance)

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 29 Jul 2021, 17:42

  Why is it when we are living longer,  and you wish to study to diversify and gain qualifications  if you are 60 and over you are no longer entitled to the same grants as the younger generation ? Is that discrimination ? Where does that stand with inclusion, diversity and equality ?

Why is it that people assume that when you hit 60 you should be able to have no issues with living and therefore you are not entitled to apply ?

 Who decided with the population getting older, it is ok to raise the retirement age but when it comes to actually studying, you are too old at 60 to be able to apply for student  grants to assist with living ? (again the circle of living or education ). Is it a way of limiting peoples capabilities when they reach that age ? Is it to make them feel worthless  and null and void to the contribution they can make to society.

Maybe some  did not have the opportunities when younger and may have all the experience but do not hold that bit of paper to confirm their knowledge but may wish to do so now, so they can continue to contribute to society.  

Those who are 60 are entitled to have their tuition fee loan  but when it comes to living that can be the decider for some . What if the benefits you receive can not cover your costs ? What if your workplace is not sponsoring you ? Again difficult decisions have to be made made. 

At the other end of the spectrum all the  grants are made available to the younger generation. Obviously the difference is that investment in the younger generation will reap a good return because they are young but what about the older generation and  what they have to offer in terms of knowledge and adaptability ?  

  It appears that when you hit the magic age of  60 everyone is  meant to be so old and decrepit that they  are not worth investing in . The majority of those age 60 still have a work ethic and are able to adapt it is such a shame that they can be written off due to the way we  appear to view  our society. 

 If you decide to raise the pension age then surely someone should review the cut off date for student grants .

Look out all those who are reaching 60  because you will be joining that wonderful club of ageism and discrimination. Who said, 'age was just a number ?'

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How important is the skill of telephone conversations?

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The art of  telephone conversation appears to have been going out of fashion for quite a while now. Technology appears to  have replaced the art of speaking on the telephone to a human so why do we need to know how to converse?

We claim  to say how vital it is to our mental well being to be able to talk to a real person but how often can we actually get through to a real person ?

It never ceases to amaze me that governments talk about the, 'concern' for peoples wellbeing and yet any government department where you seek to find information or help is hidden behind automated services and email addresses and  music  that only enhances your stress levels. These tactics are now been followed by other companies.

Looking at it from their  perspective it may appear to save on manpower and increase profits due less payouts and alleviate any responsibilities with regard to complaints due to the time it takes to actually get through. 

It has to be the survival of the fittest to stay the course and nine times out of ten by the time you get through you have either reached the wrong department, get cut off, or they are unable to assist you as the computer screen only appears to have one page !

  l feel that we are looked upon as commodities and not human beings- (there's that disgraceful word human !)  The amount of money that can be saved by using this tactic must be incredible,( especially if it is not a free phone number.)  In the long run though it is us that have the vote to decide whether or not we want to continue being treated as a commodity or if we want things to change . 

What kind of society do we want to live in ? 

So should we be encouraging future generations to learn the art of telephone  conversations  or should we be teaching them to be automated to one word answers just as the automated machine ?


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Track and Trace guidance, NHS contact Law ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 22 Jul 2021, 16:28

Having listened to Radio 4 Today programme yesterday regarding the Track and Trace issue, l feel l have to question as to why there are two forms of contact ? Surely l cant be the only one that thinks the amount of expenditure that has gone into the Track and Trace which is through  private company 'Serco', and is only guidance, not law is a wasted expenditure that could be used to give NHS staff a decent pay rise, invest in recruiting more staff for their tracing system and be invested in education and the welfare system. It seems that if  Serco test and trace  is only guidance than why on earth do they promote it ?

Surely if the NHS app is the official one that is law that is the one that all of us should be taking notice of.

We appear to be very good at this moment of destroying our own economy without any interference  from  outside forces. It makes me think that other nations must be just sitting back and watching us  break are  own  economy  so they can offer  loans to  assist when we have little to no economy left.

Some of us still remember the note that was left by the outgoing Labour government,

‘I’m afraid there is no money.’ The letter I will regret for ever | Liam Byrne | The Guardian.

He may not be the only one with no money left , history on repeat ?

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Questions on UK government's July 19th 'Grand Opening' !

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Friday, 9 Jul 2021, 10:33

I had voted for this government thinking that there would be real positive change for society. Well l was right on the one hand there has been change,  however not the positive one l would have liked to have seen.  The media also has a part to play in how society is valued and seen and between the both, they have done a good job which has left the country divided and confused and has  shown  society how to become less tolerant  about others, and how we have the right to ignore others opinions and to shirk responsibilities where ever possible. 

Having listened to Grant Shapps on the, 'Today' programme, l cannot believe the shear arrogance of this government when it comes to travelling abroad. It appears that because the majority of this country is vaccinated it is ok for us to implement a traffic light system  to trot around the world because we say so. We appear not to  give other  countries the decency to ask or gather information  regarding their vaccination programme or how they would like to introduce others back into their country. It smacks to me of the the disregard we had of the past just because we are British and we are the first to vaccinate we have the right to go anywhere.

What respect are we showing to other countries and what kind of behaviour are we teaching the young, because we are the first we have the right ? What has happened to cooperation and respect for others,  and the understanding that other countries have different laws and strategies?

Why  can't we just give breathing space to other countries and open up the UK to UK  ?  We could  assess how the virus can be handled here and the impact it is having on our own economy by spending money here and putting it back to our economy. By opening up and travelling abroad people will be moaning at immigration and asking why the rates of the pandemic go up due to this free for all. Maybe we do need to learn some good  old patience, and be content that we would be able to travel  in this country freely first. 

The other issue surrounding this is the,' Test and Trace' app, do they really live in the real world ? Some  that come back from holiday will ignore the app due to financial costs. For all, the health and well being will play heavily, due the pressure and demands  of employers, guilt may in turn drive some back to work. For those on low incomes and zero hour contracts that may  have to self-isolate what happens to them ?  Why should they have to chose holiday or no holiday ?   That maybe  the one thing they have worked towards  and can assist with well-being and productivity why should they be discriminated against ? They did not write the contracts they may not have any other choice but to take the low income, zero hour contract why should their well -being suffer ?

This will no doubt affect the budget for health due to the increase of society's well being .  

 Face masks - So this is no longer to be law! Appears again the government alleviating themselves of responsibility when it comes public places such as transport and hospitals etc, by changing the law to guidance it again swings the onus onto the highly stressed and pressured workforce to try and implement and placate passengers and service users. It appears to me they have left them to sink or swim. Is it not possible to keep the law surrounding public transport and hospital etc? Again where is the thought for those that have to challenge people that refrain from wearing it , again well- being  budget to go up due to the stress and pressures surrounding this issue. 

To me this government appears to condone collaboration and team work with other agencies and countries etc unless its on their terms , stereotype divisions of society, and encourage selfishness and  and out- source ,'difficult' departments such as  immigration and health to avoid blame ,thus the appearance that is given, is no understanding of the 'real  world' and no understanding of health and well -being it is just a tick box to placate society.



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Evolution of the Natural World.

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Having read about the fear children have regarding climate change and how we view this phenomenon, l wonder how accepting we are about the changes and evolution  regarding the world around us. Right from the beginning  of time the world has evolved just like us, however, l feel that because the majority population seen themselves as superior they can not accept that  it is also a natural process for the natural planet to change. We feel that we have to control everything however nature will always outwit humans.  

It you look back in our history you will know that previous generations survived and adapted. What have we learnt ? Panic and fear !

What have we learnt from the indigenous people ?

How is it that they have survived all these generations  without the influence of the material wealth ?

How do they educate their young ?

Why is it that we fear and we cannot adapt  or look beyond our material world ?

Why do we peddle fear into the most vulnerable ?

Maybe we need to educate more closely on how the world evolved and the past history to see that it is a natural progression and to become more accepting and less fearful  only then will be correct action be taken.

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Thoughtful mode, Quotation query.

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While sitting  on a bench in the surrounding woodland close to  home.  A quote popped into my mind but can not think who said it. The quote is; 

'The path l tread is a long one,

 The journey l take is a short one'.

If anyone knows who this quote belongs to please could you post it to me.

The woodland was as beautiful as ever, it is great to be surrounded with all of natures  beautiful colours whatever the weather.😊

Enjoy your Sunday.

Many thanks in advance.😊

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Death Knell to the care homes ? Mandatory vaccinations.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Thursday, 17 Jun 2021, 12:30

Having listened to the news regarding mandatory testing for care workers , l wonder if the U.K government really have a handle on society. The  population is growing older and the birth rate is lower. Due to the  negative press there is a  huge short fall of carers. Sadly due to the way this initiative has been presented to the wider public, it will no doubt cause more divisions within our society and the caring sector. Carer's are  PROFFESIONALS and again they are being treated as low skilled  workers and the assumption that they have little inability to understand the importance of the vaccine. There are many reasons including health reasons as to why some carers are unable to have the vaccine but they are the ones again that are being targeted.  Why is this not  being rolled to NHS Staff  in hospitals  etc ? What is the difference? Where is the understanding of  circumstances of carers  in care homes ?

Why mandatory vaccination for care homes and not NHS staff ?

Both are  Professional   occupations caring for  people with illness one public and the other mainly private.

Both have contact with patients, such as feeding, personal care etc.

External costs - care homes foot the bill and have difficulty of recruiting  staff due to the stigma of it  being recognised as (lower)  non professional occupation. 

NHS  is a public sector and therefore public pay through taxes could cause outcry possibly ?

Rights- NHS professionals versus Carers, this causes divisions in the professions.

Economy - obviously the government can afford to pay decent benefits to those that are forced to give up their profession, as well as making sure the elderly do not suffer . Does that make sense for economic recovery?

Most importantly where do all the residents go and what is put in place to  assist families that will have to pick up the slack ?

Residents - well being ? Unless families are able to train the burden of mental health and well being of society will decline further. How does  that assist with society and the economy  ?

Hmm! Sadly the divisions within our society are growing wider.   😢

• Birth rate in the United Kingdom 1960-2018 | Statista

U.K. Birth Rate 1950-2021 | MacroTrends

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DD103 , Thank you !

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Friday, 28 May 2021, 22:09

  Well my journey into Social science has ended for the time being. It has taught me so me much.

It has taught me that, societies needs structure  but how we implement them, is  a complex task and there will always be winners and losers. It has also assisted me with my understanding of context perceptions and how words play an enormous part with our understanding.  It has challenged me with how l feel about society and here are some of the  questions and thoughts that have sprung into my mind on this  wonderful journey.

 Rights, a good  example, how do we perceive what is right  ? We all have different assumptions and perceptions of  rights. This is because we are shaped by culture, beliefs, division  and status.  

What right do others  have  to decided that all those that cannot work should  be penalized by sanctions ?  What right do others have to decide  what entitlements and benefits should be given or taken away to those  wanting to educate themselves?   What right   do companies and institutions have to use closed questions within surveys to get the desired outcome ? What right do  Dr's have  to make people feel inadequate  in relation to knowing  their  own bodies when  unwell ? What right do we have to assume that  people with wealth have it all ?   And so the list goes on. As human beings it is in our nature to be inquisitive, it is also in our nature to feel indignant for someone else to decide for us, it is also natural that we  judge and presume instantly, what we are not good at is accepting  criticism or accepting our  point view can  be challenged, how do we or can overcome this  as a society ? 

 Society today feels like it is in a rush to dismiss, assume and blame so that we can continue with our own agendas, and that all adds to the health and well being of  society. We  are all individuals  and although  there needs to be structure which can be done collectively, in society, we also have to be mindful that there a certain issues that cannot be determined by  the collective.   We all have varying circumstances yet it is assumed for convenience we can all be categorised, into perceived pigeon holes that appear to be outdated and not fit for purpose. We need to be able to come together to discuss with those that are effected by the issues and try to create a new format. We need to be able to educate in a structured way so that there is a better understanding of society past and present . Society has to be more tolerant of the past and try  to gain a perspective of  past through the eyes of the past and not the present.  Constant, criticism of the past will not let us move on,  but keep us going round  in a never ending circle. We need to stop being abhorrent about the past. WE need to understand  that  issues are generational. Issues  that surround  the  stigmas of the past  are still present due to generational beliefs  and the consequence of the  past still has a bearing on them today.  It is great that we are more open and can talk about these issues, however the stigma  still remains for some and to progress there needs to be discussion about what resources are  need to be implemented to assist with moving on.  The words we use have such an effect on us , they can promote ,fear, anger confidence and happiness , this can and does effect our well-being depending on our perception and the  context. that they are used in.

It appears to me  the use of the word 'Well- Being' has become the ' in' the  word, that is manipulated  by some to sell products  for a quick fix, and  used by some  companies for a patronizing stance by issuing a phone number for employees to call .  Well- being can not happen with quick fixes . Society needs to change to benefit all. As with all good things it can take  time but perhaps we could start by actually  alleviating blame culture, having job roles that are  defined and specific to their role and not encompassing everything else including the kitchen sink.  A few to kick off with, teacher = teaching, police= policing delivery driver =delivery driver, not responsible for being , policeman social worker etc. catch my drift ? 

 I have found it interesting also to see how much we do not take into consideration past history when it come to the welfare of our aging population. We totally assume and connect their behaviour to the present and although we are good at referring to the past with the older generation, when it comes to them  needing help we can assume that we can if they say they are are ok we have to accept it.   However being born at time when the cultural landscape and society had different values , many have come from a background where asking for help was demonised and considered a weakness and of course stigma ruled the day.  We need to explore how we can overcome this and to able to find a way to say it is good to ask for help.

 Class division, exploitation, power, status, equality, diversity and stigma  will never be eradicated because we are all individuals and that is human nature, however we  need to educate to understand, we need to talk  to those that are effected by the issues,  to be able to understand and discuss, to create surveys that are open and spend the time  to actually understand issues. We need to tolerate and  be more tolerant . There will never be a specific answer to any question and we may not get all the things we want  but we can educate to understand.

So many questions still !  Back to European History next, . Good luck  to all with EMA's and Exams, onward and upward !smile 

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Mental - Is it all in the wording ? How do we eradicate the stigma ?

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Forms:  late Middle English mentale, late Middle English– mental, 1500s–1600s mentall... (Show More)
Frequency (in current use):  Show frequency band information
Origin: Either (i) a borrowing from French. Or (ii) a borrowing from Latin. Etymons: French mental; Latin mentalis.
Etymology: < Middle French, French mental (1371 as mentel , 1457 as mental ) or its etymon post-classical Latin mentalis rational (beginning of the 5th cent.; rejected as a neologism by St Augustine) < classical Latin ment- , mēns mind (see i-mind n.) + -ālis -al suffix1. Compare Italian mentale (a1306), Old Occitan mental (c1350), Spanish mental (1490), Portuguese mental (15th cent.).(Show Less)
 A. adj.1 (In all senses except A. 4   and A. 6   predominantly used attributive)
 I. Senses relating to the human mind in the most general sense. (Oxford English Dictionary accessed 13/05/21).
How many people actually know the origin of the word, 'mental' or the true sense of this word ? To me this is a cold harsh word. For me the harshness comes from the 'tal'. The tone this brings is one of negative usage and fear.
What is it that we fear when it comes to the human mind?  It is after all our computer that assists us to live.
At some point in our lives we will all experience a 'shut down' or short circuit ' of some sort, it is inevitable, due to pressures of one sort or another, nobody  is immune.
How much has this word hindered progress in our  society ?  How much of an impact does the word 'mental' have on our society and what connotations does that bring ? How do you break through the barrier when there are years of generational fear of the word, 'mental'? In my experience, l have found that some families are more able to give sympathy and understanding to those outside a family arena than those that are in it, a case of, 'not in my backyard !'  The word can bring fear and dread to some. We can take and accept credit for our ability to use our wonderful brain yet when it has a virus or a short circuit we just can not accept it. Is it our feeling and emotion of  the word that initiates fear to take over?  
 People that have suffered traumatic events in their lives will always be affected, however historically by not being able to talk or discuss this due to the staunch attitude, that many face, such as being told, ,'your mental, weak, nothing the matter with you, get over it',  has  prevented  them from seeking help.  How can we support and educate  families to  understand and overcome this negative word ? 
Culture and beliefs, how much do we really think we know ? Many cultures and beliefs are taboo and are very much alive, however due to its nature, western philosophy can be of the mind that these do not exist.   l feel that this is shear ignorance, 'glossed over' due to the fact that in most cases within  the cultures, the beliefs are taboo and thus, the cost of this to individuals within these cultures is very great. It is easy to label them as 'mental' due to the lack of understanding .    

The power of this one word has prevented and hindered many, over the years to seek help due to stigmatisation and ignorance, thus leading to surges in mental health. There needs to be better education and  understanding of the word  before society can start to really  tolerate this  issue.  At some point we will all have an issue with the brain  and that is perfectly ok. How we are able to reach  out  to more people is in our hands, how to eradicate the fear of the word, 'mental' is another matter. To me 'mind' gives a softer and less threatening tone, so why do we use the word, 'mental'?

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Closures of Banks and ATM Making Profits at Customers expense ! .

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 This morning while listening to Radio Wales and their phone in regarding more closures of banks and removing ATM's l began to think, why do we give banks  our money ? Do we mistakenly think it is in our own interest to hand over our cash because we feel it is in safe keeping ?Is it because that is the way we are conditioned ? Do we feel we are doing them a favour by handing over our cash and the thought that it is being protected gives us the illusion that all is  fine ?

What we tend to forget is banks are private institutions and like any other company they are,  there to make a profit for the stakeholders /shareholders. Just like any other company they will attract you with gimmicks to bank and find ways to make a profit for themselves. I feel that we have this false sense of security that they are there to serve us . The choices are being cut for the customer for profits and gain.

They will say that their surveys show how popular on-line banking is, but who are the surveys targeted at ? What questions are asked open or closed ? What is the banks aim? Who is actually paying for the computer systems ?

Sadly they discriminate and cause many divisions due to profit making, these can be noted through the ways and means they have to prevent you accessing your cash under the guise of the  on -line banking . They entice you with on line- banking ,you can access your account 24  hour  on-line.  The only to other possible  positive can be seen is the direct debit  system .

However, computer glitches, slow broadband and waiting for hours on the other end of a phone to speak to customer service rep who really is not that bothered about your situation and hardly goes past the first screen unless prompted is the just the start .  Direct debits can be delayed due circumstances beyond your control and you have to pay for the privilege of the  hold up causing more stress and anxiety, because you have to go through so many leaps and bounds to talk to someone, instead of being able to access a local branch.

    Has anyone considered that some may not have access to computer, or  be computer illiterate ? We have heard that the system is reliable, but we only have to look at the recent news surrounding the Post office and their computer system to know that, things can go very wrong.  

What happens  to parts of the population that are struggling with onset of Dementia or Alzheimer along with others that may find it difficult and confusing. ?

 Rural communities , are the banks going to pay travelling costs so people in those communities can    travel to  one of the rare branches that are still open, so they can have  human contact and be able to explain their issue  and be allowed to release their money? The pop up banks can only give a limited time at locations and thus not able to accommodate all that may require their services. What is the point of this ?, As l see it,  it is a customer relation  exercise to appease some customers, patronizing way to keep your money.

The choices of banking are being taken away and this can be done because they are  private companies. They have been very good at suggesting  you have a choice but then once they have your money your choices are then limited as to how you can access your money for their  financial   gain not for your convenience !  Next time we decide to bank maybe we should interview them to see if they are worthy enough to be trusted with our hard owned cash !

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Lesson learned and Vaccination passports, is just for aesthetic purposes ?

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Saturday, 24 Apr 2021, 16:58
Having done my planning for my TMA and, (as we all do), spent time correcting, referencing and making sure that feedback from tutor had been taken on board, l promptly sent of my work feeling pleased that l had possibly ticked all the boxes.smile   TMA returned quickly and promptly, downloaded and to my horrorsurprise had sent in draught work and not finished article ! Had to laugh, at my mistake, all that care and loving attention spent only to send of the draught ! So the moral of the story is obvious;
1. When planning and doing draughts make sure you give it a different title, to make it obvious when tired that it is not the finished article.
2. Check and if you are like me , check again and download work that has been submitted and check it  just in case ! thoughtful
Vaccination passports.
There has been an awful lot of coverage surrounding vaccination passports.
Why are we given a card when we have had the jab and what is the point of having the data base? Surely it would  have been a better option to introduce the nice designer card at the start ?
What was the point of the costing and production of the cards if they are to be void because they are 'not in the 'appropriate style.'
 Why is it that we need to have the cost of more production and the use of more natural resources, supply and distribution costs for something that we have all received?
 Surely this is a waste of governmental money that could be easily distributed into better and significant causes that ALL can  benefit from and not just a few, such as the health, welfare and education systems. Although the amount may not be significant it could go on something more constructive and thus be beneficial to the economy in the long run.
The cards issued should be  all that is required in my opinion, what else do we need to have on them ?
If the issue is regarding forgers, well that will inevitably happen but l am sure that is why everyone is on the data base ! Surely the card and a check on the computer is all that is required in this modern day of technology.
How does spending money on the passports assist the economy when the structure is already in place ? Or am I missing the point entirely ? thoughtful
Have a good week everyone.smile

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Why are we afraid of being 'Human'?

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While listening to the radio this morning with  my partner, a topic on the radio led to the discussion surrounding being human. The topic was regarding the surge in cosmetic enhancements. This was apparently due to people seeing themselves on Zoom.

What makes us feel so inadquete that we have to be clones of others ?

If it is to make us 'feel good' and accepted how long does this last ? If we cannot accept ourselves fully surley the, 'feel good factor' will disappear and sooner or later that can just add to the worries that may already be instilled. At this point l would like to say l am not adverse to anyone that has these procedures if they are already accepting  of themsleves , however what is it about our human traits we dont like ? What do we fear? Why do think that by changing the outside to look like others it will resolve issuses? How does this fit in with the topic of diversity and acceptance?

 Why do we fear our failures ?  For the most part  we can blame the computers for what goes wrong but, who builds them?  Who programmes them? We do, but we can hide our failures behind that circuit board why?

Who controls the way people should act, why is it you are seen as weak if you admit your failings ?

Being human is to accept all of ourselves the positive and the negative but somehow it appears we can accept the positives but not the other. Negative human traits help us to understand grow and learn, however we do not seem to be able to accept this. We appear to use our reptilian brain more and more thus, the  use of flight of fight becomes a daily occurance and not just for the  occasional fleeting use.  We appear to  live in a society which is in  fear of our  individuality and failings. 

Looking back in history and to the present day humans may have progressed in the material way but when it comes to accepting the whole of us, as a wider audience, we tend to want to deny and disreagrd the negative side of human nature.   Society appears to pick and choose at will from the buffet,its not about the people's indiviuality, but control, aesthetics, and judgement.  In my opinion,we need to be able to overcome this barrier if we wish to move on.


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Parents and Home Schooling and Collaboration.

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Having listenend to how worried parents are regarding the pandemic and education, l began to wonder as to why there has been no coverage regarding the many people who now home  educate their children. Surley this is an opportunity for  all those concerned with children's  education to get togeather and engage with ideas of how to assists parents and children who have to work from home.

The government website has information regarding home education ;www.gov.uk/government/publications/elective-home-education.  This has information which may assist many families at this present time, with regard to legislation etc, ( it's a bit of an eye opener !)

 This could be such a good opportunity to think how we can alleviate some of the stresses of this pandemic on families  and the teaching profession by cooperating with all groups, which should include those that home educate, they could be a very valuable resource to help parents that feel overwhelmed. Why not use this  opportunity to  pull resources and ideas  togeather, to construct a workable structure for all . What an example it would be  of  actually  working togeather and a being able to to assit famillies in  enhancing  well- being.

 Lets instill confidence and not fear !  

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The importance of A111 and DD103.

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Edited by Hede Maria Cavell, Sunday, 28 Feb 2021, 13:29

Having completed A111 and working my way through DD103, l have to say thank you. I realise how important these subjects are especially in relation to heritage and culture, and in my opinion these subjects should be taught on a level with English and maths.  

If we wish to understand about others then we  have to understand our individual backgrounds. Which can be a difficult task for many reasons.   What evidence do l have for my theory? My experience and no doubt there will be others that can relate to this. I am British, I am white with Western European features. I speak fluent English and l was born here,  it is taken for granted that l am English and l have always accepted that it  is how it is. On forms l class myself as white British, however l am not. I am of mixed race, l am a product of Eastern  European meets Western  European. Along with this, is the  clash of cultures and heritage to boot. Nothing different in that you may say, we all have different heritages and l would agree with you. However l was born ( first born), in the middle of the 1960's to a Hungarian refugee from a Roma circus background and  an English man  . It was during the era of the cold war, discrimination and prejudices where the norm along with the culture of, 'Be seen but not heard' corporal punishment and clip round the ear for answering back ! It was not all bad but that is just  how it was! l was bought up just knowing l was British the only thing that stuck out was my name. People would ask me where my name came from and l would say Hungary and that  is it. My mother fled Hungary during the1956  uprising https://www.britannica.com/event/Hungarian-Revolution-1956
 l knew that she came from a circus background however that was as far as it went in those days. She would not talk Hungarian at that time , the perception she had of England was the Queen and the royal family which she holds dear to this day, and  she taught herself English listening to , 'The Archers'.  Although my mother has great respect for this country some customs and way of life, everyday language can still be miss interpreted.  My mother looks English and therefore when not understanding  certain ways  or language she can become abrupt and frustrated. I along with others automatically assumed that she understood everything because l had taken for granted that although she was Hungarian she was  English. I took this for granted because she was my mum. Because my mother was 'different', in certain ways, l was aware and very understanding when it came to others but not my mother.   When  issues were raised regarding background such as medical information, l would be able to give details of my fathers side but not my mothers . l would be frustrated because she would not tell me, Dr's disapprovingly saying ' surely you must know ' , if l could not give them an answer, the sigh was enough. Judging? Various people would ask questions regarding my background, l would be able to speak in confidence about my fathers side but my mothers it was a different matter,  as a consequence of this l can see were it can cause divisions within a family by  having the ability to talk about one side and not the other. By completing A111 and discovering DD103, l have been able to discover the reasons as to why my mother did not speak about her culture or heritage and the need to 'blend and fit in ' so no questions were asked . As the years have passed and and as society lessens its strangle hold on certain issues my mother has explained a little more without the fear of persecution and the modules  are helping me to understand and  fill  in the gaps. The Roma culture is such that certain issues are not spoken about. My mothers generation where persecuted and lived in fear of reprisals and because of this 'real' fear it  has  lead to some conflicts through generations. Although she may try to forget and l do respect this, it is a part of me and my identity. 

Roma Culture: Customs, Traditions & Beliefs | Live Science,https://www.larp.com/jahavra/gypsylaw.

htmlhttps://www.peterleeson.com/Gypsies.pdf · PDF fie.

Having read and also researched the self governing of the Roma, l can now fully understand how our life has been conducted, all be it in a round about fashion! I have been able to discover the cultures and traditions of the Roma's and in turn l can now speak in confidence when passing information on that  l am half  Roma.  It is so important that from a young age that  we educate children about  their heritage and cultures, so that they may access  resources that  can help them relate to what might be a taboo  issue, for their  parent/s . If we are able to relate to our immediate heritage and culture some, may be able to relate to, and have a better understanding of the term 'diversity.'  We also need to be mindful that some of us are of mixed race and that we cannot be defined by the colour of our skin.

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Academic language vs Plain language .

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Following on from yesterdays thought of academic writing, l wondered what place does the language of accadmia hold in our social and inclusive society today? 

The format of structure, grammer and context is important however, when it comes to the language l question  why we have to use certain teminologys and not plain language. Is it to exclude parts of society?

Is it to make some feel more elitist and powerful ? When speaking to a person l knew,l told  them about my journey into the academic world , they told me that l would not understand the academic writng or the language!  (cant get anymore elitist if you tried!) 

As l am journeying through DD103 my  mind is whirling with questions, inequality and education being one. I understand that we should be writing for  our audience however, society has moved  on, discrimination and inclusion play a big part in our society today but  it appears not , regarding  writing within acadmeia. While undertaking an ,'Open Learn' , Management; perspective and practice course, it informed us how 

important using  plain language  was for all social divisions, this it was said , made it  inclusive to everyone  and not to just a few. 

In this day and age, l feel that we should be thinking about using plain language within the format so that we are inclusive of all. Many people have the understanding and knowledge and concept of the topics but feel decidely inferior when it comes to the writing and using the,'correct' language. Others who have certain disabilites can feel fustrated that their brain cannot find the 'appropritate' wording at the right time , this does not in any way mean they do not understand the context or do not have the knowledge.

I understand that purest  maybe agahst at what l have written and l quite understand as,  it has long been the tradition to use this language .  By using plain language l feel, it  would breakdown the social divisons and be inclusive  by giving  people the  opportunity to enjoy the experince of further education. So much talent from all social divisons  would have the choice to go further.

 wow ! what a thought !



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